Bad eating habits, how to avoid them


Well, the end of the holidays is fast approaching. Apart from the lucky few who will be leaving in September, the start of the school year will soon be here. On vacation, we tend to eat more, drink more (ah… aperitifs that go on forever :))… Consequently, we will have to resume good eating habits to erase the few pounds taken during the holidays. Let go and have fun on vacation is not dramatic in itself. What is is are all those bad eating habits that many have. Back to school is often synonymous with returning to work and therefore we have less time and we end up taking meals on the go, or even skipping meals. This is the kind of mistake that needs to be corrected.

bad eating habits

What are the bad eating habits?

The bad eating habits can be divided into 5 groups: snacking, skipping meals, diet, cutting fat and eating only organic. If eating organic or paying attention to your weight is not a bad thing in itself. Except you have to do it right.

Bad eating habits # 1: snacking

One of your worst enemies is snacking. We nibble out of hunger, gluttony or out of habit. Generally, we nibble on very sweet or fatty products (chocolate bars, crisps). In addition, snacking brings a lot of unnecessary calories and shifts the pace and “normal” hours to sit at the table. To overcome this problem, plan snacks at 10 a.m. and / or 4 p.m. by incorporating fruits such as apples, dairy products or grains. Just for the record, it takes 45 minutes cardio to eliminate one mars or another of those candy bars.

Bad eating habits # 2: skipping meals

Skipping a meal is another bad eating habit. Usually we skip a meal because we did not have time to have lunch at noon… And as a result, we are hungry, and we tend to make up for it during the evening meal. And, in the end, skipping a meal is like disrupting your nutritional balance. To avoid skipping a meal, take a piece of fruit or two with you. They are easy to transport and eat quickly.

bad eating habits

Bad Eating Habits # 3: The Diet

As I said a little earlier, back to school is synonymous with getting back to good habits. And, if we gained weight during the holidays, we are going to want to go on a diet. Except that most diets are very restrictive … Therefore, you are going to face nutritional deficiencies … Also, when you eat a richer meal, your body will tend to store the excess instead of eliminating it. Because you deprived yourself, your body is building up reserves. The solution, rebalance your diet, ingest food in smaller quantities. Even if it means eating more than 3 meals during the day. (While keeping in mind that the portions must be smaller otherwise it is useless).

Bad Eating Habits # 4: Cut Fat From Your Diet

Here is a small video which will explain to you rather quickly why you should not banish fat from your diet:

Bad eating habits # 5: choosing to eat only organic

Finally, here is the last of the bad eating habits: choosing to eat only organic. If, in the minds of many people, eating organic is equivalent to eating healthy foods free of pesticides and other residues, that does not mean eating a balanced diet. In fact, most of them do not have an above average nutritional value. To eat well and organic, you must consume 5 fruits and vegetables (organic), grain products, 3 portions of dairy products daily, but also meat and fish.


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