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While I will soon celebrate my 3 years without having smoked a single cigarette!!! I wanted to come back to quitting smoking. A crucial subject, and so difficult!!

I had the opportunity to speak with Noémie Guillemard, a pharmacist from the Pharmactiv network, trained in smoking cessation assistance. It’s true, we don’t think about it enough but there are a lot of devices to help stop smoking in pharmacies, so take real advice from your pharmacist in a smoking cessation process: it can totally do the difference.

Many pharmacists are trained to support motivated people in their desire to put an end to tobacco.

This is the case in the Pharmactiv pharmacies – our partner for several months – where the network provides its members with a series of materials to help their patients overcome this addiction.

Brake #1: smoking cessation and weight gain

The hardest part of quitting smoking is the fear of not succeeding ! To dive back because we won’t have the strength to say no to the urge to smoke. The fear of gaining weight is also very present. Besides, the whole month of May 2022, I had produced videos to help candidates to quit smoking, not to gain weight. In the program :

  • Sport ;
  • Healthy snacking;
  • Permanent thoughts!
stop smoking

Tip #1: get help from professionals

When you ask your pharmacist for advice, he can offer you a 20-minute appointment to discuss your entire situation and understand how you need help. This is also the time to reflect and talk about your motivation:

  • Have you ever seen a tobacco specialist?
  • In what way ?
  • What are your motivations for quitting?

Often we will make you the Feizer Straum testto assess your addiction to cigarettes.

Being helped by a health professional improves your chances of success. Doctor, pharmacist, tobacco specialist: the choice is yours.

“It motivates, it gives a rhythm” adds Noémie Guillemard, a pharmacist specializing in the subject.

Pharmacy appointments are easier to getless waiting and they are free.

Do not hesitate to ask for a tobacco interview. You can, after this interview, see your pharmacist every month to take stock of your progress, your motivation.

As such, I remind you that it is not the quantity of cigarettes smoked that makes the danger, but length in timeduring which you smoked.

Brake #2: price of nicotine substitutes

Do not hesitate to take your entourage into account when asking for advice. Because the people around you can be a support or on the contrary a source of temptation… And do not hesitate to go there gradually especially if you are a long-time smoker.

Tip #2: take the time you need to quit with the right substitutes!

Nicotine substitutes can be taken at the same time as one continues to smoke less and less cigarettes per day / per week. Because, in the experience of pharmacists, the risk of reducing the doses of nicotine too quickly, too soon, is to resume smoking as soon as one is going to be in a difficult moment.

And don’t say it’s expensive!!

You may not know it, but nicotine substitutes are reimbursed if you are prescribed them by your doctor.

They cost €24 for a box of 28 patches (for 1 month of treatment), so much cheaper than €10 or more for a pack of cigarettes per day… That’s more than €300 over a month!!

So what is the best substitute for quitting smoking? Studies show that patches, combined with oral forms (gums, tablets, inhaler) work best. The more substitutes you combine, the more likely you are to succeed.

Brake #3: the “social pressure” of the smoker

how to quit smoking

Noémie Guillemard, a pharmacist on Ile Saint Germain, notes that the people most likely to want to quit smoking are between 40 and 50 years old.

“These are people who are more settled at work, less stressed, they often have less social pressure at their age, fewer parties too!! »

And yes, those famous evenings when you put on an easy 1/2 pack… I know that well since I was an occasional smoker, I only smoked in the evenings. But I smoked a lot…

“Young people are more complicated, sighs the pharmacist, they see fewer direct benefits. Feel invincible. »

Tip #3: stop social pressure and find other activities!

Those over 40 quit smoking for their health, because they cough, and after a consultation, it finally clicks.

The secret to successfully quitting is change your habits !

Your morning routine is shower, coffee and cigarette? Well now it will be the opposite, starting with a breakfast or why not a sports session.

Because all your little efforts will be good for your body: just 10 minutes a day of sport will significantly improve your lifestyle! And that’s barely enough time for 1.5 cigarettes, so don’t tell me you don’t have time.

Pharmacists, a new support pillar for quitting smoking

We can never say it enough:

Smoking kills and diminishes the quality of life.

The most important thing is to quit smoking. Often in the Body By Lucile community, when one of you talks about quitting smoking, I always say that it’s a great gift. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

Weight gain: it is not automatic and it does not matter. Sport and food rebalancing will always be your allies.

So here is another new pillar to help you quit smoking: pharmacists and their tobacco talks.

Moreover, Noémie recently completed her thesis as a pharmacist on smoking cessation in pharmacies. She found in this care an extra meaning doing his job!

“Patients are very happy to be helped, they see the pharmacist differently, as a guide, It solidifies our relationship I think! »

And you, are you concerned with cigarettes? Regular, social, occasional? It’s hard to quit smoking and it’s not a long calm river. Tobacco talks are also offered in Pharmactiv pharmacies.


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