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Any bodybuilding practitioner knows that nutrition is a key element in achieving your goals! The results you want to achieve necessarily go through a rigorous diet. Diet does not mean strict diet, it means changing your eating habits. When it comes to bodybuilding, protein is an essential ingredient that should not be neglected, depending on your program, you must ingest a certain amount of it daily. If preparing meals in advance is the best way to proceed, it requires in return for time and organization that it is not always easy to put in place, which is why some practitioners resort to proteins. in powder. I have read a lot of debates about this dietary supplement, the purpose of this article is not to encourage you to take it, but rather to enlighten you on the products that are available for sale. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult your doctor before embarking on any purchase! Any exaggeration is not good, an excessive consumption of protein will be harmful, just as it will be the case for any excessive consumption of coffee, tea …


All you need to know about proteins:

First of all, you should know that proteins are a food supplement and that in no case can they replace a meal. Be that as it may, protein powder should be incorporated into a rich and varied diet, and you must also practice a sport! A protein shake can be taken as a snack at key times of the day: 10 am, 4 pm… also as a post-workout snack. Namely, after a weight training session, we worked the muscles and that the exercise solicits and deteriorates the muscle fibers. This is why it is recommended to take a protein snack within 30 minutes of your workout, to nourish the muscle on the one hand and to repair the fibers on the other!

Depending on your goal, you are going to need a certain type of protein. But whatever the case, we will necessarily move towards a quality protein like whey. For a weight gain, we are going to use gainers which are high in carbohydrates and fairly high in calories, they will help you gain weight. However, this type of prot ‘should be avoided if you want to lose weight or lose weight. For those who would like to achieve such a goal, it will be necessary to move towards a protein of the type whey isolate.


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The different kinds of prot ‘

There are many kinds of proteins: whey which is produced from whey, it is certainly the most widespread protein, there are several types: whey alone or as a protein complex (containing other nutrients). Whey is used equally well by those who want to gain mass and those who want to dry out. This protein is very popular because it is digested quickly. Ideal before and after a session!

The egg protein (egg) is mostly consumed by those who want to dry out or lose weight. It is made from egg white and therefore has a very high protein content.

Casein is a protein that we can call “slow digestion”, it is perfect as in case before going to bed in order to constitute a regular protein supply continuously and even during the night (this avoids getting up. ) During periods of dryness / weight loss, this protein is interesting: because it is digested slowly, it diffuses the protein throughout the day which will avoid deficiencies!


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