in sport and in life!


the transcendence, this is a subject that often comes to the fore! A concept of life closely linked to sport and which sometimes surprises more than one!

Indeed, sport goes far beyond the practice of a simple physical activity, because it also integrates the mind. Reason why its benefits on the mind are unanimously recognized. And since this is an important concept for me, I wanted to tell you about it in an article 😉.

What is self-transcendence?

I often repeat the importance of surpassing oneself, challenging oneself and setting goals. Surprisingly (or not) personal development coaches talk about it a lot even if the objective is not necessarily sporting. But what does this concept really refer to?

To answer this, let’s start by recalling that surpassing oneself is a purely psychological concept. Everything related to this concept happens in the mind. In simple terms, surpassing oneself consists of the action of surpass oneself. It is the ability to go beyond your usual limits. These limits can be physical, especially for those who decide to return to sport, but also educational or cultural.

Only the body and the mind impose these limits. This answer is based on the “Central Governor” theory developed by Tim Noakes. According to this theory, we come to the conclusion that the limits of the body exceed the understanding of the mind. And it is also for this reason that few people exploit the maximum of their potential! Hence the importance of not underestimating yourself and setting yourself challenges!

Why is going beyond yourself important?

surpass yourself in life

After some thought, you’ve decided to get into sports and it’s a great decision. The sports activities you practice regularly help you lose a few pounds, feel good, sleep better, have less back pain… Why look at go further?

stay motivated

Surpassing yourself helps you to stay motivated, to stay determined. It is therefore no coincidence that sport and motivation go hand in hand. Today the motivation is seen as a fundamental pillar of life . This crucial element helps you stay focused on the defined objectives until they are achieved.

No matter how many failures you encounter on the course, you keep your goal in mind!

Improve self-image

It is also important to make a self-surpassto have another image of yourself. This exercise pushes you to become aware of your abilities as well as your limits. In short, you are discovering your whole personality!

We surpass ourselves in sport, and it spreads in our daily life. After completing an open water swimming challenge for example, you feel stronger than anything, nothing can stop you.

At work you will have more self-confidence, in your personal projects you will tend to aim higher, to be less afraid to get started too!!

Sport is the school of life and its psychological benefits go far beyond what you think.

For his health

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends practicing 150 minutes of physical activity per week in order to stay healthy. For some, this hourly “mass” may seem high and will even feel unable to meet it.

However, by getting started, you quickly realize that this exercise remains within your reach.

No need to chain 2 hours of sport, but simply find slots of 15 to 20 minutes here and there to start, it’s already great for your body and your health!

Strengthen the physical and the mental

Over time and depending on the objectives, those who wish can quickly go beyond this first step. So to have better health, an improved physical and mental aspect, you can spend 30 minutes of sport a day, then 45 or 1 hour if you feel good!

It’s also a question of organization, will and motivation to find the time to excel!

Improving the view of others

Your entourage can also realize your effort and your changes! Sport and going beyond your limits also help to increase your self-esteem, improve your presence in society, and not just to lose weight after 40 (even if it obviously helps).

All of these challenges make you feel alive and motivate you to wake up every morning feeling like you can do better than the night before.

Keep your goal in mind!

Exceeding your sporting limits is crucial

aim beyond your expectations

Whether you practice athletics, basketball, swimming or cycling, there comes a time when suffering occurs.

In other words, the body imposes limits on you. This is the time when you show the greatest honesty with yourself!

You have the choice between giving up, or continuing your efforts and functioning mentally (always being careful of overwork and injuries).

The first decision is easy to make, but what does it bring you concretely? Apart from the feeling of having achieved a usual performance, of being happy to have accomplished a task. But you can go further!

The second takes you to go beyond your limits , to get rid of it. It is crucial to to exceed the limits what your body imposes, otherwise achieving your goals will be more complicated…

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Exceed your limits while respecting your body

If it is important to push your body and mindin the last entrenchments, be vigilant to the risk of injury. Become aware of your fatigue and draw on your reserves to surpass yourself intelligently.

Run 1km more, swim a little faster, set a better time, do one more session during the week. It’s also small choices that make a big difference! Encourage yourself because you can.

Challenge yourself in life as in sport

challenge in life

Sport is intimately linked to life in general.

To come back from the Olympic Games with a gold medal, there are no 36 solutions: you must go beyond your limits, and be the best! You are obliged to make every effort, and to give the maximum, even the impossible, to achieve your goal!

You may not be a professional athlete, but nothing prevents you from surpassing yourself in life with this principle.

Obviously, everyone has their own method, if some need to compare themselves to someone, others prefer challenge yourself. The important thing is therefore to be able to get in shape, and set a course!

The benefits and benefits of surpassing oneself

Surpassing oneself in sport provides invaluable benefits:

  • The simple practice of a sports activity, whatever the form and intensity, allows you to maintain excellent physical health.
  • Looking for you surpassyou will learn more about yourself, more than you would have imagined.
  • You are aware of your limits, whether physical, mental, intellectual…
  • This allows you to develop a strategy to push back those barriers and limiting thoughts.
  • A pushed limit leads to an indescribable feeling of well-being!
  • This surpassing strengthens and enhances confidence and self-esteem.

Believe my experience and create your own to discover these sensations!

My advice to help you aim further

Whether you’re a man or a woman, many people dream of succeeding in life both professionally and as a family, and that’s normal after all. Sometimes we get lost between projects, work, sport, family… And we can lose our life goals.

Here are some useful tips that might help you:

  • Have a comprehensive life project step by step;
  • Have confidence in yourself and do not doubt yourself;
  • Knowing how to surround yourself with people who push you;
  • Demonstrate perseverance to improve;
  • Give yourself short and long-term challenges;
  • Leverage your experiences to learn from mistakes and successes;
  • Take your responsibilities head on.


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