Returning to sport at 50: steps, benefits & advice

I get a lot of messages from men and women wondering how to resume sport at 50. This question is quite legitimate since at this age, the body changes and requires more attention. It’s also a time in your life when you have a little more time, the children are a little older

I have therefore prepared this guide for you to help you resume sport gently by practicing physical activity adapted to your age, your physical condition, your needs and your motivation. Nice program, no?

The benefits of returning to sport at 50!

benefits sport 50 years benefits

No offense to our society, at 50, we are still young!

We may see our body change and buy more anti-wrinkle creams, we always feel full of desires and vitality! It is therefore quite natural to want to resume sport, to maintain your youth capital and protect your health from possible inconveniences (such as cardiovascular diseases for example).

Do sport at 50 has many advantages :

  • Strengthening of muscles, tendons;
  • Bone preservation;
  • Maintenance of the digestive system;
  • Energy boosts;
  • Helps to lose weight or maintain healthy weight;
  • Increased life expectancy;
  • Preservation of intellectual faculties;
  • Help with physical well-being;
  • Allows you to meet new people.

From the moment you respect your limitsthere are only advantages to practicing a sports activity after 50 ☺.

Is it possible to lose weight and firm up at 50?

I am frequently asked how strengthen your body at 50, and more often if possible. As society often reminds us that from this age, we begin to pass on the side of “seniors”, we tend to doubt ourselves…

When in truth, there is no reason to feel less entitled to play sports simply because of your age! As I told you earlier, at 50 you are still young.

The only thing that can possibly make you doubt yourself is the fact that you move less than before.

Indeed, at this age, you are often more “posed” in your life. You no longer run around for your children, your work… And when it comes to food, you want to treat yourself.

To strengthen your body, I advise you to practice exercises adapted to your physical condition. If running is too difficult for you (at least for now!), consider Nordic walking, for example.

The idea is to get out of breath a little without making you go home on your knees! If you want to fight against muscle wasting, try cycling, hiking, swimming or gardening. This is an effective way maintain flexibility and balance !

Side weightloss, from the moment you find a balance between diet and sport, you can refine your silhouette. Losing weight after 40 or at 50 requires a little more patience than at 20 or 30, but fortunately, yes, it is quite possible!

Do not start without preparation whatever our age

When you want to resume sport at 50 it’s like resuming it at 40, it’s important to take it slowly. If you have doubts about your state of health (and especially if these doubts about your heart, spine, your breathing capacity in particular), or if you have already encountered medical problems, do not hesitate to have a check-up.

And these recommendations are to be followed to the letter if you plan to practice an intensive sport after 50 years!

I also know that there is also the fear of urinary leakage and that this slows down many of you in your desire to return to sport.

To avoid useless taboos that ruin life for real, I invite you to read my article on stress urinary leakage, you will find original solutions that are accessible to everyone! But not doing sports will not protect you from these future leaks, quite the contrary!

What sports after 50?

The idea when trying to resume sport at 50, 55 or more is to have fun. However, I draw your attention to the fact that it is better not to choose – first – sports with impacts, especially if you are not prepared for them.

Wondering what is the best sport after 50? Here is a list of those you can practice, it will be up to you to define which is the best later:

  • Cycling on flat ground;
  • brisk walking;
  • Swimming ;
  • An endurance sport;
  • Gentle gymnastics;
  • Yoga;
  • Pilates

And these are just a few examples! Now, the list of sports that it is not recommended to practice after 50 years, especially when you are not or little trained:

  • combat sports;
  • Sports with a high risk of falling (such as skiing);
  • Sports with high demands in terms of complex technical gestures;
  • Sports in group lessons with long periods of trampling.

They are discouraged, but not prohibited. If you want to do one of these sports, it is possible but always after a medical check-up and specific training to prepare the body for the practice. You know your body, your strengths, your weaknesses and soon your sporting limits.

If you used to practice these sports, if you know the technique: go for it!! But gently at startup without wanting to regain your youthful performance.

There are many possibilities for work on your cardio !

Working on cardio is necessary at any age

cardio running duo 40 years 50 years

You can’t ask yourself what sport at 50 without worrying about your heart! And maintaining it is essential regardless of our age.

It is indeed by accustoming it to regular efforts that we increase “its lifespan”. Cardio also boosts the lungs, it guarantees you good energy, fights against depression and helps reduce symptoms of anxiety. In other words, it’s all good!

I am also asked how many hours of sport per week after 50 you should do.

I recommend you 3 sessions per week, lasting approximately 20 to 45 minutes. But this can vary depending on the chosen sport, your level and your goal.

Muscle building is also important

muscle building 50 years bodybuilding muscles

With age, the body is subjected to the loss of muscles by the abandonment of sports practices but also by a sedentary lifestyle. When we know that the body has no less than 700 muscles, we understand that it is important to use them for the proper functioning of the body.

the muscle building has many benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure;
  • Lowers cholesterol;
  • Increases bone density;
  • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes;
  • Increases basal metabolism;
  • Reduces muscle injuries,
  • Etc.

In addition, finding the time to play sports will help you fight against the “bobos” of everyday life. Thus, if you are prone to pain in the lower back, for example, exercising can relieve you, provided of course that you choose the right sport.

With the resumption of your sports sessions, you might feel hungrier with sugar cravings, if only for the energy boost and the feeling of reward. If it’s once in a while, no problem.

On the other hand, if your craving for sugar persists and sets in, I suggest you read one of my old articles which can enlighten you and help you avoid certain pitfalls!

It may also be necessary to think of a food rebalancing menu to ensure that all your needs are met and to improve your diet.

How to resume sport at 50?

A complete warm-up

Whether you are interested in muscle building for women after 50, or whether you want to gain muscle after 40, starting your sessions with a complete warm-up is essential.

It prepares your body by warming up your muscles and increasing your heart rate. Walking on a treadmill, for example, is an excellent warm-up for an elliptical trainer session.

Simple session to boost the metabolism

Finally, if the effort impresses you or if you are looking for a session of about twenty minutes to boost your metabolism, this video will undoubtedly make you happy! Kindness and moderate efforts are there ☺.

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