The health and body benefits of running


As a teenager, I believed for a long time that running was the worst sport and that it was absolutely not for me… Like what, things have changed a lot. Today, I can’t see myself living without it at all! From a physical and mental point of view, I really need it to maintain a balance on a daily basis.

And that’s what I want to share with you today. You explain in more detail all the benefits of running on our body and our health. Let’s go !

Why run?

Personally, I love racing for its super basic and super simple side! In absolute terms, you simply need:

  • A good pair of shoes
  • From a sports bra

It really is THE ultra-accessible and ultra-efficient sport par excellence. No need to have a subscription or specific materials. Tomorrow, everyone can start running if they feel like it and you can practice anywhere! At the sea, in the forest, in a park… each session has its little pleasure, and that’s super cool.

The benefits of running on the body

Extend your life expectancy

It’s not a big surprise. In general, practicing physical activity can prevent many diseases. And this is especially true with running! Cardio allows you to boost your metabolism, improve the physical condition of your heart, your arteries, your lungs, your liver… And this is not to be taken lightly knowing that you will be able to:

  • Fight against obesity
  • Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Lower bad cholesterol levels
  • Reduce the risk of respiratory diseases
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of cancer…

I talk about it very often lately, but recent scientific studies have proven that intensive training can slow down the physiological effects of aging. And the split sessions are ideal for that since by varying the rhythms (slow, fast, slow, fast…), you will be able to progress even more effectively the heart, the lungs and the metabolism of the muscles. Moreover, in addition to interval training, running on an empty stomach can also have benefits for you.

Better bone health

We often hear that running is not good for bones and joints. That it damages them, traumatizes them… So certainly, it is an impact sport. But I still want to qualify one thing. Running is not dangerousfrom the moment you practice it reasonably and properly ! And this is also the case for any other sporting activity.

Know that impacts are essential to build stronger, stronger bones and limit the risk of injury.

May help with weight loss

If you’re looking to lose weight and haven’t done any physical activity in a while, getting back into running is a great way to help! It allows you to tap into fat quickly and burn a lot of calories. But running alone is not enough.

Learn the basics of running

Access the benefits of running with adapted advice and planning!

For healthy and lasting weight loss, you absolutely must combine running with muscle building sessions AND a balanced diet.

If you are overweight, take all the necessary precautions before you start. Take a check-up with your doctor and once his agreement has been obtained, go gradually. Quit walking at the beginning! Above all, you have to get your body used to the effort again so as not to take any risks.

Be careful, however, not to fall into the trap of: “to lose weight quickly, I have to run every day“. Bad for the body, unbalanced results, risk of injury, demotivation…. In short, this is clearly not the best idea!

The benefits of running on the brain

The effects on mental health are also not to be neglected! It’s a real active meditation which allows you to refocus on yourself, your sensations, your movements…

An anti-stress effect

When you go running, it’s your own little moment. A moment to empty your mind and evacuate the daily pressure. Personally, I find that there is nothing better than feeling this feeling of decompression, appeasement and above all of letting go of the mind. It is simply a moment of respite. A break in our ultra intense lives.

I know that many find it difficult to enter this state of letting go, disconnection and pleasure because the difficulty of the effort takes over. If this is your case, try reducing the pace. Alternate walking/running/walking/running, until you feel comfortable and able to go further. To help you, you can follow my beginner running program, ideal for progressing in running at your own pace and to surpass yourself.

A stronger mind

Thanks to running, you will also forge a mind of steel!! After each session, your ambition will be greater. You are going to want to push yourself a little more. Push your limits even further. It’s a real boost for self-esteem and self-confidence!

Avoid the risk of injury through good practice

As I explained, the practice of a sport can become dangerous from the moment you do it wrong! And even if the race may seem very simple, there are some habits to put in place and good reflexes to have. With practice, we will know the differences between running in winter or running in summer and the different warm-up times. Here are a few tips.

A good rhythm

Now you know, running every day can be really harmful. If you do 2 or 3 times running sessions per week is already great!! Ideally with 1 split and a long run.

Certain signs can alert you and warn you of too frequent a practice:

  • Asymmetrical pain the next day
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Intestinal disorders (frequent diarrhea)

And don’t forget to stay hydrated too! You must drink every 15-20 mins. Even if your race only lasts 30 or 40 min.

Position yourself correctly

The benefits of running and the advantages for well-being

Because yes, we don’t run haphazardly either and posture plays an essential role in the quality of our performance. A bad position can exhaust you unnecessarily and especially lead to a lot of pain. To improve your posture always try to respect these few instructions:

  • The straight back
  • Right head/neck
  • Elbows pulled back
  • Abs engaged and perineum tight
  • Land on the fore/midfoot (not on the toes or heels)

I agree, it’s not always easy but don’t worry, by dint of practicing it will only be a reflex and you will manage to position yourself instinctively without even realizing it. It’s all a matter of time and habit.

Suitable equipment

1- Quality shoes

Priority number one? A good pair of shoes! And we forget the one that has been lying around for 5 years in the closet. Having sneakers that are not too worn, comfortable and above all adapted to your foot, is essential! So yes, I grant you, it can be a certain budget… But it’s quite simply a question of health! Shoes that are not suitable can lead to a whole lot of bone and joint pain.

So, if you’re not sure how to find THE pair you need, I already recommend that you go to a specialist store for professional advice. But the best solution is above all: to try! And also to accept that you will not necessarily find it the first time. You may receive all the advice in the world, everyone is different, so this is the only way you can find your rare pearl.

Don’t forget to change your trainers regularly: ideally all the 600 km.

2- A sports bra

Whether you have a large or a small chest, you absolutely need a suitable sports bra that will compress the chest and hold you well. As a runner, it’s super important to be comfortable and feel comfortable in your movements!

If you do more than 90 B, choose bras with adjustable straps that keep the breasts apart.

Additional muscle building and stretching

You know the song… For healthy, lasting and above all risk-free fitness, you need to have a complete sports routine. In addition to your running sessions, you must therefore include:

  • muscle building for strengthen the muscles and thus avoid asymmetries, tensions in the knees, the back…
  • Stretching to lengthen and stretch muscles and protect joints

One last piece of advice: if you have pain that comes back often and in the same place, don’t wait to consult a doctor, a physiotherapist or an osteo. It is better to immediately check that everything is ok rather than to continue training on an injury which later can have much more serious consequences.

Now that running no longer has any secrets for you, there is only one thing left to do, get started. So, On your marks, get set, run!

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