how to eliminate them before summer?


Orange peel skin on the thighs and stomach, stretch marks on the arms and buttocks… A month from summer, many of you are on the private group Body by Lucile to ask me for advice on how to effectively eliminate cellulite and stretch marks. I assure you, we are ALL concerned, me first. However, it is not always easy to assume them, even with a sudden positive body. Who has never been complexed to the point of not daring to put on a swimsuit? A feeling that can all be felt but that we can also fight. Fatality does not exist! How to effectively fight against and reduce cellulite and stretch marks? I share my advice with you. Let’s go !

Cellulite and stretch marks: what is it exactly?

Ah cellulite, that famous orange peel that adorns our buttocks, our thighs, our stomach or even our arms. A subject that we almost all know since 90% of women are concerned. Cellulite occurs when fat cells called “adipose” grow and give the skin that bumpy shape. For stretch marks, it’s different…

Stretch marks are these fine welts, similar to scars. They are mainly located on the stomach, buttocks, thighs and/or breasts. First purplish (this is the inflammatory stage), the stretch marks then end up turning pearly white over time.

effectively eliminate stretch marks and cellulite with lucile

Already, you should know that women have twice as much cellulite as men. It’s not fair, I know, but that’s the way it is. In fact, it’s organic. This is what allows us to meet the needs of our body, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our body makes “reserves” in anticipation of these important stages in a woman’s life. In fact, we are prone to cellulite

Afterwards, several factors can promote cellulite. Starting with a bad nutrition and excessive consumption of sugars and fats, which fat cells love! The sedentary lifestyle also promotes this orange peel aspect by preventing the elimination of fat through physical activity.

Furthermore, if you are subject to Water retentionyou have a good chance of developing “watery” cellulite linked to poor venous and lymphatic circulation.

Finally, heredity also plays a role. Unfortunately, there is a strong genetic predisposition to cellulite.

Stretch marks appear when the elastic fibers of the skin break. Two common cases: pregnancy or rapid weight gain. There, the skin is sometimes stretched too violently and too quickly, and the collagen fibers tear. This is what causes this streaky appearance.

But the hormonal factor is also decisive. The secretion of cortisol, also called the stress hormone, has a direct impact on the formation of stretch marks. Let me explain. When cortisol increases, the production of collagen, responsible for skin elasticity, decreases. Result ? The structure of the dermis changes and loses its elasticity, favoring stretch marks. Cortisol increases particularly during adolescence, when stretch marks often first appear. Similarly, a hormonal imbalance can cause the appearance of stretch marks.

Not to mention heredity, which also counts here: fibers that are less flexible by nature will break more easily, causing stretch marks.

Note that men also have stretch marks, hallelujah! Admittedly, they are less affected than us, but 40% of them develop stretch marks in adolescence. Top athletes are also concerned because they have a higher cortisol level.

Cellulite and stretch marks: everyone is concerned!

Be aware that cellulite like stretch marks can appear outside of any weight variation. Slim and overweight people, everyone is likely to have cellulite and/or stretch marks. That said, cellulite and stretch marks are not directly related. It is not because you have stretch marks that you will necessarily have orange peel skin and vice versa. However, an unbalanced diet that is too rich in sugars and fats can lead to both cellulite AND stretch marks.

Cellulite and stretch marks: my advice to prevent them.

Limit added sugars!

Rest assured, there is always something to do to limit the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. First, the basic advice is to adopt a regular sporting activity and a balanced diet. Sorry, but the girl who eats at McDonald’s every day and doesn’t have cellulite doesn’t exist!

Concretely it means decrease sugar which is responsible for the secretion of cortisol and therefore the loss of collagen (elasticity of the skin) for that I recommend my sugar detox program. But it also means reducing your salt intake, which increases water retention and aqueous cellulite.

Good news, my formula 80% HEALTHY 20% TRASH applies perfectly here! It avoids you any frustration and yoyo effect. Because who says weight fluctuation, says trauma for the skin and stretch marks but also long-term fat storage.

Yes, subjecting your body to dietary restrictions increases fat storage! Why ? Because the body has a memory. Suddenly, as soon as you stop your diet, cellulite comes back en masse in case there is a new period of scarcity. So please, stop the green salad and the steamed fish with nothing! And eat your fill!

Make a boost!

Also, what is essential is to play sports. Cardio AND reinforcement. Because yes, I know you: I know you swear by cardio when it comes to losing fat. It’s good but not enough! Of course cardio is super interesting to tap into fat reserves, but muscle building will help you boost the effects of cardio. One does not go without the other. Certainly, in running 3 times a week, you eliminate fat mass but you keep the soft and flabby appearance of cellulite. Too bad !

It is by creating strong and sturdy muscle that you will give your skin a smoother and more regular appearance and therefore erase cellulite. No need to impose a sick rhythm on yourself. If you have little time, one or two reinforcement sessions 20 minutes and 45 min of cardio (cycling, running, walking, whatever you like…) in the week is already very good!

Take on the Glutes CHALLENGE

Muscle your buttocks in an optimal way with a turnkey gluteal focus program!

Let’s be clear, cellulite fades but never leaves 100%. Sorry if I’m blunt, but I prefer to tell you things clearly. In reality the fat cells are emptied, nevertheless they never disappear. They remain present so that they can be refilled at any time. So the “miracle” products who tell you that you will permanently eradicate your orange peel skin in 3 weeks, it’s a pipe!

Aquatic sports, firming effect guaranteed!

On the other hand, there are solutions to reduce the wavy appearance of cellulite, starting with water sports. They are your best friends for effectively reducing cellulite! Swimming, water polo, aquabike… The repeated streams of water will act as a massage on your cellulite, which will naturally smooth and firm your skin. In addition, it is super suitable if you have knee or back problems. Without body weight or impact on the joints, swimming is ideal for boosting cardio and build muscle effectively without hurting yourself!

swimming is a very good sport to fight against stretch marks
Swimming is a very effective sport to fight against cellulite

Want to take up swimming? My SWIMMING program Body By Lucile guide you step by step 5 weeks to progress and surpass yourself!

Self-massage to smooth and tighten the skin

Otherwise, we hear a lot about these suction cups to pass on the cellulite to “explode” the dimples. Everyone does what they want. Personally, I mark very quickly and bruises easily appear on my skin. Not very glamorous. What I prefer is self-massage. Regularly, I apply an oil to massage my arms, thighs and stomach. These famous areas of the body prone to orange peel skin. For that, I use Weleda brand products, in particular theBirch leaf massage oil. It is ideal for nourishing, smoothing and giving more elasticity to my skin and helping to reduce the effects of cellulite.

To see results, it is best to perform this type of massage once or twice a day, morning and evening, for several weeks. Personally, I do my best but I can’t always keep up this pace. It doesn’t matter, we do what we can! You can also ask your boyfriend to massage your buttocks and thighs to make the moment more fun 😉

No treatment ensures the total disappearance of stretch marks. However, there are a few techniques that can improve their appearance if you are extremely complexed. To begin with, the radio frequency : it will stimulate damaged fibers and help the skin regain better elasticity. In 5 to 6 sessions of 30 minutes, we can hope to reduce the depth of stretch marks.

How it works ? The vascular laser acts on the inflammation and the red color of the stretch marks when they are still in the inflammatory stage. On the contrary, if the stretch marks are already white, the remodeling laser will stimulate the collagen directly in the dermis to fill the crack.

In any case, the earlier you treat them, the more likely you are to see them shrink. The best time to reduce stretch marks is when they form, when they are still red/purplish.

In the end, what I want to pass on to you is to learn to love your stretch marks, to accept them. They are part of you, of your body, of your story. Don’t spend your life fighting them, there are so many more fun things to do on a daily basis!

And if it can console you, know that models also have stretch marks! Some brands have even decided to stop photoshopping their models. Great initiative! So yes, these are small, discreet white stretch marks. But still ! The world evolves. Also look at these super inspiring insta accounts where women’s stretch marks are magnified like spangled welts! Let us also learn to have another look at our body.

Cellulite and stretch marks: no fatality!

Ultimately, no fatality ! I know that we can quickly feel helpless in the face of our complexes, but there is always something to do.

Afterwards, don’t do too many things at once. It’s up to you to choose what really matters and what is manageable in your daily life. Rather muscle building first to build muscle and smooth cellulite? Or self-massage every evening? It’s up to you to decide, without pressure. No obligation, no injunction, especially if you live very well with your cellulite or your stretch marks!

Want to feel good in your body and in your legs? My SLIM LEG CHALLENGE accompanies you in 4 weeks of targeted sport, to lighten, tone and sculpt your legs! Are you getting started?

Finally, keep in mind that your body is not made to be put under the microscope, it is there to help you move, in short, to live!


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