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There body weight training is a unique training method that has gained popularity in recent years. And this thanks to the many advantages and benefits it offers those looking to build muscle, while improving their overall fitness. It requires no equipment or dumbbells and focuses on exercises relying on one’s own weight as a load. The practice of bodyweight training can potentially increase muscle strength and endurance, while helping with flexibility, coordination, balance and more. Let’s discover together the advantages of this training method.

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Definition of bodyweight training

There body weight training is a form of strength training that uses an individual’s own weight as resistance to build muscle and tone the body.
This type of exercise is suitable for the greatest number: of all ages, regardless of size and level of physical condition. This is usually done with minimal equipment such as a mat or pull-up bar.

The exercises used in this type of training are generally compound movements that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. This includes key exercises: squatspush-ups, pull-ups, planks and burpees.
These basic exercises have variations, created to meet different fitness goals.
Bodyweight training offers many physical benefits, including improved muscular endurance, increased flexibility, improved coordination and balance, and improved cardiovascular health.

Benefits of bodyweight training

There body weight training is a great way to get in shape without having to buy expensive subscriptions of a gym. By using your own body weight as resistance, you can achieve a muscle growth and increased strength fast enough.

The benefits of this type of exercise go beyond physical gains. Indeed, bodyweight training has many health benefits as well. It helps improve flexibility and balance, builds endurance, strengthens bones, increases metabolism, reduces stress, and even helps protect against certain chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

It’s a effective fitness method which benefits all athletes: experienced as well as beginners. It can be practiced in addition to traditional bodybuilding or as a stand-alone training protocol. With this versatile approach to exercise, there’s something for everyone!

exercise whenever you want wherever you want

Reasons to do bodyweight training

The benefits of this practice are numerous. This method is complete and Works both upper and lower body.

Improves physical strength and endurance

THE bodyweight exercise routines typically involve performing various exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, squats, and burpees that are designed to target all major muscle groups with minimal but effective movements.
In increasing the intensity of each exercise and doing more repetitionsyou can build strength and endurance while achieving aesthetic results.
In addition, this training method can adapt to any fitness level by adjusting the number of reps or sets per exercise.

Allows for better posture and improves balance

Bodyweight exercise also promotes better posture by working all the muscles involved in the balance of the body. It also helps build core strength, which ultimately can improve balance when walking or running.
Finally, this fitness method encourages good breathing techniques that can improve overall health and well-being.
In addition to being a great way to increase strength, bodyweight muscle improves posture and balance, in a playful way. Last important point, this method allows the beginner athlete toimprove proprioception and body sensitivity.

Improves coordination, flexibility and agility

This allows toimprove your coordination, flexibility and agility while having fun. Plus, since a lot of the movements involve using multiple muscle groups at once, it’ll improve coordination by teaching your body to work them together more efficiently.
More complex exercises like burpees will improve your flexibility and agility.

Increases metabolism to burn calories

I’body weight training will allow over time toimprove basal metabolism. Indeed, using only your own body weight, you can perform basic but comprehensive exercises: squats, push-ups, lunges that target all major muscle groups.
Not only will these movements allow build muscle mass while also activating the natural process of burning fat from your body. The more intense the exercise, the more calories you will burn during the workout and also in the hours following it.

An inexpensive or free way to exercise

Build muscle by body weight will not ask you for any financial compensation. Indeed, your body is your tool that will allow you to develop your muscles and endurance. And you have your body for free, when and how you want. Conversely to the indoor bodybuilding which requires a subscription in order to be able to train with dumbbells and machines.

However, making bodybuilding at home requires light equipment: a ground sheetsportswear and a good pair of sneakers are needed to get started. Then you can invest in a drawbar and various accessories designed for bodyweight training.

Play sports together to motivate each other

Can be practiced anywhere, anytime, with minimal equipment.

You can do bodyweight exercises almost anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the advantage is that you can use your own body weight as resistance and perform strengthening movements that work the whole body. The more you progress and the more strength you will gain, the more you will be able to modify your routine by adding more repetitions or sets if necessary.

Tips for starting bodyweight training and gaining muscle

To be effective, the bodybuilding without equipment must stick to a training program with objectives: to gain mass, losing weight. It is advisable to establish a precise schedule that you will follow. For example :

  • Monday will be the day of the pectorals,
  • Tuesday will be dedicated to training the thighs, without forgetting the glutes and hamstrings
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: shoulders and trapezius muscles, abs
  • Friday: biceps and triceps
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: rest

It will be necessary to train by making work the whole body, the upper as well as the lower body and do not favor certain muscles upper body like the pectorals.

The more you explore this method, the more you will realize that it is possible to do a lot of exercises to do at home.

Choose exercises based on your current fitness level

Beginners should take it step by step. First, master basic bodyweight exercises like push-ups or squats. Then gradually move towards more complex exercises such as burpees, dips or lunges.

Begin with bodyweight exercises before adding additional resistance.

As a precautionary principle and to limit the risk of injury, it is recommended to always warm up. Therefore, always start with bodyweight exercises. You can then spice up the different exercises with weighted bands or some bodybuilding rubber bands.

Focus on the form and quality of the movement rather than the number of repetitions

There correct execution of exercises will be the guarantee of having optimal results. It is better to stop a series if you are at the end of your strength, than to continue it and rush the movement. Because this could make you adopt bad habits and increase the chances of injury.

Then with experience, you can, depending on your objectives, intensify your sessions by increasing the number of repetitions or by reducing the rest periods between sets.


There bodyweight training practice is very effective. It is practiced at home, where and when you want. Some programs of body weight training will aim for mass gain, others for wood gain.
By practicing seriously and regularly, you will find that build muscle at home is quite possible. To obtain a harmonious physique, the muscles of the lower body should not be neglected.
Finally, you can complete your bodyweight bodybuilding program with bodybuilding rubber bands. These can also be useful for you to progress in certain exercises such as dips or pull-ups.


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