Will Paul Pogba be back in time for the Europa League Round of 16?


Are you one of those who haven’t heard from Paul Pogba for a while? Will he return to competition this season? Where is he now? We have some information that should satisfy your curiosity.

Against all expectations, Juventus of Turin was eliminated from the group stages of the C1 2022/2023. Reversed in the Europa League, the Old Lady must now digest this disillusion and try to look good as much as possible in C3. At the same time, she must whip to find in Serie A a title of champion which has eluded her for 2 years now, after 9 years of unchallenged domination. Given these various objectives, the Turin team will need all their vital forces, and Paul Pogba is undeniably one of them.

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Allegri gives information on the situation of Paul Pogba

In the wake of the start of the 2022 World Cup in early December, we followed Paul Pogba to join the United States to continue his treatment. But since then, nothing! How is the knee injury of the man who was badly shaken by the scandal that sparked his brother Mathias Pogba on alleged spells cast at M’bappé? Will he be able to contribute to offering a good run to his team in the Europa League, and therefore impact the sports betting of the day on the Europa League from the first leg of the 1/16 finals? According to his coach, Massimiliano Allegri, the answer is yes.

During the conference given before the match against Cremonese in Serie A (04/01/2023 – 1-0 victory), the Italian coach gave news of his midfielder. According to his words, La Pioche’s knee is no longer swollen and no longer a problem for him. He would even have started running again. Considering this rather positive development in the healing process from his knee injury, Allegri believes that Paul Pogba could return to the team around January 25.

Will he return to competition immediately? The question remains. For the coach, everything will depend on the feelings he will have. As he manages to practice at a steady pace, the box-to-box midfielder renowned for his hair fantasies will be brought back into the team.

Will Paul Pogba be back in time for the Europa League Round of 16

Paul Pogba can be decisive for Juventus’ course in the UEA Europa League (UEL) 2022/23?

If Paul Pogba actually joins his teammates on January 25, it will still be around twenty days before the first leg against Nantes in the 16th finals of the Europa League. Even if this delay could be just so that he already has 90 minutes in his legs at 100% of his level, he should still play a few tens of minutes. Known for his long openings and his heavy strikes, his contribution could be decisive against the defensive game that the French club FC Nantes will probably offer.

Winner of the C3 with Manchester United in 2017, Euro 2016 finalist, 2018 world champion and winner of the 2021 Nations League, Paul Pogba undeniably has experience of major events. One of the best midfielders in the world when he’s in top form, he’ll be useful for an Old Lady chasing a first european title since a victory in C1 in 1996.


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