How to lose arm weight? Sports, exercises and received ideas


The fat that is stored in the arms can be a real complex. We would like to have them thin, without cellulite while being muscular, but not too much!

This is a subject that I see (very) regularly and which is unfortunately sometimes poorly addressed or only halfway! That’s why today, I want to take the time to explain everything to you. And I can already tell you one thing: don’t worry, there are effective solutions to firm them up !

Why do we gain arm fat?

This is already one of the questions that must be asked.. Understand to make the best decisions. This is also what I convey through my articles and my programs. In the body, each area will accumulate fat differently, and our morphology and sex will also influence this process.

For women, arm fat is a big topic of discussing. This excess may be due to several factors:

  • A lack of exercise (targeted or not)
  • A diet that is too rich (in fats / fast sugars)
  • A genetic predisposition
  • A hormonal imbalance
  • Water retention

Is it possible to locally lose arm fat?

Lose arms locally

“Localized” weight loss is quite controversial, it is often said that we lose weight but without choosing “from where”. In reality, yes, it is possible to refine on a specific areabut under certain conditions!

If you are overweight, it is obvious that sport and a better diet will help you lose fat mass overall and therefore arms.

But persisting in working your arms if you have a body mass that is too high will only slightly refine your arms, because your metabolism will draw on the surplus of overall fat in your body. We must therefore think of an overall weight loss before that.

I repeat it often, slender arms are muscular arms. So it is not at all a question of making them huge, but just of toning them to tighten and smooth the skin.

Two Interesting Studies on Fat Utilization

Are blood flow and lipolysis in subcutaneous adipose tissue influenced by adjacent muscle contractions in humans? – September 2019 *


Blood flow and lipolysis are generally higher in subcutaneous adipose tissue adjacent to contraction than in that adjacent to resting muscle, regardless of exercise intensity. Thus, specific exercises can induce “point lipolysis” in adipose tissue.

*study 1:

The effect of training combined with resistance and endurance exercises on localized fat loss. – September 2019**


Current evidence suggests that a training program including localized explosive resistance exercise, prior to endurance exercise, can target specific sites of adipose tissue and cause localized fat loss in the upper and lower extremities.

** study 2:

According to these two conclusions, training correctly allows you to burn fat in a localized way (in our case the arms). So it’s possible, hooray! Now, let’s see the solutions together.

Sports to lose arms

Which sport to lose arm weight?

We can recommend these sports to target the arms:

  • Swimming
  • Pilates
  • Climbing
  • Jumping rope
  • Boxing

So if we want lose arms, we will target endurance sports that will contract the muscles and work on the endurance of the arms. The goal ? Make maximum use of the fats that will be located at the bottom of the arms or on the periphery. Strengthening practice is also very important and should not be overlooked.


Swimming works the whole body and demands energy from the body both to maintain adequate body heat, but also because it is going use the arms on most strokes. Swimming allows you to lose weight and lose arms if you have a workout that requires effort and intensity.

As explained in the study cited just before, it would be even more effective to do specific arm muscle strengthening, just before going swimming.


Pilates allows you to strengthen your muscles in depth. Don’t underestimate the arm work on certain postures, the voluntary contraction will tone your biceps and triceps and also require targeted energy. Cardio is less emphasized, but strengthening is also very effective!


Not very much given center stage, climbing allows you to build muscle, increase muscular endurance, work on balance and will come to solicit in part your arms to climb sockets on the wall.

Jumping rope

Very cardio, jumping rope requires a lot of energy from the metabolism. If your legs are very stressed, your arms are too ! Especially if you do exercises like cross jump rope.


So when I talk about boxing, I’m mostly talking about certain exercises that requireuse of arms at high intensity. No need to challenge the manager of the boxing gym right away, some exercises (on bag or in shadow boxing) are already enough to feel the contraction and muscle fatigue 😉

Targeted exercises for the arms

We talked about a few sports, now what are the exercises you can do to slim down your arms ? Well, there are several, I’ll give you a few from one of my youtube videos.

Slim Arm Exercises with Dumbbells

In the video, I propose these exercises:

  1. Bicep curl with dumbbells
  2. curl + press
  3. Back triceps extension
  4. Fixed side raise and small circles
  5. Fixed side raise and curl
  6. Crossed/uncrossed arms back
  7. Standing back draw
  8. Angled rear draft

These exercises will tighten the skin by toning your muscles. This will allow shape your arms and therefore give them a thinner appearance.

If you want exercises to add to your own sessions, you can very well do exercises like:

  • dips
  • Shoes
  • Biceps or triceps curls

These are good movements to give a more defined and leaner appearance to the arms.

Introspect your diet

As soon as we talk about weight loss, whether on the arms or another part of the body, I am forced to broach the subject of food.

Those who follow me on the blog are now used to it, but for new readers, it’s important to take stock of the situation when talking about the silhouette or slimming down the back of the arm, for example.

Here are the important questions to ask:

  • Am I eating too much fake food / industrial foods
  • Am I consuming too much sugar?
  • Am I giving my body what it needs?
  • Am I drinking enough water throughout the day?

For to lose weight, it is important to eat enough and not to starve yourself with diets. But above all, we must be interested in good quality food and relearn how to eat healthy without frustration. If you have any doubts, think about food rebalancing or sugar detox which allows you to combine pleasure and weight loss.

This will help you achieve your overall, targeted arm fat loss goals.

Creams, massages and essential oils

I’m not a huge fan of creams and essential oils that are sold for slimming. Not because it doesn’t work, but because often we only focus on it and in the end, we are disappointed with the results. What actually works are massages, such as Renata drainage or massage – rolling palpation. Cream or not.

Targeted exercises and a healthy diet should be put in place as a priorityand then you can perform massages (anti cellulite, draining) with or without specific creams to help reduce cellulite located on the arms.

Pay close attention to false promises, which are often too salesy, and take a good look at the active ingredients.

For essential oils, some would have beneficial effects for losing armssuch as rose geranium or Italian helichrysum, but again, watch out for offers that are too enticing and tricks that are too promising.


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