Lose weight and slim down with swimming


Lose weight with swimming: 5 rules to follow!

You start to know me and you know that I swim every Wednesday. It’s a moment for me, for me. Swimming is one of my favorite sports. I’ve been doing it since I was a child and it’s also what keeps me in shape. Swimming is also great cardio for losing weight effectively, without hurting yourself, and quickly obtaining real results on your figure. But for that, there are at least 4 rules to follow.

  1. Vary the exercises
  2. Vary the rhythms
  3. A balanced diet
  4. A regular practice

Vary the exercises

With swimming, you will be able to work each area of ​​the body depending on the stroke chosen but also on the accessories used.

Nothing like it to make your session even more effective! In my Swimming program, I guide you for 5 weeks with detailed plans to work the abs, arms, back, shoulders, glutes and legs.

No secret: for swimming to be truly effective, it is essential to vary the workouts. Already because you will be less bored. Then because by changing the stroke or even the accessory, you can intensify the work on one or more areas to sculpt them further.

You can use for example:

  • A pull buoy : to work only the arms, the backs and the abdominals;
  • A board : to intensify leg work;
  • mini flippers : to boost the legs and the cardio. With flippers, it’s even more efficient and more fun! So yes, it allows you to move faster but don’t think it’s effortless;
  • platelets “fingertips”: to further sculpt the shoulders and chest.
lose weight swimming slim down

Vary the rhythms

Then for boost your cardio and go even further in energy expenditure, loss of fat mass and increase in muscle mass: it is important to vary the rhythms: fast rhythm, slow rhythm, fast rhythm, slow rhythm… and so on… C this is called splitting.

practiced regularly, the split is super effective for boosting cardio but also and above all for increase your metabolism base, and burn more calories even at rest.

So don’t panic, split training isn’t necessarily super hard! It is mainly about modulate your speed. A quick hit, a slow hit.

For instance :

  • One length at a fast pace then two lengths at a slow pace to allow you active recovery;
  • You can also do 50/50 with a pool lap at a fast pace and then a lap at a slow pace;
  • Last option, the hardest: two lengths at a fast pace and one length at a slow pace.

Interval training is hard for everyone

I’m not hiding it from you, it’s going to be difficult… But you’re going to feel so good afterwards. And then, there is no risk of injuring yourself since one of the advantages of swimming is that it is a sport without impact. You leave your lower body joints alone: ​​hips, knees, ankles… No risk of damaging them!

Swimming makes it possible to work the cardio effectively but without supporting the body weight.

It is also for this reason that this sport is recommended for pregnant women or overweight people or very overweight. In your case, I recommend my LEVEL 1 program which just asks you to know how to swim the breaststroke and the backstroke!

Afterwards, I won’t hide from you that split training is difficult for everyone! Even for me who is a sports coach. Why ? Because it requires a lot of heart and lung effort to feed the organs and muscles used. But that’s also why it’s so good! It’s good but it’s hard! So I advise you to be accompanied! And I am here for this.

Jump into the deep end

Discover a swimming program with several levels that adapts to your rhythm! Planning helps you improve your technique!

Eat well !

Sport alone will never make you lose weight, if you continue to eat anything.

It’s always the combo : sport + diet + stress management Who walks. So eating well is essential, even when you’re starving after a big swim!

What do you eat after swimming?

A simple mealwith as few processed foods as possible.

  • A big raw salad;
  • A complete starch (pasta, rice, quinoa, lentils);
  • cooked vegetables;
  • A fruit and a handful of nuts for dessert;
  • Lots of water !

You can eat large portions, as long as it’s unprocessed, home-cooked food: no problem! You will give full fibre, minerals and vitamins to your body so that it recovers well and regains energy to swim again in a few days!!

Nutrition and swimming the perfect combo to lose weight
Sport alone will never make you lose weight if you eat anything!


Finally, concerning slimming and sport… Do not expect to lose in 2 weeks! It’s the regularity that counts. The long term.

By eating well, moving 2 to 3 times a week minimum: you will get there!

This is why I have integrated muscle building sessions out of the pool in my swimming program. Because I know that it is not always easy to go to the swimming pool more than twice a week… (We are talking about the opening hours of municipal swimming pools??).

So doing specific training for swimmers will help you maintain regularity while continuing your sporting efforts without complicating your life too much.


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