5 new sports practices to experiment with at the start of the school year


Recent years have seen the emergence of new sports practices, individual or collective, sometimes unknown to the general public. What are the most popular new sports disciplines this year? What’s new in gyms, celebrity workouts? Here’s a taste of five sporting disciplines that are causing a stir in 2022 and which may make the success of the best sports betting sites these next few years. Metcon, HILIT, Animal Moves, training based on mood or on the hormonal cycle, we tell you all about these new disciplines which come in many variations and which remain, for many, a mystery.

The MetCon

MetCon is short for Metabolic Conditioning in English. This type of high-intensity training that takes metabolic conditioning into consideration has hit the gyms this year. It is now an integral part of many programs. The most common practice is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), a workout based on short intervals of movement that bring the body into a high level of activity in record time. There are also other types of practices such as AMRAP (As Many Repetitions As Possible) or EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute). Whatever the practice, the MetCon stands out for the fact that it includes different muscle building exercises unlike classic interval training which is more aimed at burning fat.


HILIT (High Intensity Low Impact) is a low impact workout suitable for both fitness beginners and pregnant women. It is performed with light weights and moderate intensity of movement. The important thing in this discipline is progression. Start slow, take time to focus on your feelings, and challenge yourself each week. As it is a low intensity practice, HILIT can be done every day or several times a week, and as part of different practices such as swimming, pilates or spinning. It is enough to increase the heart rate slightly.

Animal Move

The Animal Move is a practice aimed at reconnecting with oneself through the search for coordination, precision and agility. It tests the perception of one’s own body and the relationship to the ground. As its name suggests, it combines movements of quadrupeds and movements on the ground. Animal Move is practiced using body weight and is inspired by gymnastics, calisthenics, parkour, yoga, capoeira, breakdance and handstand. The use of animal movements allows a good physical and mental connection, which promotes the internal communication of the body as a whole and ensures its daily functioning.

Train according to your mood

In recent years, experts agree that people seek emotional well-being through sport. To achieve this feeling of fullness, one of the trends is to adapt your training according to your mood. Indeed, the state of mind has a direct impact on the movement. If we pay attention to it, we can then rediscover the neuromuscular connection and create a real link between body and mind during sports. The endorphins responsible for this connection increase and facilitate self-esteem and stress management. This type of practice is very beneficial to anxious or angry people, those who feel a need for connection or who simply want to work on several levels.

Train to the rhythm of your hormonal cycle

Mood and fitness are often linked to hormonal balance, in both men and women. Practicing according to its different hormonal phases therefore makes it possible to find balance and internal stability. This can be done in particular through hormonal coaching or by simply paying attention to the fluctuation of your hormones.

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