The advantages and benefits of sport! Health, body and more!


The benefits of sport on the body no longer need to be proven. Practicing a sporting activity regularly allows you to stay in healthy, but not only ! It also acts on your morale. In this article, I present to you some of the many advantages and benefits that sport can bring you on a daily basis.

Why is sport important?

Do you know how much time you spend each week sitting in front of a screen? The answer is surely counted in hours… Between work in the office, travel time and evenings watching TV series, it is clear that our body could surely move a little more.

It is therefore important to include a physical activity in our daily life. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to reduce this sedentary lifestyle, without changing our habits too much: take the stairs instead of the escalators, go to work by bike, stop at a metro or bus stop earlier….

But practicing a sport on a regular basis is important for many reasons because it allows you to:

  • maintain mobility;
  • keep their autonomy;
  • slow down the effects of aging;
  • reduce back pain;
  • reduce cardiovascular risks;
  • Live longer (and healthier).

And so many other benefits on his mental and physical health!

The recommendations in terms of longevity are around 150 minutes of physical activity per week (i.e. 2h30 in all), in addition to 10,000 steps per day (equivalent to approximately 1 hour of walking during the day).

These 2h30 should ideally be divided into 3 to 5 times over the week, to ensure regularity. This is equivalent to a minimum of 3×45 min or 5×30 min (in addition to the 10,000 steps per day).

Reduce the effects of aging

Whatever your age, the practice of a sport brings you benefits. Of course, you have to adapt the activity to your abilities.

If you suffer from knee pain, you are obviously not going to run a marathon. But doing nothing is not necessarily going to do you any favors, you should rather try a gentle sport.

There are a host of possible exercises for observing positive effects of sport on the body. Moreover, the elderly who have never stopped their physical activity are often in much better shape than the others.

  • They are generally more flexible;
  • They have more energy;
  • They have more reflexes;
  • They have better mobility for daily activities.

So many good reasons to start or continue your favorite sport! It is of course essential to listen to you and toadapt your sports practice to your general condition.

If you can no longer enjoy your running training, due to repeated and worsening pain, it may be time to turn to a softer, non-impact sport.

It’s even an opportunity to discover new activities and other benefits that sport can bring!

Reduce health problems

A few (decades) years ago, doctors were not always favorable to the practice of a sport for their patients. Once retirement has been reached or after a certain age, some doctors advocated rest rather than continued activity.

Fortunately, things have changed. Sport is now seen as beneficial to health and at any age.

And yes, to stay in shape you have to move otherwise you risk muscle wasting with the fatigue that comes with it.

Moreover, we now know that the body works better overall if it is stimulated by regular practice of a sports activity. Thus, it plays a role in:

  • the immune system ;
  • the cardiovascular system;
  • bone strength;
  • joint maintenance;
  • etc

Lots of health problems can be avoided, or delayed, by exercising regularly. Whatever the physical activity, the important rest of move everyday.

If the sport is adapted to your physical situation, the risk of injury is lower and the benefit to your health is all the greater.

Beyond 150 minutes of sport per week, there is no “more” benefit in terms of health. So it’s up to you. If you like, you can do more! Otherwise 150 minutes is great!!

The health benefits of sport

sports session mental body benefits

In a study made public in February 2022, ANSES, the national health security agency, explains that 95% of 18-65 year olds do not do enough sporting activity to stay in good health.

However, the benefits of sport are felt at different levels. Sports practice allows you to stay in shape but not only.

Regular practitioners note:

  • an increase in their energy;
  • improved sleep;
  • a reduction in small daily pains.

On the side of the doctors, the speech is unanimous. According to them, patients who exercise regularly have a better cardiovascular health, a stronger immune system and better ability to fight off disease.

The benefits of sport on morale

sport important health benefits

Physical activity allows the body to produce certain substances that are good for the organism. These feel-good hormones, which are serotonin and endorphins, reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

It is sometimes difficult to resume physical activity after 40 years for example, especially when the sport has been left aside for a long time. However, the relaxation and well-being felt after the session often make you want to start over.

After a few days, you will certainly find pleasure in moving again and surpassing yourself.

Then, depending on the activity you have chosen, you can improve yourself, set goals and why not, register for competitions. Your pride in having reached this point will guarantee you greater self-confidence as well as unfailing morale.

The benefits of sport on the body

sport benefits body muscle bone

The body is sometimes compared to a machine. If a car is left in the garage for several years, it may not start right away. Well, for your body, it’s the same thing. For it to be well, it must not be neglected.

Regular exercise helps to strengthen the organization at all levels. Whether muscle, bone, joint or even nervous system.

muscle maintenance

From the age of 30, the body loses an average of 0.5% of its muscle mass each year. Physical activity is a good way to maintain your muscles and associated nerve tissue.

Practice a physical activity will also increase the endurance and strength of your muscle fibers.

The benefits of sports are also seen on the outside. Working on your muscles allows you to maintain a harmonious silhouette.

A stronger bone system

After the age of 50, it is common for women to suffer from osteoporosis. In concrete terms, bone density decreases and the risk of fractures becomes greater.

However, women practicing an activity of at least 3h30 per week (30 min per day) are less affected by this phenomenon.

This is quite easily explained. The repeated muscular contractions during a sports practice solicit and stimulate the bones. Calcium then binds better to the skeleton and makes it stronger.

This effect of sport on the body is recognized by doctors. This is why the practice of a sporting activity is encouraged.

A less fragile joint system

If you stay still for a while, your joints may hurt a little when you move them again.

This is normal, they need a little time to unlock. If you practice a daily activity that solicits all your joints, they will remain flexible and you will keep your mobility for a long time.

The ideal is to carry out, each morning, a series of movements in order to warm up. These gestures must engage all your joints: neck, shoulders, wrists, pelvis, knees, etc.

A slow and repeated movement allows the synovial fluid to be conserved, at the heart of the joints. Its role is extremely important: it nourishes and lubricates bone cartilage. This protects the latter from premature wearwhich can be very painful.

The benefits of a sport without impact on the articular system are numerous. To benefit from it, you can turn to:

In short, the practice of a sports activity, whatever it is, is always beneficial for health, from the moment it is adapted to the practitioner. The benefits of sport on the body are proven, so it’s up to you!


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