3 good reasons to be interested in American football


It is no coincidence that American football is one of the favorite and most followed sports in the United States. Every game in the National Football League (NFL) championship is a real party. And since several posters are more and more accessible in clear, many French people have let themselves be seduced by this discipline, a distant cousin of rugby. While the Los Angeles Rams have just been crowned champions, here are three good reasons to prepare now for the next NFL season which will begin in early September.

To attend a giant chess game

In American football, each player is important and each action is meticulously prepared. The attacking team in possession of the ball has only four chances to advance 10 yards (just over 9 meters) down the field towards the other team’s end zone . It is therefore a real game of chess that takes place at the start of each attempt, during which the players all have a very specific role to play. The quarterbacks, who launch the actions and announce the strategy to adopt, must remember a hundred different techniques worked on in training, while adapting quickly according to the opponent, as explained by the French site FootballAméricain.com.

Apart from its spectacular side, US football is therefore above all a game of strategy where coaching, the adaptability of the players, and the effect of surprise are the keys to winning teams.

For the intense suspense of dating endings

The Super Bowl, the final of the championship, is one of the most watched major events of the year in the United States. But before doing so, the franchises must qualify for the playoffs at the end of 17 regular season games, and try to avoid elimination in each meeting that follows. And this year, what made it one of the most spectacular seasons in NFL history is that every game, from divisional round (quarter-final) was decided during the last possession of the game. That is the equivalent of a winning goal scored in stoppage time in classic football.

The most surprising game was between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. A total of 25 points (two touchdowns for the Bills with a two-point conversion, a touch down and one field goal for the Chiefs) were scored in the last two minutes of the game. It was finally the team of Patrick Mahomes who went on to win in extra time (42-36). It is also thanks to the show they presented on the field that these two teams are already announced favorites to access the Super Bowl next season. The websites of online betting give both franchises a rating of 6.5, better than that of the defending champions, the Los Angeles Rams (rated at 9 the day after their victory, February 14, 2021).

And even during the Super Bowl, which brought together more than 400,000 spectators in France on the channel L’Équipe, the last possession of the match was decisive, prolonging the suspense until the end of the night. The Cincinnati Bengals’ attempt to equalize was stopped about thirty seconds from the end by the excellent defense of Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams (23-20 victory).

To experience the rise of the new generation of stars

The 2020-21 season was the last for many stars in the discipline. This was the case of the legendary Tom Brady. The record-breaking seven-time Super Bowl winner has officially announced his retirement, and the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) is now set to focus on his other businesses, including his TB12 brand of products and programs. nutritional supplements for top athletes.

Ben Roethlisberger (two-time Super Bowl winner in 2005 and 2008 with the Pittsburgh Steelers) also hung up his boots after his team’s elimination against the Chiefs. The great Russell Wilson (winner in 2014 with the Seattle Seahawks) or even defender Aaron Donald (just champion with the LA Rams) should also join them. But NFL fans are not worried, because the succession is already assured.

Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) and Josh Allen (Bills) have proven that their rivalry will represent the future of the league, and the sparkling form of Joe Burrow (runner-up with the Bengals) or the rise of Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals) or receiver Cooper Kupp (Rams) will bring spice to the next confrontations. The 2021-22 season has also revealed the incredible potential of wide receivers Deebo Samuel (who played his second pro season with the 49ers) and Ja’Marr Chase (first season with the Bengals) which have never ceased to impress the experts.

If the 2022-23 season already promises to be unique because it will be the first in 22 years without Tom Brady, it promises above all to be thrilling for all lovers of strategy and suspense.

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