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Ah, the famous love handles… Many of you curse them and ask me how to get rid of them. To start, let’s make sure we’re all talking about the same thing.

Love handles are those clumps of fat above your hips, on the side of your stomach.. They form like beads there. Because of this, this part of your body appears wider.

Men and women, everyone is affected by this phenomenon! I have therefore prepared this little article for you to help you better understand why these bulges cling to you and how to lose them. Let’s go !

What are the causes of the appearance of these beads?

For succeed in losing love handles that modify our silhouette, it is essential to understand how they appear.

The physical inactivity is one of the main reasons. Indeed, when you spend a lot of time sitting, especially in the context of your work, physical activity is reduced to a minimum. This promotes the storage of energy ingested in excess, and the appearance of these unsightly bulges on the hips.

And with the latest confinements, series and film platforms and the proliferation of food delivery applications, the least we can say is that we are not always encouraged to get moving. …!

When you are a fan of junk food or ready-made industrial dishes, the calorie intake is not appropriate and does not meet the needs of your body.

This type of food contains more fat, hidden sugar and salt than a conventional diet.

Yes sugar also explains the appearance of love handles. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to quit sugar at your own pace.

Finally, restricted physical activity or even genetics can promote the appearance of these fatty deposits. Indeed, if one of your parents is overweight, you will have a little more chance of being too.

What are the anti-love handle solutions?

How to lose your love handles?

  • The realization of a regular physical activity is one of the best solutions to reduce this localized fat and refine its size.
  • Adopt a better diet is very important. You will meet the needs of your body without stressing it, and without creating deficiencies.
love handle what is it

It may take time to regain a slimmer figure.

Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Don’t look to lose the small buoys of your hips in 1 week.

Go at the rhythm of your body and you will see your efforts bear fruit in the long term without the yoyo effect!

Nutrition: your best asset

Nutrition will be one of your best allies if you decide to slim down your little buoy!

As for the plate, I recommend that you prepare what you eat yourself. This will give you:

  • dyes,
  • additives,
  • curators,
  • added sugar,
  • and trans fat in many dishes!

These contain the famous “empty calories”. That is to say, they do not bring anything important to your body. They disrupt it, increase the feeling of hunger, disrupt your energy levels, your sleep, your sexuality and overall your quality of life.

Don’t you don’t torture yourself with dieting, or even worse, undernourishment to lose your love handles. You would stress your body, which would react by… stocking up when you start eating normally again!

You can opt for food rebalancing. It is a process that allows you to find a healthy and balanced diet. And to reconnect with your true feelings of hunger and satiety. Remember, the most important thing is to eat everything, and the least processed foods possible!

You have to eat to lose weight

Yes, men’s love handles, just like women’s, don’t require you to starve yourself to make them go away ! As I told you above, undernourishment would result in your body storing fat, and therefore unnecessary frustration.

pad thai recipe

Protein brings the feeling of satiety more quickly, therefore reducing your appetite. But in overdose, they require a lot of energy from your body to digest them.

You don’t need to be on a high protein diet because the body doesn’t need a lot of it.

Focus on vegetables which provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and can be eaten in large quantities to achieve satiety.

You can also eat more fiber and complex carbohydrates. The former slow down digestion, fill you up faster and promote protein absorption. The latter have much the same effects, and help improve your body composition. Watch your fat and carbohydrate intake.

The real good practice is to find the right balance between what makes you feel good and what you like to eat.

By respecting your body and listening to yourself, you will find your ideal weight more easily, which will help melt the bulges on your hips.

A little recipe to prove to you that you can combine pleasure and food with my Pad Thai recipe:

Sport to accelerate weight loss

The practice of a sport increases the energy expenditure of the body. So it’s a great way to make your saddlebags disappear!

Know that when you play sports, it is the abdominal fat that disappears first. The love handles take a little longerbut perseverance always pays off!

In addition, do not forget that your heart will also be solicited, which helps to maintain its good health. And that should also be an important point to highlight besides the slimming of her love handles.

And then, we can never repeat it enough, sport is excellent for your health! Wondering what sport to practice to lose love handles? Here are two effective suggestions:

  1. cardio sports
  2. muscle building

Two anti love handles videos

Anti love handles routine ANTI LOVE HANDLES to lose hips

Lose your love handles 5 minutes targeted

cardio sports

Cardiovascular activity helps you “burn calories” (I don’t really like that term)! Swimming is a great alternative to say say goodbye to your love handles and slim down your waistline. You can also try your hand at cycling and jogging. This will allow you to lose weight overall and improve your endurance.

The advantage of these sports is that they mobilize all the muscles of your body.

The rowing machine, the elliptical, walking, hiking, tennis, squash, rollerblading… In truth, there are hundreds of interesting cardio sports. It’s up to you to choose the one that will keep you in regularity.

muscle building

To work the belly area in a more targeted way, you can also perform specific exercises, such as hypopressive abs.

Focus your cross-functional efforts. It is a deep abdominal muscle. This work should help you lose your bulges in the hips that make you complex and increase your muscle mass, which also increases your daily energy expenditure!

So even at rest your metabolism consumes more calories and it will help you reduce body fat.

little tip : regularly change your training, intensities and loads to prevent your body from getting used to it! Also add some simple sheathing exercises that strengthen your core for a flatter tummy.

Other solutions for this localized fat

There are other solutions that can help you lose those localized fats on your love handles. But I prefer to be honest with you, I’m not a fan. Here’s why :

  • sometimes these are only short-term methods;
  • some are risky, even expensive;
  • we tend to bet everything on it;
  • they do not deal with the basic problem, namely sedentary lifestyle and overly rich diet.

The palpate-roll

It is a modeling technique that aims to reduce the appearance of orange peel skin and reduce hip fat, thighs, belly or arms. You can use a slimming cream or call a professional for more “results”. The goal is to dissolve the fat but I warn you, it can hurt a little!

If you do it yourself, use this practice in addition after your shower and at least twice a week for several months.

Coolsculpting cryolipolysis

This method destroys fat cells with cold. Unlike palpate-roll, you must go through a professional. Non-invasive, cryolipolysis is very expensive and can also cause some pain. Keep in mind that if you do not tackle the problem at the source and do not make the necessary substantive changes, there is a good chance that your love handles will reappear later…


This is a surgery to permanently remove love handles. There are generally two or three consultations before the intervention, with a period of 15 days for reflection. It is a risky act, quite traumatic for the body, which requires certain conditions to be carried out. Once again the concern is elsewhere and can therefore quickly return.

Accent Premium

It is a technique combining two technologies – ultrasound and radiofrequency – acting on the elimination of localized fat. Your cellulite disappears, your collagen is stimulated. It is rather little known finally but quite expensive.

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