How to use an elliptical trainer to lose weight?


The elliptical trainer is an effective tool that allows you to lose weight effectively. What will follow will be of interest to people wishing to lose weight as well as those who want to prepare for body summer. Regular practice is the key to your success.

The elliptical trainer, your ally for weight loss

The elliptical trainer is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools for losing weight.
Indeed, this type of bike is relatively complete. It allows you to work your cardio while working a large part of the muscles of the body.
A 2-in-1 action that will have a beneficial effect and allow you to burn more calories.

How many sessions per week should I do?

For visible results within two months, you will need to commit to, at least, three weekly sessions of 30 minutes each, without forgetting to include a warm-up phase of 5-10 minutes.

At what intensity?

In order to use the Elliptical trainer for weight loss, you should plan sessions of thirty minutes at moderate intensity.
In other words, it comes down to saying that you have to find a rate that is neither too high nor too low.
At the end of your session, you should just feel like you’ve worked. You don’t just have to have the feeling of being on your knees and not being as fresh as a roach.

The most experienced practitioners will be able to integrate HIIT.

Vary the sessions!

Elliptical trainers are equipped with programs. These allow you to vary the intensity and difficulty.
Training with the same program can be counterproductive and boring. It could even slow down your progress, which in turn affects your motivation.

Therefore: vary the programs!

To conclude

Your weight loss goal should include a suitable training program that should be combined with balanced nutrition. Otherwise, the results will not be there!


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