The benefits of golf for the body and mind


Although not physically demanding like some sports, golf has many benefits for the body and mind. He asks you to make physical efforts and to think. Want to discover the benefits of golf, here are a few lines the advantages of playing this sport.

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Golf and physical exertion

While it doesn’t require you to run a considerable distance, golfing does work at a speed of 6 to 7 km per hour over several hours. In addition, this walk is not often done on perfectly level ground. The latter is also accompanied by several ascents and descents. This fact leads to more exercises throughout the sports practice.

Golf also works a good part of the player’s muscles. To ensure his stability, his thighs and calves are greatly used. The same goes for the shoulders, back, forearms and abdominals when swinging. So, it is important to warm up well before you start playing it.

The benefits of golf on the body

As a full-fledged exercise, golf is good for the heart. It thus limits the risk of stroke, it lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol, it reduces the risk of having diabetes. Either way, you need to have a healthy lifestyle to enjoy these benefits while playing golf.

Among the result of the physical efforts that this sport allows to achieve is the improvement of the quality of sleep. After practicing it, you sleep fast and soundly for a real restful sleep. This point is essential for rest and repair of the muscles used throughout the exercise.

Also, it is important to note that the exercises that golf can help you lose weight. It’s even better if you don’t use a cart. Studies have shown that a golfer burns around 2,500 kcal during an 18 hole round.

This sport is suitable for all ages and even the oldest with low risk of injury. The surface to be walked on is often soft even if there are climbs and descents.

Golf and mental health

Golf involves being focused and having a visual on the trajectory of the ball. This conditions your success in its practice. You also need to have good mental strength to resist nervousness and develop self-confidence.

Golf also keeps your brain healthy. This fact results from the physical exercises related to walking that this sport allows to achieve. Thus, the brain’s memory circuits are strengthened. Indeed, physical efforts lead to good blood circulation in the brain to help it function properly.

Thanks to the pleasure of being in contact with other people, of walking with a breath of fresh air, the release of the feel-good hormone through the sport performed, this activity also limits stress. It provides a moment of escape from what the player experiences on a daily basis.

As you have to warm up physically to prepare for physical exertion, golf also involves preparing mentally before playing. In this way, the player can better situate his faults and try to improve his performance and abilities.

You are convinced by its benefits both physically and mentally, decided to take up golf, find the ball you need in this page.

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