Losing weight after 50 and losing weight is possible!


At 45/50 years old, women face menopause. And that’s okay! It is one of the stages of life that none of us can escape. But that does not mean that women, and even men, of this age are old, weak or that they have no more energy!

I received a message from one of you some time ago, where she said to me “I’m 50 and I can’t lose weight, Lucile can you do something to me ? “.

How to lose weight after 50?

  1. Exercise or resume physical activity
  2. work on cardio
  3. gain muscle
  4. review your diet
  5. avoid diets
  6. simple and efficient cooking

Now that we have seen the overall actions to be implemented, discover in detail my advice to achieve your goals!

Is losing weight at 50 as complex as that?

Some advice that applies to both 40 and 50 year olds!

When you want to lose weight at 50, it’s like when you want to lose weight after 40. There is no secret: we must take into consideration the changes that have really taken place in our lives.

Let’s start with the lifestyle: you no longer run around, you are more sedentary than at 30, and perhaps you no longer attach the same importance to sport, or worse: you are tired of it!

In terms of food, you may tend to “enjoy” a little more and eat more fatty dishes and fewer vegetables, for example.

If you decide to make changes after 50, it takes effort on a daily basis. Maintaining a good water balance, for example by drinking up to 2 liters of water every day, is a good first step!

Also add to your diet more vegetables and some fruits which are also rich in water.

Sport at 50 to lose weight

There is no contraindication to resuming sport at 40 or 50. You can indulge yourself provided you have no history. Go slow and set achievable goals. This will motivate you in the long run!

To lose weight at 50, you can rely on a few simple “tricks”. For instance :

  • find a partner as motivated as you;
  • engage in an activity that you enjoy;
  • make sure you have a balanced diet;
  • test new seasonal recipes:
  • avoid added sugars.

It’s not impossible that you need a food rebalancing after 50 to eat properly without generating deficiencies. To tell the truth, there is no age to take stock of your meals and test new gourmet recipes.

Build muscle to tone up

This can be one of your goals: to gain muscle after 40 and over. In effect, after the age of 50 (and sometimes much earlier), the muscles begin to melt away.

This muscle wasting is linked to:

  • hormonal changes that occur in the body;
  • lack of sporting activity;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • failing health;
  • to inflammatory diseases.

You may then feel more tired, lose mobility and sometimes fall a little more than before. It’s a vicious circle, because the more we are tired, the more we rest. As a result, we work our muscles less and the desire to move disappears. Often,

it’s unconscious but sport has such an important role for our health (mental and physical).

Fortunately, you can do something to combat this phenomenon! There is no “ideal” sport, the idea is above all to make your heart beat faster and to be a little out of breath in order to revive the cardiovascular system as a whole.

That said, I can recommend:

  • walking;
  • the bike ;
  • the trek ;
  • running ;
  • swimming ;
  • gardening.

Do cardio to firm up

Stimulating your heart will allow you to boost your metabolism. Cardiac activity during exercise helps reduce body fat and speeds up your fitness. It’s also a great way to reduce that small belly acquired over time.

Certain activities also make it possible to refine the size and make disappear the love handles that many of us accumulate.

Build muscle to stay in shape

After 50, the main sporting goal is to gain muscle (yes!! We forget the frail and fragile bodies!!) remember that they are heavier and denser than fat. Which means you can have a slimmer figure but heavier weight.

It will be necessary to practice muscle strengthening with a little load, 2 to 3 times a week. Squats, push-ups, lunges
 With dumbbells.

And don’t roll your eyes and tell yourself you can’t make it. It is by training that you build muscle and that you get there. Go!!!

It is quite possible to lose weight after 50 for a woman while gaining muscle. The two objectives are not incompatible. It’s just that you might be surprised stepping on the scale! Besides, it’s not so much the number on the scale that matters, but your health and well-being â˜ș.

Nutrition and food at 50 does that change everything?

There are a few small “hurdles” that may get in the way when you’re wondering how to lose weight after 50. As we have seen above, habits change.

Maybe you do more dinners with friends, with your neighbors or your colleagues. It is also possible that you participate in more aperitifs. And of course, it affects your weight! But I have two or three things to tell you to continue to please you while losing weight!

Good food does not mean deprivation

We often believe, and wrongly, that eating well is necessarily depriving ourselves. But this is not the case !

For example, you can start by reviewing your habits:

  • What products do you buy? Are they of good quality?
  • Do you buy them in reasonable quantities?
  • Maybe you buy as many as if you still had your children at home?

Result: you end up end up with too much, which you consume to avoid wasting money and food. What could you improve on that side?

Eating well also means buying good products, both in terms of nutrition and taste. Then, cook them in such a way as to maximize their nutritional qualities without destroying all the good they can bring you.

Finally, taste them without excess or excessive restriction, know how to enjoy beautiful dishes with pleasure.

When you want to lose weight after 50 and practically at any age in fact, it is better to have fun from time to time and assume it rather than restricting yourself, cracking up and feeling guilty.

We avoid yoyo diets

Your body may be confused by the changes brought on by menopause. So if you add the effects of yo-yo diets to it, you can’t get away with it!

To avoid this, it is essential that the “pleasure” dimension is always part of your diet.

Eat everything, in moderate quantities, and you will see for yourself that in the long term, you will manage to stabilize a weight that suits you without depriving yourself or chaining useless diets one after the other.

Set goals that you know you can achieve. For example, instead of removing the sugar, for example, go from two pieces to one, and see what happens.

Obviously, avoid fad diets at all costs that promise you to lose a lot of pounds in a short period of time. Not only is it not possible, but even if you manage to do it, it will be at the cost of a significant stress on your body and many deprivations
 The yo-yo effect awaits!

We cook simple but effective

eat weight loss 50 years example

Watching what you eat can also mean keeping it simple. So exit the processed dishes. Yes, it’s easy and comes in handy when it’s been a long hard day, but trust me, it’s not doing your body any good.

Even if it means making it simple, prefer for example a slice of good quality ham (or not, it is not mandatory) with tomatoes and a portion of starchy foods.

The key word is to prefer fresh products. They are not altered, keep all their properties and do not contain any additives, colorings or other elements that have nothing to do with your diet.

So to lose weight after 50, the advice is ultimately quite simple:

  • Resuming physical activity in line with his physical condition, his desires and his objectives;
  • We make sure to do cardio to ensure the proper functioning of his body and lose weight if this is part of the objectives;
  • We work our muscles to challenge the effects of muscle wasting;
  • Make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet. We favor fresh foods and we do not forget to treat ourselves from time to time to avoid frustrations. And above all, bye bye improbable diets!


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