Starting yoga: my tips and advice


If you want to start yoga but don’t know how to go about it, this article is for you!

Here I give you my best advice to start with peace of mind 😉

Why start yoga?

Personally, yoga has become essential in my practice and my daily form!

He is a real complement to my muscle building and cardio sessions by providing relaxation, stretching and mental well-being.

No need to be in the performance !! Even if I admit to you that it took me a long time to understand it and that I wanted for a long time to seek “perfect alignment”, to perform the postures perfectly all the time, right away… But yoga is everything except perfection! It is above all a feeling, listening to yourself and your body.

When I’m tired, when it hurts a little everywhere, when I’m fed up with everything… hop, I take refuge on my carpet! Even if it’s just 10-15 min! I breathe, I am calm. It’s just a moment when I feel good. A moment which helps me to relax deeply thanks to the breathing and which brings me back to a more tranquil view of life and of the daily madness.

Today yoga is for me a real calmer, more serene way of life, connected between body and mind.

Benefits on the body

  • Tones the muscles without making them “swell”
  • Strengthens posture / balance
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Relieves pain (back, hips, cervical …)
  • Increase flexibility

Benefits to the mind

  • Reduces stress / anxiety
  • Allows you to better manage your emotions
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Develop wisdom
  • Increases the ability to concentrate

What type of yoga to choose?

And yes, just as there is no one style of running, there is no one type of yoga 😉 Besides, I often say that there is as much yoga as there is a teacher!

Therefore, I recommend that you test with several teachers because sometimes it is not the style of yoga that is not suitable for you but the way of teaching it.

To guide you and help you in your choice, you can ask yourself a few questions about your practice:

  • Is it to relax me?
  • Let off steam ?
  • Soften me up?
  • Relieve my back pain?

I see you coming… You will surely ask me “But can I do yoga to lose weight ??”

Yoga by itself is not going to help you lose weight. This is the combo: mental relaxation + sports practice + balanced diet that will give you results.

From your answers, you can then move on to the yoga that comes closest to your goals. Here are a few examples:

Halta Yoga The most known

Combines the breath and sequences of postures

Rather slow pace, the breaks are held long enough

Reduces back pain

Tones the body in depth

Develops flexibility and joints

Yoga nidra Deep relaxation

Meditation and breathing exercises

Few movements

Allows you to reconnect with yourself

To fight against body fatigue

Improves the quality of sleep

Reduces muscle tension

Yin yoga Sequence of postures held for a very long time

Slow pace

Helps to better manage stress and release accumulated tensions

Better overall posture

Soften gently

Stretch in depth

Vinyasa Yoga Dynamic yoga

Stable posture sequences coordinated with breathing


Ideal for exerting / evacuating

Boost metabolism

Allows you to soften while strengthening

Improves balance

Power yoga Dynamic yoga

Quick posture sequences associated with Pilates and fitness movements

Improves joint flexibility


Better oxygenation of the body

Anti-stress benefits

There is something for all styles and for all tastes!

yoga program

And know that they are all accessible to the beginner! If you practice with a teacher, he or she must adapt to your level. You are not supposed to be struggling like crazy but always enjoy the pleasant feeling of moving in relaxation.

In short, do not be afraid of test, get it wrong and start over!

You’re welcome … or almost! And this is one of the big advantages of this sport because it is ultra accessible.

You just need:

  • A non-slip mat, thin enough and rigid enough to feel your support
  • Soft clothes in which you feel comfortable

For the top, opt for a technical bra and a t-shirt adjusted so as not to be disturbed during your movements. And for the bottom, leggings / shorts / jogging … whatever. It’s up to you to choose what you prefer!

As for shoes, I recommend that you do not wear them and stay barefoot, in order to have better grip and better maintain your balance.

If you feel the need, you can add some accessories that will mainly improve your comfort!

Where and when to practice?

In your garden, at the beach, at home… It can be practiced anywhere.

I only advise you to find a calm location, where you will not be disturbed and disturbed by the outside elements. A place where you can focus exclusively about you and your practice.

Timing level? Morning, noon, evening…. Again, no rules!

To avoid discomfort, do not eat right before your session! We recommend a distance of 2 hours with meals.

No matter where or when, the most important thing in all of this ishave a regular practice. If you only do yoga once or twice a month, you will forget about this healthier, more serene relationship to life.

Home alone

The advantage with the Internet is that you can find anything. And even yoga classes! Via Youtube videos, applications… I find it great that we can test and discover new things so easily.

For people who are not comfortable in public, who are afraid of being judged and who would like to familiarize themselves with this practice, this is really a good solution!

You can move forward at your own pace, redo a movement if you feel like it, take the time to put yourself back in place, without pressure, without fear!

And personally, I often do my sessions in the evening just before going to bed. And that is clearly not possible when you go to a studio. It is therefore a good way to adapt your sport to your lifestyle 🙂

In studio

The advantage of the studio is that you have someone who can watch you, correct you if necessary, which allows you to be 100% sure of their postures and their sensations.

It is also a good supplement if you want to vary your method. By going to lessons from time to time, you can discover a new way of doing things, new rhythms, new postures … And then a group lesson is also an opportunity to give yourself a little boost, and do full of motivation!

On the budget side, count between 50 and 70 € for a private lesson and 10 to 30 € for a group lesson.

In short, whatever the way you do, the important thing in yoga is to have fun and enjoy yourself 😉

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