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Low impact interval training: what is this method?

While more than a thousand of you have just experienced a great renfo cardio training without impacts during yesterday’s LIVE… I wanted to come back to my idea of ​​a 100% program without jumps.

For a cover, I didn’t see myself taking you directly to jumps. Quite often you did a little less sport during your summer weeks. Instead, I bet everything on the quality of the movements: less speed, more precision in the placements and a maximum of combinations to work all the muscles effectively!

In this article, I explain everything about this special zero impact training 😉

Low impact exercises: definition and explanations

LIIT, “Low Impact Interval Training”, is by definition low impact interval training. The goal? Work your muscles, heart and lungs hard without shocking the joints which are perhaps not yet ready, precisely to receive impacts. When we talk about “impacts” we mainly refer to the jumps that you will find in exercises such as burpees, squat jumps, jump rope… With this method generally, you will never have both feet that will take off from the ground at the same time and you will reduce the pressure on your knees, ankles, hips…

But do not confuse no impacts with “loose knee”!!

Low impact does not necessarily mean low intensityon the contrary, your sessions can also be ultra cardio!

You can do your workouts very well by working on the speed of the movements, on the alternation standing / on the ground but also adding resistance with loads, such as dumbbells, rubber bands to increase the difficulty and heat your muscles in depth. !

Sport without impact with loads

Why do sport without impacts?

With this method, I really want you to take awareness of your body. That you listen to him, less in the “what” you do but rather in the “how” you do it. Take more time to position yourself better, to fully understand the positions… In this way you will be able to work several muscle groups at the same time while favoring the quality of movement. Lunges + biceps, squats + back, sheathing without support on the hands…

If you haven’t done any sport for a long time, you don’t have the right floor or the right shoes, I recommend that you go for impact-free!

For instance :

  • Opt for a brisk 40 min walk rather than a 20 min misplaced run;
  • Do quick sets of squats without jumping, instead of a minute jump rope.

Impact sports require perfect placements and substantial abdominal sheathing to avoid injury as much as possible. They are interesting when you already have a good level of investment, but you have to avoid abuse so as not to over-stress the joints and damage them.

Ideally, impact sports should represent only 20-30% max of your training sessions!

Take care of your body with a sports routine without impacts

In just 20 minutes, work your body in depth while preserving your joints. Extremely effective sessions that are easy to integrate into daily life!

In summary

The low impact:

  • Minimizes the risk of injury;
  • Allows deep fat burning;
  • Increases heart and lung capacities… To continue to evolve, consider increasing the intensity of your training! ;
  • Develops the strength and flexibility of your joints;
  • Allows you to work on the stability and balance of the body.

We often tend to underestimate low impact exercises for fear that they are not effective enough, but it is quite the opposite! Of course, it all depends on your goals, your needs and what you are looking for in your sports practice. But as I often tell you, to stay in shape the key to success is to VARY ! It’s the only way to stay in shape, permanently and above all without hurting yourself!! 😉

To deepen the subject, I advise you to watch the interview with Jérôme Auger, sports physiotherapist. We discuss with him all the issues related to impacts, injuries, knee pain, wrist pain… He gives you all his expert physio advice!

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