How do you exercise when you don’t have time?


Lack of time is the excuse most given by sedentary people for not moving. So yes, I agree, we have overloaded lives! But in planning his sports time and by changing a few (bad) habits, training regularly seems possible!

Here are some tips to help you organize your schedule and stay motivated to exercise.

Why is it important to take the time to exercise?

Sport is health, we have known this for a long time. Physical activity reduces the risk of cancer, reduces the onset of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

But that’s not all ! Sport also improves mental health by boosting motivation, improving self-confidence and allowing us to better manage stress and our emotions.

From a social point of view, the practice of sport helps to create links between individuals. Moving forces us out of our homes. Often, we meet to practice a sport whether it is with friends or between practitioners, it is super important to have these links!

Therefore, it is important to find time to exercisefor his body, for his mind and for his health.

Being regular in your training allows you to better regulate your weight and therefore reduces the risk of obesity. Combined with a normal lifestyle (nutrition, sleep) doing sports every day helps to obtain interesting results for slimming.

10 to 20 minutes of sport a day can be enough

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Even if you have little time to devote to physical activity, know that 10 to 20 minutes of sport a day is enough. Why ?

First, you will create a routine for returning to sport that in the time will give you that desire to practice a little more each time.

You will see after a few weeksyou will adapt your schedule to train longer in order to reach 30 minutes of sport per day.

Live better in 20 minutes a day

In just 20 minutes, you will significantly improve your physical and mental health, discover our tips and tricks to find time!

When to do your sport with little time?

To be able to integrate a session of physical activity into your daily life, you have different times possible during the day.

In the morning when getting up

Nothing better than doing a bit of sport in the morning when you wake up. The only constraint, to get up slightly earlier.

You have the choice: practice on an empty stomach or have a small snack and breakfast afterwards. If you train on an empty stomach, go slowly and do not exceed 30 minutes of sessions the first time.

You can follow a muscle-building circuit, do a bit of cardio, or run.

To get into sport, it seems to be a good time slot. Your body is fresh and your brain is not busy with professional concerns, so you are focused.

Noon at break

Others prefer to block the meridian time to achieve a quick workout.

You can either use a closed room or office on your premises. In this case, favor calm activities such as

  • yoga;
  • pilates;
  • stretching.

Some wish to air out the body and the spirit, and choose to go running in nature. It is a good alternative but it is preferable to have showers at your workplace in order to return to work in good conditions.

Finally, more and more companies are offering the intervention of a coach to employees. This will offer them group lessons or cross training sessions. to seek self-transcendence.

You see, there is something for everyone between indoor and outdoor activities. If your company does not allow the implementation of this type of activity, do not hesitate to speak to your manager.

Before the evening meal

In the evening, try to take 10 minutes to expend maximum energy before a meal. This is the perfect time to evacuate the nervous tensions accumulated during the day.

Many of you have children and do not find no time to exercise at this moment.

Between extra-curricular activities for the older ones and bathing for the little ones, don’t panic, there are always solutions!

For example, you can challenge yourself while you cook.

I explain; cooking time is often a time of waiting, where we don’t do much. Take the opportunity to practice sports.

  • 7 min of cardio training while cooking;
  • 3 min strengthening while the pasta drains.

You will have optimized your time by doing 10 min of physical activity! And even if it may not seem like much to you, 10 minutes a day is already a lot for your health!

Sport at the office, practice with several people

To waste as little time as possible in your day, you can also play sports at the office.

  • The morning before the start of your shift;
  • At noon during the lunch break;
  • Evening at the end of the day.

Several solutions are available to you. By having a routine and a reserved time slot, you will only be more regular. And then you can motivate a few colleagues, it’s always more fun together.

But above all, when one of you has a drop in motivation, the others will be there to boost it. Some companies install showers and changing rooms, take advantage of them!

Others support gym memberships. And some do not hesitate to bring in a coach for their employees. The risk of absenteeism is greatly reduced and well-being at work also improves!

Make everyday your sport

To practice regular physical activity, set ups “sporting moments” in your diary. All occasions are good to spend!

Exercising with your children

Children have a very important need for physical activity. It is about their physical, social and psychological construction.

In essence, a child must move to develop. Often requesting, many parents for the sake of tranquility do not respond positively to their needs.

However, it is also a good opportunity for parents to get moving and spend. Nothing better than sharing a bike ride, a pool outing or a tree climbing afternoon.

Think about NEAT and common tasks

NEAT or how to play sports without realizing it.

the NOTon-Exercise HASactivity Thermogenesis consists of exerting oneself with everyday gestures. For example, parking further to walk, taking the stairs, using a swissball instead of an office chair.

All excuses are good to move and tone up.

Also think about household chores or DIY. Gardening and the maintenance of green spaces will make you spend a maximum of energy.

Plan and organize in advance

Having a regular physical practice has only advantages.

For your good resolutions to last over time, it is important to block out times to practice.

Feel free to reduce your screen time in favor of time for movement. You will see that your sleep will be better, and your health preserved.

Replace your periods of surfing on social networks, by watching my videos on Youtube. I offer you a lot of exercises and sessions that are easy to integrate into your daily life, like these 7 minutes of workout.

In short, you no longer have any excuse not to start a recovery. Plan your sports moments in your daily life, stop by the store and buy yourself a new outfit to boost your motivation, and let’s go for a sports recovery!!

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