Stretching or Pilates? And why not both ?


I’m sure you’ve heard of these two methods before. If stretching is not really popular with athletes (beginners as well as experienced), Pilates is already much more popular.

  • But suddenly, are there real differences between these two practices?
  • Should I integrate stretching and Pilates in his training?

To answer all these questions, I share my experience with you and let you discover my analysis of these two practices that are far too underestimated for my taste.

What are the differences between stretching and Pilates?

pilates stretching comparison differences

For many people, the stretching and pilates are two disciplines that look a lot alike, even merge. However, in fact, even if they have points in common, they differ widely, particularly in terms of method.

The main benefits of Pilates

Before discovering the benefits of Pilates, it is important to understand the principle of the method. Don’t worry, it’s super simple: it’s a set of movements and exercises that strengthen the central muscles in depth.

It is therefore, at its core, a practice aimed at muscle building. Of course, the Pilates method does not stop there, because it wants to be very complete.

It also plays a lot on breathing and mental well-being. Therefore, by practicing the Pilates method, you will benefit from:

  • With better concentration : if the method does not seem very intense physically, it is mentally. To strengthen the deep muscles, you will need great concentration.
  • Good control of your body : it doesn’t seem like that, but it’s not always easy to feel all the parts of your body well. With Pilates, you learn to feel and focus on your movements. Nothing better to regain possession of your body.
  • Better stability : by strengthening your core muscles, you will gain in stability and in your posture in general. An excellent remedy for back pain.
  • A gain in flexibility : if this is not its main benefit, Pilates still has some exercises related to muscle stretching.

In short, Pilates is certainly a gentle sport, but it strengthens the muscles in depth for complete results on the whole body. Well executed, the movements will give you very good burning sensations in the muscles.

Your silhouette will appear more toned, firmer, but above all, you will regain full awareness of your body.

Finally, the addition of breathing exercises will allow you to focus on yourself to let go of an already stressful daily life.

Let yourself be tempted by Pilates

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The main benefits of stretching

Ouch ouch ouch stretching. How many people neglect their stretches considered “unprofitable”.

However, if we deviate a little from weight loss and calories burned, the benefits of stretching are numerous. It is a sporting activity in its own right that deserves a little more attention.

So please STRETCH.

The main objective of these stretching exercises is to relax the muscles and give them more elasticity.

Why ?

Quite simply to let them regenerate and release the tension exerted on the joints. Thus, by integrating a few minutes of stretching into your sports routine, you will be able to:

  • Gain flexibility : more mobility, more comfort in movement, in short, a remedy against the ills of a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Improve your posture : the stretching and Pilates complement each other very well on this point, one strengthens the muscles, the other stretches them to find an ideal posture, without pain.
  • Reduce aches : It’s never very pleasant to have aches. Sometimes it even prevents us from doing our usual session. To relax and release muscle tension, nothing better than a little stretching.
  • Reduce the risk of injury : by softening your muscles, their resistance to shock will be much greater, thus allowing you to be better protected from injury

Thereby, stretching and Pilates both have beneficial actions on posture, but with different actions. One sheaths and strengthens, while the other relaxes and softens.

A winning combination for a rich and complete workout. In addition, these two activities are very accessible, both in terms of cost and intensity.

Choose according to your goals

Stretching and Pilates are two very good physical activities. The choice of one method rather than the other will exclusively depend on your objectives:

  • Losing weight : stretching and Pilates are not intended to expend a lot of calories, but Pilates, which strengthens muscles actively and in depth, will be more likely to meet your expectations.
  • Tone up : the match is largely won by Pilates which is an excellent way to gain weight and tone up thanks to its muscle strengthening exercises.
  • To relax : for once, stretching wins. It is more like a relaxing break to take care of yourself and clear your head.
  • to spend : energy expenditure and intensity are not at all in the spirit of stretching. It’s a gentle gym that aims to be relaxing. On the other hand, Pilates, even if it is a fairly calm method, certain variants exist and can meet your expectations in terms of energy expenditure.

Mix stretching and Pilates in your session

mix stretching pilates session

The two practices have similarities as well as differences. It is therefore absolutely not impossible to mix them.

On the contrary, they complement each other well enough to create a perfect session and routine.

The benefits of combining these practices

One prepares the muscle for effort, the other works it in depth. Both are based on a principle of well-being, breathing and control.

The main advantage of combining these practices is of course to benefit from a complete work on the body and the mind, but not only.

A lot of work will be done on your mobility and your posture which are often the cause of back or joint pain. A winning combination that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of sport whatever your level.

Thanks to smooth and controlled movements stretching and Pilatesthis activity is accessible to all and above all, easily adjustable according to the intensity you want to put on.

With this kind of session, you can do sports every day without any problem and increase your energy expenditure quickly and easily. Try the combination stretching Pilatesit’s to adopt it!

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