Miracle cure for back pain does it exist? (Yes)


I see a lot of people looking for “miracle” or natural remedies for the back. And sometimes the solutions you mention are quite… surprising!

In reality, there are not 10,000 remedies for relieve your back quickly and naturally. Sport, heat, massage. I don’t know if you can call them “grandma’s remedies”, but at least they’re scientifically proven!

Little info before we no longer detail in the article, to quickly relieve the back, you obviously do not need not whether it is a serious or urgent problem. If the pain is bearable and recent, for example, then no worries.

But if it lasts for a few months, make an appointment with a doctor!

The real miracle back pain remedy is movement

miracle back pain remedy

We told you over and over again, but it really works, I assure you!

“Back pain ? The right treatment is movement. ”

Maintaining a level of physical activity and working the right muscles will help prevent pain, relieve it and reduce its onset later. It’s still the best solution, isn’t it? For me anyway, it is!

It really helps reduce the risk of low back pain or sciatica, for example.

Back stretches

If you already have back pain, you can do stretching exercises for the back. They will relax the muscles and give your spine more mobility. You will want to move more, you will feel less limited.

My special lower back stretch video:

Strengthen your abdominals

Do sit-ups to relieve your back? Yes of course !! In prevention and also when we are in a painful episode. This may seem odd to some, and yet it is one of the recommendations most often offered by doctors. Besides, my anti back pain program was validated by Dr Cécile Jabeur, general practitioner and sports doctor. And the abdominals are a big part of this program. So yes, I assure you that the abs is important!

Anti back pain program

Understand that if your abdominals are not strengthened enough, then the muscles of the back will have to bear all the weight of the upper body. Your bust is made to be carried by the back AND the abdominals.

Over time, if they have all the load: the back muscles get tired, are very contracted, spasm and end up being painful.

Make sheathing and strengthening exercises for the abs is a real miracle solution for the back, because you will better distribute your strength: at the front AND at the back of the upper body. Maintaining the bust is therefore more equitable, with a better distribution between the muscles of the back and abdominals. It is one of the best solutions for back pain, and in addition … 100% natural for once!

Strengthen the back

Obviously, we will also strengthen the back in order to have a good muscular balance. This means building the upper back, the middle of the back, the erect posture… By refining your back muscles, you will have the best possible benefits.

A muscular back is therefore also a natural solution for back pain. We prepare it correctly so that it can withstand the load and be less tired every day.

Home remedies for back pain

I know that many seek advice for natural remedies, herbal (herbal medicine) like plant extracts and essential oils for example.

The best essential oils for back pain:

  • Juniper berries
  • By Marjolaine
  • Lavender
  • White willow bark
  • By Valerian
  • From Gaulthérie
  • Peppermint

So I made a table of these “miracle” oils to simplify your understanding of the effects and properties of each plant.

Essential oil Type (s) of pain (s) Effects)
Juniper berries Muscle pain Joint pain Anti-rheumatic
Marjoram Osteoarthritis Arthritis Lumbago Sciatica Nervous fatigue Muscle relaxant Analgesic
Lavender Back pain Muscle pain Cramps Contractures Anti-inflammatory Analgesic Calming nervous system
White willow bark Lower back pain Neuralgia Osteoarthritis pain Anti-inflammatory Analgesic
Valerian Muscle pain Lower back pain Muscle relaxant
Gaultheria Osteoarthritis Arthritis Lumbago Pain killer
Pepper mint Inflammatory joint pain Muscle pain Analgesic
natural remedy from grandmother plants benefits

Some of these oils are to be drunk by a few drops over several days, others to be made as a poultice, an infusion or even for a massage. For once, the advice of a professional will be preferred in a pharmacy or in a specialized store.

Some oils could cause damage if you use them more than necessary and therefore have counterproductive results.

Essential oils are really strong. Using them in massage seems to me to be the best solution, the least risky. After … You have to have a massage buddy nearby. Which is not always easy !! Personally my husband is a little fed up with massaging my back !!!!

If the herbal medicine can be interesting in many forms and uses, it is no substitute for medical treatment for real health concerns. It can make it possible to avoid taking medication and provide you with additional active ingredients, but these plants only relieve and do not make the underlying problem disappear.

It is possible that other species have beneficial properties or a specific action. If you want me to add plants to the board, please let me know in the comments.

Heat to relax sore back muscles

If you want to relieve your back pain without medication, the application of heat is often recommended. Indeed, the heat will relax your muscles and help relieve muscle tension.

For once, this trick is used and very well known, we can even give it the title of “grandmother’s remedy for back pain”. The heat will promote blood circulation locally by a vasodilator effect.

If it’s muscular, you can:

  • take a hot bath
  • Take a hot shower
  • Using a hot water bottle

If you have lower back pain during the day, for example, there is a good chance that it is muscular. Applying heat to the painful area will relax them.

On the other hand, for acute pain, cold is used instead for the anti-inflammatory effects.

False remedies to avoid

Obviously, we all want effective products. However, a lot of scams and miraculous products are hitting the market too!

The acupressure mat

So, opinions differ, for some this product works and for others it has absolutely no effect. I think this is not a go-to product for back relief, I’m curious to hear your thoughts in the comments if any of you have tried it.

The lumbar cushion

The basic idea is interesting, but would seem more counterproductive than actually beneficial. The goal is to have good posture when we are seated, and using a lumbar pillow may provide temporary relief. However, your back is not in a natural position. In the long run, you may be in more pain.

The posture corrector

For me, this is a fairly ineffective product. I explain to you. Already, there are dozens of models, and sometimes very, very bad qualities. Afterwards, it doesn’t relieve the back, it should just help us to stand up straight. But if we ignore the discomfort, the poor quality of the product often leads to poor overall posture.

To conclude.

We must continue to move and stay active as much as possible, that’s the real miracle cure for back pain. Maintain your back and abdominals through sport, stretching and targeted and regular muscle strengthening.

The other solutions are there to help, supplement and relieve, in the short term !! Back pain is the disease of the century, and in many cases, you think about it once you have pain when you might think about it long before. It’s a real discomfort in life, we wake up in the morning with a back pain, we have a bad day because our back is tight and it also affects our morale …

So don’t hesitate to exercise and stretch!


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