Our tips for getting into sport at home


The health crisis has changed some of our habits. Among these: the practice of sport. The current constraints push some people to play sports elsewhere than in a club or a gym. As a result, many have taken to home fitness. Are you thinking of taking the plunge? Here are some tips for getting started at home sports.

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Getting started with sport at home: how to start?

There are two scenarios: those who already have sporting experience and those who have none.

If you used to play sports in a club, you will need to organize yourself differently and follow a program suitable for playing sports at home.

On the other hand, if you have no experience, you will certainly need to learn the basics, to know what are the best strength training exercises suitable for home practice.
Once you have integrated the main bases, you can establish a program and target goals to achieve (weight loss, mass gain).

Motivate yourself!

Although it has many advantages, playing sports at home also has some disadvantages. The biggest difference with a gym is that you will be practicing alone. At first, you may feel lost and this may affect your motivation.
In order to feel less alone, you can join groups dedicated to practicing sports at home. They will allow you to exchange with other enthusiasts, perhaps more experienced than you, who will give you advice. Which will have the effect of boost your motivation.

Also, the routine can get boring and demotivate you. So that this does not happen, it is strongly recommended to vary your exercises and to discover other activities to do outdoors (walking, running) to practice in addition.
The goal is not to let the routine set in and always have new perspectives to explore.


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