How much sport per week? Explanations!


When you play sports or get back into it after a long break, you often wonder how long a week you have to do for it to be effective.

Let’s first see what the World Health Organization thinks about it before going into more detail (depending on your goals or how long it takes to see results).

What does the WHO say about sports time?

The WHO is not far from recommending to exercise every day. Of course, it is not a question of running 30 km every day when leaving the office, but simply of “moving” a minimum.

Sports minutes for children and teenagers

For children from 3 to 4 years old, how many minutes of sport per day should they be given? According to the WHO, 3h30 per day, with sports activities of various types and intensity. 1 hour should be set aside for moderate to sustained intensity activity, spread out from morning to evening.

And if the child in question needs to move more, we let him!

Children and adolescents aged 5 to 17 years old should do 1 hour of sport a day. The activity can be of moderate to sustained intensity, without forgetting to favor endurance. 3 times a week it would be good to practice a sport that strengthens the muscle and bone system.

Sports minutes for adults under 65

For adults aged 18 to 64, it is recommended to devote 150 to 300 minutes per week to moderate-intensity endurance activity (i.e. between 2.5 and 5 hours of sport per week). If this is not possible, the WHO recommends 75 to 150 minutes of sustained intensity endurance activity (i.e. 1h15 to 2h30 of sport per week).

Times to which she adds the practice, twice a week, of muscle strengthening activities.

Adapt your sports minutes to your goals

sports minutes days

The time you exercise per week will also depend on the goals you have set for yourself. For example, someone who wants to gain muscle will not organize their sports time in the same way as someone who wants to lose weight.

Whether you want to get into sport or wonder about how to practice it, it is also important to allow yourself time to rest.

Moreover, the WHO indications are “recommendations”. In “real life”, you have to be able to adapt your sessions to the time you have, to your energy at the time… You can very well take 10 minutes a day to do an ultra-intense session.

10 to 20 minutes for fitness

For a reason X or Y you had to stop the sport for a while? Or have you never done it? To return to sport gently and without hurting yourself, 10 to 20 minutes a day is a good start. Go back to your old habits at your own pace. And above all, don’t feel guilty for having stopped!

Getting back to it is already a great effort! And even if your primary goal is to make 5 minutes of sport a day to get you back on trackI am fully behind you!

Know that even with small sports sessions, you can obtain interesting results. You will see with this article that it is possible to tone up in 10 minutes a day! So put on your sneakers and we meet between the dumbbells and the floor mats!

Also consider NEAT. You’ll see that in everyday life, you can exercise without necessarily needing to join a gym or invest in the latest fashionable sportswear.

Parking two streets away and walking home is already taking care of yourself! The stairs are also your best friends!! Banish elevators and escalators from your life!!

15 to 45 minutes for weight loss

The duration of a weekly sports session when you want to lose weight depends on several factors. The objectives are obviously involved, but also your level, the intensity and the duration of your sessions.

30 minutes of sport a day, even if it doesn’t seem like much to you, it’s already a big step for your body! You will tone your body and eliminate fat.

Do not exceed your limits unconsciously, or at least not every day, and give yourself days of rest (or meditation, stretching, gentle yoga, etc.) during which your body recovers. This is also important, to maximize the efforts you make during your sports sessions!

When you leave a situation where you were not doing any sport, and that overnight, you start doing 10 minutes of intensive sport, you will already have results !

More than 40 minutes for the challenge

If you go to longer durations, you are probably preparing for specific sporting events. Maybe you are preparing for your first 10k or a swimrun?

In these cases, indeed, it can be interesting to do more than 40 minutes of sport.

Keep in mind that such a duration also implies longer rest periods. Your body is working harder, so it deserves more comfort!

With 1 hour of sport per day, what results to expect? Your body is gradually toned, your breathing is less difficult, your silhouette is refined and, normally, you feel much better about yourself.

As much as you want for fun

If you want, really want to play sports, that you need to move after spending the day sitting behind your desk, treat yourself without looking at your watch!

As I have already told you, rest periods are important for the body. They are also the ones that will allow him to build muscle properly, or that will help you continue to lose weight.

It is also important to rest to avoid overstraining your muscles, your tendons, your joints, and therefore increasing the chances of injuring yourself.

A few small tips all the same: do not sacrifice your sleep. Its quality has a big impact on your stomach. Sleeping well prevents you from having cravings and falling for very sweet foods.

How long to see results?

After 1 month

After four weeks of sport, you can already see results! On your mood for example, your energy, your breath, the quality of your skin, your sleep…

In terms of aches, you will inevitably feel them, but it is the sign that you are working! And the good news is that they will disappear faster if you move than if you stay seated!

Your habits will have changed and sport will begin to be part of your daily life.

  • Your body will begin to change,
  • to slim down if you are overweight,
  • tone up if you have no weight to lose.

Keep in mind that the beginnings will not be easy. Your body has to get used to your new habits. And if the results take longer to come, above all, do not be discouraged!

A word of advice: choose a sport that motivates you. Otherwise, you’ll get tired, even disgusted, and that’s obviously not what we’re looking for here!

After 2 months

After two months of activity practiced regularly, you will be able to see that your body is much more toned. Water packs aren’t so heavy to carry anymore!

You feel in a better mood, because moving is good and brings physical, and therefore mental, well-being.

In addition, your body produces many more endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. As you know, endorphins are called the “happiness hormone”. It is thanks to her, among other things, that your sports session puts a beautiful smile on your face! It’s hard, but it’s worth it!

  • Your heart is now used to cardio,
  • you climb stairs more easily,
  • run longer without getting out of breath,
  • you have more energy,
  • you feel better,
  • In short, you are healthier!

To make these changes last, eat enough protein and drink your two liters of water.

After 3 months

After 3 months, you will see that your body movements will be much easier. You will have better control, amplitude and depth of your movements.

You will also feel more energy, which will make you want to do even more sport. A real virtuous circle!

And self-confidence, are we talking about it? Yes, it too will benefit from your sports practice. Your motivation is also boosted, and again it makes you want to play sports!

So enjoy and don’t rest on your laurels. Do not stay on the same sports routine, it will get your body used to it and the exercises performed will have less effect on you. Change your program regularly. All you have to do is increase the number of sets, try more complicated exercises or even do more repetitions.


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