Denver Nuggets win their first title

It’s a real correction that the Denver Nuggets of Nikola Jokic inflicted on the Miami Heat this Monday in the conference final. It is therefore a very first title for this team which joins the prize list of one of the most famous competitions in the world. After the wave of hot reactions on this exploit, let’s go back to the events.

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A solid selection with stars leading the way

When we talk about the Denver franchise, we think of its history, when it joined the NBA in 1976 when it merged with the ABA, of which the team was a part. Moreover, in 76, the Nuggets had finished finalists in the ABA tournament.

With N.Jokicthe MPV of the final and its 4 other full-time majors, J. Murray, M. Porter, A. Gordon and K. Caldwell-Pope the team coached by Michael Malone knew how to make his place until he slipped to the top.

Throughout the season, we dealt with a team that remained confident throughout the season despite the fact that many of us would not have bet on this team. However, she only accused 4 defeats in Play-offs to the surprise of the public. The French public was numerous to follow the scores of NBA games live on specialized basketball sites to see the course of the Colorado team.

Mike Malone is pleased to have relied so much on the strength of the duo formed by Jokic and Murray. Remember that in 2017, Tim Connelly, then president of the Nuggets at that time suggested Malone trade Jamal Murray for Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is clear that his intuition and his strategy have paid off.

We’re doing it again next year!

From the end of the match, the emotion was palpable among all the players. Jokic, as usual, showed very little of his joy. Above all, it is a feeling of pride that we felt in the Denver, as if it were only the beginning. Very quickly, Malone takes the floor to announce the color. Indeed, the ambitions of the team do not stop at this single victory. They want to work harder to install a real “dynasty” according to the terms used by the coach.

A big parade in the streets of Denver

This Friday afternoon, it was on fire trucks that the Nuggets paraded through the streets of Denver, which allowed the city to regain morale. Because unfortunately, the Denver team’s title celebration was marred by an altercation between several individuals. causing a shootout about 1 km from ball arena (place where the final took place). Nine people are injured, three of whom are in serious condition.

Today, all the sites specialized in sport and more particularly in basketball are beginning to send the first reports of the season and to launch the first forecasts for the next season. Will the Denver Nuggets establish an NBA dynasty? See you next season to find out.

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