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This “flat buttocks” complex is found in both men and women. And quite often, you test all the possible options to obtain volume. You exercise, you work your muscles, you adopt a new diet. But the bulging buttocks of Instagram videos and photos still refuse you…

To help you feel better about yourself, I thought of these few tips that may bring a little more volume to your buttocks ! But keep in mind that it is a priority to feel good in your body and above all, that it takes time.

First, let’s start with a brief update!

What do you call flat buttocks?

Your buttocks are made up of fat and several muscles:

  • The largest muscle: the gluteus maximus muscle;
  • The gluteus medius;
  • The small buttocks.

You may be surprised, but what are called flat buttocks are actually buttocks that have no fat ! Not that bad, right? 😉 Well, what I haven’t told you yet is that it’s also buttocks that don’t have muscles…

Even if it’s not an end in itself, it can quickly become a complex if too much importance is given to the current canons of beauty that highlight ultra rounded buttocks.

The risks for your back

On the other hand, where it becomes more annoying is when your “weak” buttocks give you back pain. Indeed, if your muscles are not developed enough, your lower back and spine may suffer from a lack of support. In addition to the physical aspect, this can therefore harm your health and well-being.

Also, when your buttocks are not muscular enough, you can practice physical activity to remedy this. Your muscles will grow, but that’s not always enough to make back pain go away. Because to really have rounded buttocks, they must contain more fat!

What does your butt really look like?

Sometimes we call “flat buttocks” which in fact is something else. So second small point!

Flat buttocks are buttocks that look “emptied” and, inevitably, flat. Note that there may be a genetic cause for this appearance.

We also sometimes complain of soft buttocks. Those are buttocks that have a droopy appearance due to sagging skin.

As a general rule, we observe this from the age of 40 with a sedentary lifestyle, or when we lose a lot of pounds.

There is also the question of cellulite. You recognize it easily, it has the appearance of an orange peel with clearly visible dimples. Targeted sport, anti-cellulite massages and diet will be the solutions for you.

glutes program

6 exercises to bring volume to a too flat buttocks

glute exercises for flat buttocks

If you are looking to carve out a better buttocks, you will have to work on all the areas mentioned above:

  1. the gluteus maximus;
  2. the gluteus medius;
  3. the small buttocks.

Here is 6 exercises that can help you to effectively work all of these three muscles:

  • squats
  • Unilateral leg raises
  • The slots
  • The donkey kick
  • The chair
  • the bridges


This is one of the best-known exercises for having a rounded buttocks. You can practice it with or without weights, depending on your level. You can follow the video to properly perform your squat.

Be careful if you opt for extra weights. You will certainly strengthen your buttocks, but also your thighs a little, especially if the movement is poorly controlled. Prefer repetitions without weight to give volume only to your buttocks.

Unilateral leg raises

  1. In a standing position or on all fours;
  2. Slowly raise your leg back until your glutes emit resistance;
  3. Also keep your back straight.

You can also perform series with a rubber band or ankle weights. Then switch to the other leg.

The slots

  1. Bring one leg forward;
  2. Bend it slightly and slowly lower it, directing the knee of the other leg towards the ground;
  3. Go back up and do several repetitions before switching to the other leg.

This is a very effective exercise for developing the muscles of the gluteus maximus.

The donkey kick

  1. Begin the movement on all fours;
  2. Be sure to keep the well straight;
  3. Raise one leg backwards, heel toward the ceiling;
  4. The thigh should form a 90° angle;
  5. Return to the initial position without putting the knee down and do several repetitions;
  6. Repeat with the other leg.

If you need a little more work, you can add a resistance band. This will have the merit, in addition to giving you beautiful buttocks, to give you concrete abs! But I prefer to warn you now: you will have to be very diligent and regular to obtain results that match your efforts and your hopes.

The chair

  1. Sitting against a wall (without a chair!);
  2. Legs at 90 degrees;
  3. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

To work your gluteal muscles well, keep your knees wide apart, your back straight and stable. Perform this exercise at the end of your workout. It will help you tone your muscles and have nice buttocks.

The bridges

  1. Lie on your back to perform this exercise;
  2. Bend your knees;
  3. Place your arms alongside your body;
  4. Raise your buttocks upwards, then lower them again at low speed.

Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions to shape your buttocks!

Strengthen your glutes yes, but not without a little cardio

As a general rule, combining your workouts with cardio sessions is a good mix.

If cardio isn’t your thing, why not try some fitness classes at your nearest gym? Or at home with my programs or my videos. This will prevent your muscles from getting used to the exercises described above.

You will also be able to say goodbye to your cellulite and the fat that you don’t want to see anywhere but in your buttocks! And to get truly lasting resultsadopt a healthy and balanced diet now!

We must add a word about running!! If you have the impression that running makes you take everything in the front of the thighs and nothing in the buttocks: it is certainly that your running technique is not optimal.

Running is not falling forward, but bouncing off the ground by raising the foot to the heel. I advise you to learn how to run better to combine running (cardio) with the development of your glutes.

Eat better (unsurprisingly)

Sport is an essential ingredient for obtaining a shapely buttocks, but it is not the only one. Another of your allies, as so often, is your plate!

The proteins

So for develop your gluteal muscles, do you need to take food supplements? Protein powder? Well no, it’s training that builds muscle and not excessive protein consumption.

The recommendation for a top athlete is 80 grams per day, this intake is easily achievable with a Healthy eating.

For flexitarians, you have many solutions such as: white meat (poultry, veal or rabbit), fish, egg whites, fat-free dairy products, vegetable proteins (such as soy, legumes or spirulina). The choice of possibilities is wide!

Consume carbohydrates

The second intake to watch out for is carbohydrates. If you practice regular sports physical activity, they will provide your body with theenergy he needs to “ensure” the efforts you ask him.

Be careful though, the goal is not to build up fat reserves! Therefore, favor low GI complex carbohydrates. You will find them in complex pasta, integral bread, root vegetables.

Don’t forget fruits and vegetables

For give volume to a flat buttocks, it is also advisable to consume fruits and vegetables. And they will have even more beneficial effects if you combine them with carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fiber, and the latter allow a better assimilation of slow sugars by your body.

In order not to get bored on your plate, vary your plants according to the season, play with tastes, colors, textures and don’t hesitate to discover new flavors!

We continue our journey towards a shapely buttocks with … water! Proper hydration helps you digest and eliminate toxins from your body.

Listen to his feelings

Finally, even if it seems obvious, I know that we don’t do it all the time when we try to eat better: take into account your feelings of hunger and satiety. As I have already told you in another article, starving yourself on a diet is never a good idea.

So do your gluteal exercises with implication, eat properly and you will see, soon, your flat buttocks will be just a bad memory!

Avoid fake food

Finally, one last “little” advice on the food side: avoid prepared meals. They contain a lot of sugar, saturated fat and salt. So certainly, your buttocks will gain volume, but it will certainly not be rounded or firm…

Focus on the long term

And as a sports coach, I cannot fail to remind you of an essential point. If you really want to bulk up your glutes, you need to bet on several months. Contrary to what some press tries to make you believe, having sublime buttocks in a week or two months just before summer is humanly impossible.

Show off with the right clothes

dress clothes put before buttocks

So there, it’s true that we’re getting out of our usual framework of discussion since it’s not about reinforcement or food.

For once, I’m going to give you a little “clothing” advice, since the subject lends itself particularly well to it.

If you can’t wait to show off your buttocks but reality can’t keep up with you, pay close attention to your outfits..

But keep one thing in mind : your outfits must adapt to you and not the other way around.

And taking care of your clothing aspect, it starts with the choice of underwear. Choose shorties that perfectly fit the natural volume of your buttocks.

Take a step back from what we are and what we see

By dint of spending time on social networks watching television or reading certain magazines, we can think of having a flat buttocks, too small and giving rise to a complex. But, take a step back, this does not reflect the global reality! Whether you want to lose buttocks or gain volume, don’t rush, enjoy yourself, we all have complexes, it’s normal, but we can work on it.

If it is possible to have a beautiful buttocks, you must already understand that it takes time.

Then, we must also take into account that we are all different and our buttocks too. So don’t be fooled by retouched buttocks, surgeries and enjoy your long-term results.

And then … your buttocks may not be so flat! Also try to put things into perspective and set yourself challenges to go from your buttocks to a more muscular buttocks without ever comparing yourself!


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