Does Pilates make you lose weight? True or False? I explain to you !


When we think of Pilates, we often think with a flat stomach, with fairly slender and toned bodies. Suddenly, a question often arises… Does Pilates make you lose weight? Today, we are going to analyze this together to disentangle the true from the false and above all to understand how Pilates can help you in your weight goals.

The energy expenditure of Pilates

Pilates is a sport focused on muscle strengthening, control and voluntary contraction. It is a practice that allows in particular to strengthen the deep muscles, the postural muscles and generally the body according to the positions.

Cardio sports or sports with a higher intensity obviously require much more energy from the body than Pilates.

However, if you do not practice any sport or very little, adding Pilates will allow you to have visible effects for your weight loss goal.

What is often overlooked is the increase in basal metabolic rate. And yes, Pilates will increase muscle mass and give a finer and more toned effect. However, muscles consume a certain amount of energy to function and be maintained.

Pilates and weight loss

pilates and weight loss

In order to know if Pilates makes you lose weight, we would be tempted to check the scale regularly. But as I talked about in the first part of the article, Pilates will increase muscle mass, off, it is much denser than fat mass.

I assure you, the goal of Pilates and its benefits is therefore not to transform you into a mountain of muscles, but to help you strengthen and tone yourself effectively.

As a result, in the first weeks or months, it may be that:

  • Your weight does not move,
  • You gained a little weight.

So, rather than making a fix on the scale, take measurements, it will be much more effective and more representative.

Finally, it is also possible to lose weight on the scale thanks to Pilates from the first months, but it will depend on many criteria:

  • food,
  • your sporting level,
  • your weight,
  • the number of sessions,
  • the combination with other sports,
  • etc

I try not to generalize because we are all different and our results may vary. But what is certain is that the Pilates has many benefits and that you should not hesitate to experiment with this method!

How to lose weight by doing Pilates?

Already you can give a flat stomach effect thanks to the reinforcements of the deep abdominals. This will tighten your abdominal belt and this is often why Pilates is called a sport for losing belly fat.

If your goal is to lose weight overall, here are some tips:

  • Do Pilates 2-3x per week,
  • Fill the practice with cardio sessions during the week,
  • Adjust your diet to make it healthier,
  • Give yourself time to appreciate the results,
  • Stay motivated and enjoy every session.

The important thing in most sporting practices is regularity. As the results can take a little time, you can quickly feel demoralized.

pilates program

That’s why you really have to seek the challenge, the pleasure and the pride of having evolved in practice. With a little patience, you will be able to appreciate your physical changes, but also on the mental aspect!

Should I do special exercises?

particular pilates exercises to lose weight?

If you want to work the whole body, you will have to mix the sessions and the exercises in order to work the different muscle groups. It is important to have a harmonious body to work the abs, the legs, but not only! Think of the pectorals, the dorsals etc.

In order to tone a specific part of the body, some exercises will be more effective than others.

If you want to firm the belly with Pilates, you should rather aim for hypopressive exercises, but in some cases, the use of a Reformer may be necessary to have more tension in order to better work the legs for example.

But whether you want to work the legs, back, arms or glutes there is always a possibility without accessories to do at home. When you start Pilates, you rarely need anything other than a mat to do your exercises.

Some questions you ask on the subject

Test a session and enjoy!


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