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As the holidays approach and the calories we are going to eat, we must also think about the resolutions we are going to make for 2023. Sport is one of them. And this year, we’re trying to stick to it as much as possible. To motivate yourself, you have to find a stimulating sport like boxing for example. The Noble Art is reputed to be difficult, but devilishly effective. In this article, we will discuss the fitness side of this discipline and reveal to you which is the best place to do boxing in Paris.

Contents of this article:

Where to box in Paris?

Sports halls are not lacking in Paris. However, to motivate yourself, you have to identify the most original ones that make you want to surpass yourself.
The Cercle Boxing is an ideal place for boxing in Paris and offers an original formula: boxing in a nightclub atmosphere.
For 45 minutes, come chain jabs and hooks on punching bags filled with water. If you like this concept, you will find more information on This site.

What are the benefits of doing fitness boxing

Boxing is very famous for working on your physical condition, your cardio and for losing weight. The combat aspect and the black eye may turn some people off, which is why fitness boxing excludes any confrontation and only keeps the cardio aspect. In short, you step into the ring to knock out the extra pounds. Here are four benefits of practicing this activity:

It burns a lot of calories

Fitness boxing allows you to burn a lot of calories and therefore lose weight. Obviously, this depends on the intensity of your session. The ideal is to go gradually, to learn the basic gestures then to increase the intensity when you feel comfortable.

Effective muscle building

It also helps shape and tone the whole body. By hitting the punching bag, you will eventually gain muscle strength and explosiveness.

Ideal for unwinding

In addition, it is an excellent outlet, it will allow you to clear your head. In short, it is an anti-stress activity. Had a tough day at the office? Come and put on the gloves to let off steam!

Boosts self-confidence

Over the course of the sessions, you will be led to surpass yourself and push your limits. “No pain, No gain”, you know? Which, ultimately, will allow you to forge a steely mind and improve your self-confidence.

The final word

There are only advantages to practicing fitness boxing. It is an effective sporting activity that will require an investment in terms of time and rigour. Moreover, if you are on Parisyou have the opportunity to practice in motivating and inspiring places


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