How to change your habits? Motives and stages


We know that we all have bad habits. Smoking, eating not always very healthy, always giving up your workout for something else… The good news is that we are all capable ofmake changes to achieve new goalsadopt a healthier lifestyle to take care of yourself and take your life in a whole new direction.

If like us, you want to change your behavior and establish new habits, this article should bring you many leads and answers!

Change your habits sustainably and gently

Are you motivated and ready to change your habits to take care of your health? It is possible that this scares you because often you have to step out of your comfort zone. But rest assured, we are sure that you will get there and that you will even enjoy it.

The idea is to start slowly and aim for long term.

So to help you achieve this goal, here are our best tips!

Why change your habits?

The reasons for changing habits can be many:

  • To be more optimistic;
  • Adopt a new way of life;
  • Achieve new goals;
  • Make a change to serve its ambition;
  • To do more things.

Do you recognize yourself? Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons.

Adopt new habits to be more optimistic

You may just want to see the positive side of life. Have you noticed that certain habits do not make you feel good? As a result, you want to tend towards a more relaxed, happier, more optimistic way of thinking.

Adopt a new way of life

You may want to change your lifestyle. You find yourself sedentary and want to resume physical activity. That’s excellent news !

If by observing your behavior, you have deduced that a change is necessary, we will be at your side to maintain your motivation! Taking up exercise can completely alter your energy.

Create a new healthy and sustainable routine

Thanks to our Weight loss program, reconcile with sport, adopt new reflexes and set up a routine that will help you feel better every day!

Achieve new goals

Your daily life is about to change. You have set yourself a new challenge. Or you face new challenges on a professional, personal and / or sporting level. You know that setting up a new routine can bring you “the best”.

Make a change to serve your ambition

You look for a new version of yourself. You have ambitious goals and you want to meet them. Through personal development, you want to gain self-confidence, get rid of an old habit that is dragging you down, or simply stop procrastinating.

Have new habits to do more things

A thousand things make you want. The motivation is already there. Because you know yourself, you feel that you need to shake up (a little!) your lifestyle to keep your energy and your will. You are in the right place !

What steps to change your habits permanently?

To change our behavior over time, we can follow 5 main steps to guide us and succeed without it being torture.

Here are the steps to change your habits:

  1. List your desires and long-term goals
  2. Define bad daily habits
  3. Change one or more habits
  4. Celebrate successes and changes
  5. Be ambitious, positive and caring towards oneself

Any change requires involvement and a little rigor. With a plan and a direction to follow, it is easier to achieve your goals.

This is the case at work, in sport and in everyday life. Also adjust the steps if you think you need more to pass, but these should help.

List your desires and long-term goals

List all your desires and all your goals:

  • Some are achievable in the short term;
  • For others, it is by playing over time that you will fill them.

For example, if you want to get more sleep, a good habit might be to move your bedtime forward several minutes a day. We can estimate that this new habit requires only a few days.

Do you want to quit smoking? That old habit of lighting up a cigarette in the morning may take longer to leave you alone. The good news is that with the good will that animates you, it is completely attainable!

Define bad daily habits

For establish new habits and make lasting changes your behavior, try to identify your bad habits.

It can be for example to do all your sports exercises from your couch ;). Indeed, this habit rarely allows you to reach this famous state of flow, so pleasant when you do sport (or something else) with passion.

Change one or more habits

Some of you may find it difficult to change your habits. You may need time to get used to the change. And This is completely normal. And this will be especially true if you try to modify your behavior and acquire several new habits at the same time.

If you have the motivation and you “feel” it: get started! Nothing prevents you from trying to change several routines simultaneously.

Just make sure it doesn’t generate too many mental load.

Celebrate successes and changes

Congratulating yourself on your victories is important. So as not to miss a single one, why not keep a logbook? You can easily follow your progress there. For example, if you decide to do more sport, your motivation will skyrocket when you see that you can run longer!

When you reach your goals, talk to those around you. In moments of transition like these, the social dimension can be a real booster. You might even make some people want to change their habits!

And you will see that with a motivated entourage, you will have a better mind for sport! It’s always easier to move more by being accompanied.

Be ambitious, positive and caring towards oneself

Changing a habit requires these three factors:

  • Ambition ;
  • Positive attitude ;
  • Kindness.

Tell yourself that you are making these changes to access something more fulfilling for you. To become an even better person in his sneakers and who shines every day.

Change your life and setting up new habits requires a good dose of will and questioning so be proud of the path taken.

Each new step is synonymous with personal victory !

In this process, benevolence is particularly important. There may be days when you find it more difficult to follow the established plan. It’s not serious ! Give yourself a little respite. If necessary, write down the reasons why you want to change things in your life.

For example, if taking care of your health is one of your new goals, and it involves surpassing yourself and practicing physical activity, write it down and let this little demotivation pass. You will come back the next day, in good spirits!

What are the benefits of changing your habits?

Changing your habits will have an effect on several areas of your life:

  • With better eating habits, and adding physical activity to your schedule, you develop your physical abilitiesyour self-confidence, you strengthen your immune system, you are less stressed;
  • In your workplace, you can be more serene, reach your goals fasteror control your excesses of anger;
  • From a psychological point of view, you are more in tune with yourself, relations with those around you are calmer or clearer, you discover new passions and additional talents, you are more smiling and radiant every day.

Our sports programs for your goals

It’s normal to be afraid to change one’s habits. It involves getting out of your comfort zone and dealing with new situations. Set clear and achievable goals. Find what motivates and encourages you during the process. Keep in mind that changing habits is a process slow and gradual. Celebrate every progress: all small steps are important!

It all depends on the complexity of the habit, your motivation and your commitment to implementing it. Some studies speak of delays ranging from 21 to 66 days to anchor a new habit. That said, this time frame can vary widely depending on the people and the obstacles encountered.

Start by forming simple habits. You will evolve more easily into more complex habits.

Our habits are recorded in a part of the brain called the striatum. The latter is involved in routine and automatic behaviors. When we repeat certain behaviors frequently, the brain stores these routines in the striatum, making the behavior easier and faster to perform.

Note also that when we perform an activity that gives us pleasure, the brain releases dopamine. It is a chemical substance that induces a feeling of well-being and encourages us to repeat this behavior.


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