How to exercise at the office? Effective and discreet


Not easy, with the lives we lead, to find time to exercise and take care of their health. Many of you tell me that you barely find 10 minutes a day to do some exercise.

What if I told you today that you can start reversing this trend by working out at your desk ? Not only is it perfectly doable, but it also requires no hardware.

Apart from perhaps a chair and a table, but a priori, you should be able to find this equipment easily in your professional environment!

So, are you ready to do your sit-ups for the day, hidden by your desk? Let’s go !

Some sports exercises to do at work

Do you want to do some exercises at the office neither seen nor known? Easy ! Here are some exercises.

The abs, with deep breaths

  1. Place your hands on your knees;
  2. Straighten your back;
  3. Inhale while inflating your belly;
  4. Squeeze your perineum and exhale fully;
  5. Tuck the navel to the max towards your back;
  6. Your hands press hard against your knees;

Repeat this exercise 5 times. Focus on voluntary contraction and breathing.

If you don’t have time to do your 10 minutes of sport a day, this exercise is still good for your abs.

Abs, forearms on the desk

  1. Rest your forearms on your desk;
  2. Inhale by inflating the belly and tightening your perineum;
  3. Breathe out while crushing your forearms on the desk;
  4. Release;

Repeat this exercise five times. Put on an increasingly strong resistance and release gently in order to have a smooth and effective movement.

Know that the more you press your forearms on the desk, the more your abs work. Don’t worry, your colleagues aren’t watching you, and you’re quietly doing sports in the office!

The low draw

  1. Sitting on your chair;
  2. Spread your arms slightly;
  3. Straighten your back well;
  4. Bring your elbows back, squeezing your shoulder blades together;
  5. Return to your original position;
  6. Repeat the exercise.

Repeat this movement several times (the whole exercise should take you about 1.30 m).

This exercise is certainly less discreet but it will allow you to do seated sports. And it’s very effective for strengthening the latissimus dorsi! If you have upper back pain, this can provide long-term relief by strengthening your back.

Leg extension – foot inward

  1. Sitting on your chair, straighten your back;
  2. Place your feet flat on the floor;
  3. Place your hands next to your thighs;
  4. Extend your right leg in front of you and tuck your foot inwards;
  5. Bring the leg back towards you by bending it, foot still tucked inwards;

Do this exercise for 1 minute.

Do the same with the other leg, the objective is to have a slow movement to work the muscle well even without weight. Voluntary contraction and control of the speed of execution are important.

This exercise to do in the office will be very useful for all people who have pain in their knees when running.

I hope these few quick and simple exercises have made you want to get back to sport or have helped you channel your energy a little. These are exercises you can do regularly, but you can also do some simple stretches for your back mobility.

How to do a real sports session at the office?

workout at work

Several solutions are available to people who want build muscle in the officein all discretion or almost!

If your schedule allows, see if you can get to the office early. You will thus benefit from a quiet beach to do your quiet sports session. And if one day you miss the boat, don’t panic! You don’t have to exercise every day to see the effects on your body.

Other time to exercise at the office: at lunch break.

If you don’t have gym at your workplaceyou can list some exercises to do in the office and use the furniture around you to easily maintain your shape and health.

Another idea is to do your workout before you go. Maybe you are always waiting for your train for 15 or 20 minutes? In this case, use this small range of freedom to stay and do your sports session. It will always be taken!

Take the opportunity to try to motivate a small group of colleagues.

You will see, your session will be easier to do if you are surrounded by people who also want to do 30 minutes of sport a day but who do not necessarily know how to organize themselves to achieve it.

Which sports to favor at the office?

I will suggest several sports that you can do at your desk.

We easily think of:

These three activities are very complete and in addition, they can help you calm down and control your mind if you find yourself in a particularly stressful environment.

These three physical activities also have the advantage of offering you gentle sessions, and allow you to not sweat a lot.

On the other hand, if you have equipped premises and there are showers, you can try running!

Nothing like a good shower in the middle of the day to perk you up and give you a little boost of energy!

telecommuting sports

sport work office telecommuting

The fact of being in telework can help you more easily find time to complete your workout. You can give yourself a 10 or 20 minute break to do your exercises and then take a shower.

So no more limitation on the intensity of the session, since at home, you can wash after sweating! And you manage your time as you want (or almost!).

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who needs to move a little all the time, having several devices at home could help you do your workout.

Be aware, however, that even if you are on the move, it is not mandatory to equip yourself to play sports at home.

I also invite you to take an interest in NEAT if you are not yet familiar with this practice. It will be all the more beneficial to you if you work at home and have even less travel than usual!

Sports equipment that can help

That said, if you want to equip yourself, here are some devices that I find interesting.

The sit / stand table

It is the ideal “equipment” for all people who wish to do seated sports while having the possibility of getting up at any time to relax their body and still continue to work.

This table has the advantage of being adjustable in height. This allows you to work either standing or sitting, and of course to alternate the two positions according to the needs of your body. For information, know that it is recommended to change position every 20 to 60 minutes.

The muscular handlebar

A muscle handlebar allows you to work on your muscle strengthening. This is a spring resistance system, which works your arms, adductors and pecs.

The electrostimulation belt

An electrostimulation belt allows you to work the entire abdominal strap (look carefully at the description of the product you are planning to buy: this may depend on the devices). The principle ? Electrical impulses are sent to the muscle areas through electrodes integrated into the belt.

But remember: this type of device does not replace a real abs session!

Dumbbells at the ankles

Ankle dumbbells help tone your legs and strengthen your buttocks. Thanks to the weight, your muscles activate and work enough to take on a little volume.

Sport in the office, my conclusion

Practicing sport at the office is a very good thing. Remember, however, that it is also important to know how to socially enjoy the time you spend at work. You don’t have to slip away every lunchtime to do small stretches or small movements.

You can get up from time to time and change position, it’s already a good start!

Ideally, it’s still to do a real session and to spend yourself well with a time slot that you have specially set up for this!

We are not all equal when it comes to exercising at work:

  • corporate showers;
  • possible teleworking;
  • sports areas in the premises;
  • group lessons;
  • participation in sports subscriptions;
  • etc

However, we can find some compromises for exercise.

Besides, the companies have an interest in implementing some solutions for employees, because sport contributes to the well-being, mental health and productivity of workers!

So if you are lucky enough to have sports equipment or infrastructure, take advantage of it!

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