Concentration and sport: performance, benefits and advice


When you play sports, concentration is essential !

If your mind is elsewhere, you risk being less efficient and possibly even injuring yourself. I know it’s hard not to scatter but there are tricks to get there.

Here are my tips for improve your concentration during his workouts.

The importance and benefits of concentration in sport

Concentration in sport allows you to perform your sports routine more effectively. Indeed, by focusing your attention on the movements made by your body, you do them better and you gain strength and endurance. Your performance is quickly improved.

Here are the main benefits of good concentration for sport:

  • You contract your muscles better;
  • You are less likely to injure yourself because you reproduce the gestures in an optimal way and you pay attention to the sensations felt;
  • You do not see the time passing!

During your sessions, give yourself goals to achieve. Self-transcendence is important to maintain pleasure in your practice.

How to increase your sports concentration?

focus sport concentration training

Concentrating during sport is not always easy… Indeed, we touch on psychological biases that we sometimes call on without being aware of it.

Increasing concentration or focus in your practice makes real difference.

Read on to find out how increase your concentration effectively.

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Regularity and repetition

The important thing in any sports routine is regularity. To stick to it, you can directly integrate your sports sessions into your schedule.

If you do sports only when you have the time, you risk doing your session in a hurry, between two appointments and having your head elsewhere…

You will be in a hurry, easily distracted and therefore obviously your concentration will be lower.

So either:

  • We have time that we can block : we find the motivation for the sport and we try to be regular on the same hours every week. We can thus do short or long sessions without having the pressure of timing.
  • We don’t have much time : it is then necessary to prepare ultra-timed sessions which allow to concentrate on it and to make sure that we will not be late for the rest of the day.

Whether you have a tight or wide schedule, planning, framing and being regular in your sessions allows you to be in a good state of mind before you even start!

Visualize your goal

In any sports practice, it is good to set achievable goals. If you’re new to climbing, don’t plan on climbing Mont Blanc next month.

Your goals should be long-term, but also immediate.

2 ways to do it:

  • Visualize a long-term goal allows you to challenge yourself. We want to start each session to see if we are getting closer to the goal. The progress observed is very encouraging.
  • Visualize a short-term goal allows you to project yourself on the realization of the exercise. We perform the movement perfectly and we do not stop before the desired number of repetitions, for example.

It’s up to you to determine your sporting objective to give meaning to your practice and focus on it.

Set up routines

Here is how to work on concentration thanks to simple routines to set up.

  • Free up time in your day. Think of your workout as an important task that you can’t cancel or postpone. So you won’t have to do anything else but focus on this moment.
  • Finish urgent tasks before sports. If you have a phone call to make or laundry to run, do it. This way, these thoughts will not disturb your mind between two abs.
  • Put on your sportswear thinking about your future session. It’s a time apart that you take to make a break between your daily life and sport. And once you’re ready, go!

Do concentration exercises

The brain is a bit like a muscle. We can work it for improve performance.

Meditation is excellent for achieving focus your mind, without dispersing yourself. Mindfulness is also in vogue. Just stop for 5 minutes and fix your attention on your 5 senses. Take inventory of everything you smell, hear, see, etc.

What can distract us during sport?

deconcentrated sport concentration

There are a whole host of elements that can distract during exercise. Here is a small list to make you aware of this.

Mobile phone

Your smart phoneit is the disturbing element n°1.

With each notification, you are tempted to look at your text messages or a photo posted on social networks. The solution: turn off all your notifications during sport.

But, conversely, your mobile phone can also help you improve your concentration.

Follow your session on a sports application or listen to rhythmic music to support your effort. You can even have an audio coach accompany you. The goal is to be focused on the task at hand.

The look of the others

At the gym, it is often difficult to escape the gaze of others. To achieve this, there is no magic recipe. You just have to know put yourself in your bubble. We keep in mind that we are there for ourselves, to play sports and nothing else.

In these moments, having a goal allows you not to think in the eyes of others. We stay focused on what we have to do, the goal to reach and that’s it.

Also keep in mind that you are there to play sports, like those around you.

Thoughts other than your sports activity

After sport, life resumes its course, but only after sport.

We avoid thinking about:

  • what we are going to cook tonight;
  • this spreadsheet that we haven’t finished yet;
  • this file that should have been returned the day before yesterday.

Stay focused on your sports practice and nothing else. You will be all more efficient when you return to your normal tasks at the end of your sports session.


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