The benefits of water aerobics on the body and health


Increasingly popular in recent years, aquagym is a fun, refreshing but above all super effective activity.

This gentle practice allows you to work all your muscles, improve your cardio and stay in good shape. Mental Health !

In this article, I tell you more about the benefits of water aerobics.

Aquagym: what does it consist of?

Also called water gymnasticsaquagym consists of performing gym exercises in water.

It is usually practiced in shallow water, which stops at the waist. It can also sometimes reach the chest or even the neck, depending on the intensity of the effort.

Walking in water, jumping, bicep curls, leg kicks… This ultra-comprehensive sport is a mix of cardiovascular and strength training which works every area of ​​the body.

Its advantage? He is accessible to everyone ! More or less old, beginners or experienced athletes, pregnant women, overweight people… No one is sidelined!

It is not even necessary to know how to swim, since the exercises are generally practiced in a pool where you have your feet.

But then, where to do an aquagym session? Again, no rules! Whether in municipal swimming pools, aquatic centers, adapted fitness clubs but also at home or why not at sea, you can do it anywhereas long as there is water 😉.

The benefits of water aerobics on the body

aquagym benefits on the body

Protects the joints

When you jump or run, your joints absorb some of the impact from the ground.

In water, we lose 80% of our weight terrestrial due to the famous thrust of Archimedes.

It therefore allows you to move smoothlyrelieving the muscles, joints, tendons and protecting your body from the injuries that the impacts could create.

It is for this reason that aquagym (and water sports in general) is a gentle sport particularly recommended if you have joint painthat you recover from an injury where you are Overweight.

If this is your case, remember to always ask your doctor’s approval before engaging in any physical activity.

Increases muscle strength

I assure you, “soft” or “no impact” sport does not mean ineffective. On the contrary, with this discipline you will gain in Muscle tone like never ! And even if the efforts made may seem easier to you, in fact, it is not! Your body work a lot more only when out of the water.

The water creates resistance which intensifies the exercise and allows deep muscle work.

And if you want to increase the difficulty of your sessions, you can also add accessories such as foam fries, chips or even balloons. They will allow you to play with the pressure of the water and create more resistance.

Harmonizes the silhouette

To move in the water, the body must solicit all muscle groups. This allows you to work on your silhouette effectively and make it more harmonious.

  • Reinforced back;
  • Thinner waist;
  • Shaped arms;
  • More defined abs;
  • Firm buttocks…

Your body builds muscle evenly, leaving no area aside! And contrary to what you might think, you won’t double in size! Water sports allow you tolengthen the muscles and therefore of you refine.

Lose weight with aquagym?

As we have just seen, aquagym allows you to do real muscular work. The question we can now ask ourselves is: does aquagym make you lose weight?

It is said, moreover, that thirty minutes of water aerobics would be the equivalent ofan hour and a half of gym on earth.

But as I already explained to you in my article how swimming helps you lose weight, for healthy and lasting weight loss you must pay particular attention to:

If you want to lose weight, aquagym can be a great ally! Why ? Because the stronger resistance strains the muscles more, makes the exercise more difficult and therefore helps you to burn more calories in a shorter time.

  • The intensity of your workouts;
  • Variation of exercises;
  • Regularity;
  • Food.

Anti-cellulite effect

Another advantage, and not the least: aquagym is an excellent way to fight against cellulite.

The movements that we make in the water lead to a hydromassage effect who stimulates blood circulation and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

It is therefore ultra-beneficial for the skin: its appearance improves and the cellulite disappears!

The health benefits of water aerobics

health benefits of water aerobics

Improves cardiovascular health and the respiratory system

Water aerobics helps maintain and improve cardiovascular health. In particular, water allows reduce pressure on the heart by circulating blood more efficiently in the body. Your heart grows stronger and your risk of developing heart disease is reduced!

In addition, over the sessions you will strengthen your breath. Your ability to use oxygen will become more and more efficient and you will have more energy to train for longer!

The benefits of water aerobics on morale

aquagym benefits on morale

Like any sporting activity, aquagym has a positive role in morale! You will create endorphinsthe famous pleasure hormones, which will give you a feeling of well-being and fullness.

Thanks to this lightness that it brings you, everything seems easier to you, travel more pleasant… And inevitably, it puts din a good mood !

Water has a calming and soothingt on your brain.

In the long term, this allows a better quality of sleep, a reduction in anxiety but also better concentration.

Often practiced in music and in groups, aquagym lessons also allow you to meet people, share moments of conviviality, take a break from your daily life…. In short, it’s sport anti stress par excellence

How often to get results?

The advantage with this discipline is that you will feel benefits from the first session :

  • Feeling of well-being;
  • Less heavy legs;
  • Reduced pain…

For more physical results, it is recommended to practice aquagym on average 3 times a week. At this frequency, in just 1 or 2 weeks, you should already see changes, especially in cellulite! Rather motivating, isn’t it?

But don’t forget, the key to visible and lasting results is above all regularity coupled with a balanced diet!

So, ready to wet the jersey? 😉


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