The 9 main benefits and advantages of swimming!


Swimming is a water sport that can be practiced at any age. From the moment you know how to swim, this sport is relatively easy to access and has many advantages. You can also go at your own pace, without looking for performance.

I love swimming because in addition to helping me stay physically fit, It also has psychological benefits. that it is the only discipline to bring. So if the deep end doesn’t scare you, I invite you to dive with me in this article on benefits of swimming !

There are many benefits of swimming regularly. I have identified 9 benefits of swimming:

  1. Boosts your mental health;
  2. Improves the cardiovascular system;
  3. Allows you to lose weight;
  4. Increases muscle mass;
  5. Relieves the back and the joints;
  6. Promotes good sleep;
  7. Evacuates negative emotions;
  8. Reduces cellulite;
  9. Contributes to a longer life expectancy.

Boosts your mental health

Swimming regularly helps you boost your mental health and be in a good mood. In the water, your muscles relax. And then, as you exercise, you secrete endorphins.

These hormones act on your brain and give you pleasure.

Moreover, you have probably noticed if you swim regularly, swimming is repetitive in nature. Thanks to this, it takes on a certain dimension that is close to meditation.

It’s a bit like escaping from the world, no longer talking to anyone and making me more than one with the water…

Improves the cardiovascular system

swimming cardiovascular benefit diving

People with asthma or with problems such as heart problems, high blood pressure or atherosclerosis will find swimming a real ally!

Indeed, when you swim, your movements in the water require many muscles (legs, back, arms, abdominal belt, etc.).

This solicitation of your limbs and therefore of your muscles improves blood circulation by increasing the activity of the body and the cardiovascular system.

The icing on the cake, swimming limits water retention. And if you practice the crawl or the butterfly, these strokes also require a breathing exercise.

Concretely, you increase the capacity of your lungs and you will have better breathing.

Allows you to lose weight

I know that among all the benefits of the swimming poolthis is one of the most anticipated!

If you want to challenge yourself with swimming, it is quite possible. Create a tough workout and you can use swimming to lose weight.

Indeed, the more difficult the training, the more the body needs to burn a large amount of energy (the famous calories) in order to keep up.

However, I recommend that you prepare a well-structured workout to get there.

In addition, the body must maintain your body at a temperature of 36.5 / 37 degrees, which causes it to increase its consumption in order to combat the cold of the water.

Many talk about 500 calories burned per hour. But if you put your feet on the ground a bit, I think you can burn between 300 and 500 calories per hour of swimming. Obviously, several criteria are taken into account in this estimate:

  • sex;
  • the weight ;
  • level ;
  • training intensity;
  • etc

So beware of misconceptions about these famous calories.

Jump into the deep end

Get started now in the swimming program and enjoy all the benefits of this discipline!

Increases muscle mass

Swimming requires fairly strong effort, and all the muscles are called upon. If we add to this the resistance of water, we understand why it is possible to gain muscle mass with swimming.

Swimming is a sport that involves the whole body., including shoulders, triceps, legs and back! Of course, depending on the strokes and exercises, certain muscle groups are more engaged than others.

This increase in muscle mass will mainly result in toning and increased muscle strength, rather than mass gain.

Swimming gives thinner and more elongated muscles than weight training, for example. Bodybuilding and swimming do not therefore build muscle in the same way.

Relieves the back and the joints

swimming benefits back pain

Swimming has no negative impact on joints and back. Everyone can go to the pool and swim, regardless of age.

It is good to know that activities practiced in the water relieve and reduce arthritis and osteoarthritis. At the same time, it strengthens the joints.

This kind of sport protects and improves the health of your bones.

Moreover, physiotherapists and doctors often recommend swimming for the back. It allows you to strengthen and relax it without attacking it.

Promotes good sleep

The more time you spend in the water swimming, the better you’ll sleep. Studies have been done with adults with insomnia. They have been proven to sleep better when they exercise.

The advantage of swimming is that it involves your whole body. This overall solicitation leads to a better sleep pattern and better recovery of all your muscles.

You don’t have to swim every day to experience this benefit.

3 swimming sessions per week can help you find better sleep. In addition, by sleeping better, you will swim better. It’s a real virtuous circle!

However, be careful not to do too much swimming less than three hours before going to bed. The risk is that your body does not have time to return to its normal temperature. This could interfere with your sleep.

You should also know that swimming helps regulate the circadian rhythm (the sleep/wake rhythm). This is due to energy expenditure and the release of hormones. And you have understood it, by regulating your circadian rhythm, you fall asleep more easily!

Evacuates negative emotions

swimming benefits mental body

By relaxing the muscles, you evacuate bad tensions and stress more easily than on dry land !

If while swimming you feel nervous, if the slightest splash annoys you or if the children’s dives irritate you, it is clearly that you have something to evacuate. Why not take advantage of your presence at the pool to eliminate all those bad vibes? Take the opportunity to do cardio with swimming!

Sport and swimming help muscle relaxation. Swimming acts directly on the nervous system and on your muscles.

The feeling of immersion and flotation that one obtains in the water undoes the knots and promotes relaxation of the mind.

Give yourself a certain number of lengths to do fairly quickly, and you will see that your negative emotions will gradually dissipate. Swimmer’s word!

Reduces cellulite

Water puts pressure on different parts of your body. This is what makes it reduce water retention and improve blood circulation by the massage effect that water causes on the skin. Associated with each other, these two actions make it possible to fight against cellulite.

Result: the orange peel is reduced! Your body and swimming will become the best friends in the world!

For the record, cellulite is due to the storage of fat, water and toxins under the skin, and poor lymphatic circulation. Swimming allows you to regain good blood and lymphatic circulation, and evacuates toxins.

Contributes to a longer life expectancy

Swimming is one of the sports that extend lifespan. Swimming and health are therefore closely linked.

Studies have shown that regular swimming decreases the risk of death from all causes by 28%.

And this percentage rises to 41% for cardiovascular disease. You see, the benefits of the swimming pool are very real!

Can everyone enjoy the benefits of swimming?

Yes it’s one of the great strengths of swimming : everyone can enjoy its benefits. As your body is carried by the water, if you are overweight or your joints hurt, you regain your freedom of movement in the water.

And the benefits of swimming on the body are the same for everyone: effects on cellulite, effect on the heart,…

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