Where and how to do sports online? (free and paid)


For some time now, following online sports programs has become very common. Thanks to the internet, you can really learn about many disciplines at a lower cost while staying at home. But with this multitude of possibilities, it’s not always easy to find your way around.

If you are still reluctant to get into online sports lessons, this article is made for you ! But if you have known me for a long time, you already know about online programs ;).

Why do sports on online platforms?

There are many advantages to using a online sports program :

  • Many contents are available (sometimes for free);
  • The sessions offered are varied, you can easily find what suits you and change regularly so as not to get bored;
  • You choose where and when you want to do your online session;
  • You choose the intensity you put in your sessions;
  • You discover coaches, super motivating personalities;
  • You resume at your level, at your own pace to improve.

I am convinced that the sports at home is an ideal solution in our increasingly rhythmic lives, where we no longer find the time to take care of ourselves.

Between work, children and everyday tasks, it’s hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym, to do physical activity or even not to let go.

It is exactly for this reason that I love to share with you lots of videos of nutrition advice, muscle building, cardio or stretching.

When you can go to the swimming pool, to the room or to run, so much the better! But if you want to let off steam quickly, sometimes 10 to 20 minutes can be more than enough!

Free online sport: muscle building

home muscle building at home

If you want to tone up and sculpt your figure, muscle building is for you! To follow the online fitness classesit is important to pay attention to its position.

In each of my videos, I explain and show you the correct movements and posture for each exercise. Depending on your availability and the intensity of the sessions offered, you can repeat the workouts every day or several times a week.

Remember, the important thing is regularity. This is what will allow you to progress and hold on for the long term.

You will then be able to see magnificent changes in your figure and achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Do not hesitate to change training, to target other muscle groups and vary the exercises so as not to get bored.

Some cool videos to strengthen you:

Free online sport: cardio

cardio sport home at home

On my channel you will also find a lot of cardio videos. For me, strengthening and cardio are two essential and inseparable elements when you want to get back in shape, lose weight or just have fun.

It can be done through many different activities. With me, you will mainly find running, swimming and workout sessions. All these activities really represent my passion and especially the way I like to train on a daily basis. I would be very happy to share it with you for your sports at home.

Some cool videos to strengthen you:

My programs and e-book online

If you like my workouts, you can go further with my online sports programs. They are not free, but they offer you a more precise framework to support you in your approach and in your progress.

You will find a schedule built with guest coaches, nutrition advice with health expertsbut also a whole community to never let go!

To do cardio

If cardio is your thing, I’ve got you covered! Two programs in particular are very popular with the BBL community:

  • BBL running : there are two, one for those who want to start or get back into running and one for people who are a little more advanced in the discipline. Inside, you will find several training plans, exclusive guided videos and a complete educational guide on the essentials of jogging;
  • Listen & Go : two slightly different programs. They are built to help you push yourself and motivate you to push your limits in the cardio practice of your choice. These are 100% audio workouts, with guests to accompany you to go further!

start cardio

Do not hesitate to embark on a new challenge to test, have fun and wait for your goals!

To build muscle

For the whole reinforcement part, two online programs particularly caused a stir in the BBL community:

  • Super Challenge : FLAT STOMACH CHALLENGE + THIN ARMS CHALLENGE + THIN LEGS CHALLENGE + GLUTE CHALLENGE, this program brings together our 4 zone challenges in 1! You will find 23 videos and 1 Listen & Go combined in a 4-week schedule to intensely work each area of ​​the body! Pregnant women, beginners or experienced, all you have to do is choose the schedule that suits you and embark on the adventure. This super challenge is THE perfect full body program to challenge yourself and build muscle like never before!
  • Fit after 40 : totally adapted to the specificities of the body after 40 years, it allows you to strengthen your muscles and reduce back and joint pain. It includes 10 exclusive videos, a mental coaching workout and 10 recipes to change mindsets and misconceptions around quarantine and sport

Get up to speed

Build muscle and tone your body at home to vary your sport, but always with pleasure!

What are the platforms for doing sports online?

Today, the content offered online is available on all platforms. For my part, I am very active on Youtube and Instagram, my flagship networks to share all my sports tips and tricks with you.


My Youtube channel is more oriented towards whole cardio and renfo fitness classes. All training is free. They can be repeated and combined together to build your own program online fitness.

In these videos, I show you exercise sequences, their execution and all the useful tips for maximum efficiency.


On Instagram, no online course (except during certain lives), but full of advice, quick movement circuits, recipes and explanations! You can find tons of tips, challenges, feedback from the community and lots of other real things to motivate you to move more.

Online sport, does it work?

The answer will ultimately depend a lot on you. If the advantage of home sports is that we can do it when we want, the downside is that we are often alone, without follow-up (except with our great BBL community 😉 )

Many become demotivated as they go along, because they have no “obligation”. That’s why the online programs are good. They are complete, instructive and offer you a framework via sessions to be carried out each day and to which you can associate a specific objective.

Motivation and time will be the only factors that will bring you real results without the yoyo effect.

A few tips for staying motivated over the long term:

  • Don’t pressure yourself with unattainable goals : there is no point in comparing yourself to what you can see on social networks. Praise yourself for the work you do every day and grow at your own pace;
  • Vary the workouts : when we go back to a discipline or when we start, we can quickly fall into a boring routine that will put us off sport. You have plenty of free sports coaches on hand, take advantage of them! Diversify your activities, test and have fun;
  • Do not deprive yourself : do not worry about diets or too intensive sessions that do not suit you. Choose a suitable sporting activity, be rigorous, but above all live your life to the full;
  • Vary the programs : if the sport can start with a specific promise, you must also find a particular pleasure. You can combine the programs, the sessions in order to choose those that you like and on which you put yourself can be a personal challenge!

Example of a free online sports program to do at home

To show you what it is possible to do in a free online sports session, I have prepared a one-week program for you, which you can repeat several times without worry:

Example of an online sports program

Have you tested it? Do not hesitate to give me your opinion !

Our sports programs for your goals


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