5 pieces of equipment to take part in a half-marathon


The half-marathon is a sporting activity that requires good preparation at different levels. Defining your goals and establishing an effective training plan is essential for successful participation. This also involves the choice of equipment essential for good running practice. Having the right accessories makes you feel good during the race and improves your performance. Here are 5 pieces of equipment to participate in a half-marathon.

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Half-marathon: choose good running shoes

It is essential to have a pair of shoes that suits you, whether you are looking for well-being or looking for performance. The shoe is the main accessory that guarantees you comfort, dynamism and pleasure during the half-marathon.

Why have suitable running shoes?

To participate in a half marathon, it is necessary to invest in quality shoes. The practice of running generates with each stride impacts on the ground which have repercussions on the joints. Thanks to innovative technologies, a good shoe for the marathon offers a excellent shock absorption. This type of shoe optimizes your comfort during the race, offering effective protection to your joints. By feeling less of the impacts inherent in your strides, you boost your level of concentration.

Running shoes are also an essential aid in achieving performance. To maximize your chances of crossing the finish line in good time, you need a pair with a recovery or a satisfying dynamism. Rebound is the ability of a shoe to recover part of the energy produced with each stride. This will then be returned in the next stride to better propel you.

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How to choose the right pair of running shoes?

Given the diverse range of products available, it’s not easy to find the pair that’s right for you. However, there are simple criteria that identify the equipment that is right for you.

The first criterion is comfort. To be comfortable, a shoe should be neither too tight nor too wide. It must adhere well to your feet without preventing them from breathing. Choose a model with a balanced and soft padding to progress safely. You should also consider the weight of your running shoes. A heavy model can reduce your dynamism during the race. Prefer ultra light shoes to facilitate your strides.

The pair of sneakers must be accompanied by running socks with anti-overheat strip. The socks keep the feet cool for a long time. Your toes will not suffer and the burning sensation will be avoided. You can also play sports with an ankle brace to protect your ankle.

Bet on a comfortable and functional running t-shirt or tank top

The sports t-shirt or tank top is essential for participating in a half-marathon, for both men and women. They optimize your comfort during the race and you protect from the outside elements like cold or heat. Short sleeves, long sleeves, with or without a collar, sports tops come in different models. Today, running t-shirts offer a variety of technical characteristics. The most important thing is to choose clothing that puts you in good conditions, that is in line with your needs.

Whether you prefer slim or loose fits, the key is to choose functional, breathable, lightweight clothing. Bet on a running jersey made with a technical material, which adapts to any type of weather. Prioritize ventilation and breathability. Your t-shirt must be able to quickly wick away sweat, so as not to weigh down and give an unpleasant cold feeling.

To choose your running jersey, take into account the season and the announced weather conditions. If the half-marathon takes place in winter, choose a long sleeve t-shirt which protects you from the cold, without overheating you during exercise. In summer, it is best to equip yourself with a short-sleeved t-shirt or a tank top to get some fresh air throughout the half-marathon.

Marathon as a couple? A comfortable bra for Ms.

If your wife is accompanying you on this half-marathon, then some clothes can be useful for her. For example, you can recommend the bra. Far from being just trendy, it’s essential equipment for taking part in a half-marathon in good conditions. Whatever the size of his chest, it is necessary to ensure good support and thus protect the back.


Choose suitable shorts

Shorts are one of the essentials for participating in a half-marathon. It is necessary to bet on a model in which you feel comfortable, which does not hinder your movements. Men can opt for shorts with inner shorts. The latter offers the advantage of keeping the crotch in place without giving a tight effect. Your companion can opt for a running skirt or shorts that make strides easier.

Choose your stocking based on the material used to make it. It must be light, breathable and not cause irritation during the race. You can bet on a technical matter that quickly wicks away sweat to keep you cool and dry. The choice will also take into account the period during which the race takes place. In case of heat, use breathable and flexible stockings. In cold weather, you can opt for running pants or flexible capri pants with good breathability. These offer the advantage of covering a larger area of ​​skin and providing moderate warmth.

Wear a cap, bandana or beanie

It is necessary to cover the head during a half marathon when weather conditions become extreme. In cold weather, you will need to wear a beanie made of functional fibers that keep the ears warm. When the temperature rises, you will inevitably sweat from your head. Sweat could then run into your eyes and upset you. You can also suffer from sunstroke in strong sunlight. To prevent this situation, there are suitable accessories such as the peaked cap or bandana. These are designed with innovative materials that protect your head from the heat.

Breathable, some models have an antiperspirant band. Your head is protected from the sun and kept in optimal condition. In addition to this major role, the peaked cap protects your eyes from glare due to the sun. It therefore becomes essential so as not to be disturbed during the race.

Other accessories like gloves can help you avoid the cold. A jacket can protect you from the wind and help you evolve in inclement weather conditions. Choose lightweight, waterproof and breathable gear.

Here is a short summary of the different equipment that could be useful to you if you wish to participate in a half-marathon! Whether you do this race alone or as a couple, everyone will have to opt for clothing adapted to the season. From running shoes to shorts and a suitable top, each element will help you finish the race in the best possible conditions.


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