Yoga and/or stretching? Different or complementary?


Yoga and stretching both are based on principles of well-being and reconnection to one’s body. The techniques can be similar. The exercises have, among other things, a goal of softening the muscles and joints.

  • Are they completely similar?
  • Can we combine them and if so, is it really relevant in a training plan?
  • Are they suitable for all kinds of purposes?

I reveal to you all the secrets of these two practices, and believe me, you might be amazed.

Differences between yoga and stretching

Maybe it’s not obvious to everyone, but stretching and yoga are beautiful and good two different practices. Their actions and their benefits come together while perfectly complementing each other.


Very few people are convinced by the benefits of stretching, yet there are many. Whether you are a great athlete or just want to get back in shape, stretching is an essential activity for a healthy body. So we stop neglecting it and we stretch!

A little reminder for those who still underestimate the power of stretching. Stretching is a method that makes it possible to soften the joints and relax the muscles.

Of course, this acts on the overall flexibility of the body, but above all it reduces pain and the risk of injury due to more intensive physical activity. You then protect your body while releasing tension for better posture and more relaxed muscles.

Physical well-being, but also mental, which will allow you to refocus on your body and your feelings to take a break from a daily life at 100 an hour.


Yoga experienced a great craze a few years ago before falling today into the category that I call “fads”. However, it is a real way of life that has existed for a very large number of years.

Its benefits on the body and mind are well established.

There where yoga and stretching come together, it is on the notion of relaxation and softening of the muscular tissues. The main difference between the two practices, will rather turn to the intensity.

Yoga is a slightly more advanced activity, which has its own philosophy and requires more concentration and effort. When doing yoga, four principles are fundamental:

  • Posture;
  • Breathing;
  • Concentration ;
  • Meditation.

These four elements make it possible to reconnect and create a real cohesion between body and mind. We transform in depth to achieve a certain balance. So inevitably, even if stretching should not be taken lightly, yoga will require much more effort from the body.

That’s why you have to be aware of your level before starting and especially to be accompanied in the first times to execute the postures well. They can become completely counterproductive if they are not done correctly.

These two activities form an excellent comboespecially when you want to favor a gentle sport following an injury or getting back into shape.

These methods are also widely used to reduce certain chronic pains, such as the very famous back pain.

Comparison between the two practices

yoga stretching comparison differences

So you will understand, stretching and yoga have as many similarities as differences. To make things a little clearer, we can draw up the following table:

Comparison Stretching Yoga
Benefits – Improves the flexibility of muscles and joints (more mobility, more comfort in movement)

– Improves posture

– Reduces aches (relaxes and releases muscle tension)

– Reduces the risk of injury (increases impact resistance)

– Increases athletic performance

– Restores muscle tone

– Improves flexibility

– Contributes to weight loss

– Reduces certain chronic pains (back, neck…)

– Increases the general balance of the body

– Evacuates stress

– Promotes mood and well-being

– Increases lung capacity

– Improves the quality of sleep

Benefits – Requires only a few materials (floor mat and water bottle)

– Can be done at any time of day

– Can be practiced alone

– Requires only a few materials (floor mat and water bottle)

– Very complete sports practice

– Comes in a multitude of variants

Disadvantages – Does not represent a large energy expenditure

– Can cause injuries if you force too much

– Requires follow-up in the early stages of the discipline

– Can be the cause of injury if the postures are not well executed

– Requires great concentration

With that, we quickly understand the chemistry between the two practices which complement each other quite well.

Why combine yoga with stretching?

The answer is quite simple: to enjoy the benefits of both activities. We have seen it, yoga and stretching are two very distinct sports that each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on your goals, you will be able to turn more to one or the other of these activities. Of course, the best thing is to practice the winning combo: stretching and yoga.

Practicing the two exercises is not at all inconsistent, whatever your level. Let’s say you want to take up yoga. Practicing a few more stretching sessions will allow you to gain flexibility more quickly.

You can then try other postures and fully develop yourself in this sport. Also, yoga is a fairly intensive sport that requires good muscle tone. With a little stretching in addition, you help your body to recover better and especially to prevent injuries.

Choose stretching or yoga according to your goals

choose between stretching yoga

Before you throw yourself headlong into a sporting activity, you have to ask yourself what is the main reason that pushed you to start. The one that made you say to yourself: I have to start the sport.

By knowing this, you will better understand your needs and you will be able to orient yourself much more easily towards a practice adapted to your expectations.

To build up muscle

In the fight stretching vs yoga, yoga is undoubtedly the most muscular. It does not build muscle bulk, but deeply sheathes and tones for a generally firmer appearance.

Depending on your level, you will be able to see very nice results appear on the whole body.


If you have a real need to soften your muscles and joints, stretching remains the best activity. It’s no wonder since that’s the essence of stretching.

There are a number of exercises to make your muscles more flexible and even very good stretches for your back if you ever suffer from chronic pain.

To clear the mind

Sport is an excellent way to clear your mind and get out of a very rhythmic daily life. If you feel a real need to reconnect with yourself, maybe yoga will be more suitable. It brings a real philosophy of life and allows you to refocus on yourself and your body.

That said, you can totally evacuate your tensions with a little stretching session. Put on soft music and listen to your feelings. Relaxation guaranteed!

Losing weight

Losing weight is a whole, but it requires some energy expenditure. When we compare yoga and stretching, there is no photo, it is yoga that wins. It may be a gentle sport, but it remains very intense and physical.

So no, you’re not going to jump around and sweat profusely, but believe me, after a good yoga session you will feel the efforts made.

Our sports programs for your goals

There really isn’t one activity that’s better than the other. It will depend a lot on your goals and your desires. That said, yoga remains the most complete activity combining both physical expenditure and mental well-being.

Stretching without hesitation. Stretching is accessible to everyone at any time. No need for special physical condition or expensive equipment, just a good listening to your body and its sensations. Yoga is more complicated to understand and often requires good support, especially when you are a beginner.


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