How to learn to climb when you live in the city?


When we think of climbing, we immediately think of the great outdoors, the mountain or other rocky site. However, rock climbing is a popular activity that can be practiced indoors today! This concept tends to develop strongly, to the point that you can initiate yourself to this practice even if you live in a city like Paris or Lyon. Ready to climb summits?

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Practice indoor climbing

Basically, theindoor climbing is a training method for rope climbing and mountaineering, which began in the 1900s.
The aim was to improve endurance, increase finger strength and also test difficult technical movements in complete safety.

The climbing halls allow you to practice so-called “bouldering” climbing. Indeed, these rooms are equipped with blocks that are 4.5 m high.

This activity is now accessible in town!

If at the base, these rooms were intended for climbers in search of improvement. Today, they concern all those who wish to learn about this discipline.

These rooms located in town, make this activity accessible to all. In short, you can learn and practice it by simply going to a special room (as if you were going to your gym).
This concept is developing strongly, which will allow you to find a climbing gym in France near you.

Why learn to climb?

Even if you don’t have the ambition to climb to dizzying heights, climbing will have enormous benefits for body and soul.

Benefits for the body

Do not doubt it: the practice ofclimbing is great for the body. This discipline allows you to build muscle. Indeed, several muscle groups are called upon (shoulders, arms, thighs and abdominals).
This also allows you to work on your cardio and burn a lot of calories (more than 700 Kcal for an intense session).

In addition, this activity improves balance and synchronization of movements.

In short, it is a complete sport that will do your body a lot of good.

Benefits for the mind

Climbing also has benefits on the mind. It would be a great stress reliever, because climbing requires your full attention. Which means you won’t have time to think about anything else during your session. Ultimately, this sport is ideal for clearing your head.

Climbing also helps to develop cognitive functions. The brain will develop a whole stratagem to help you better understand the wall to be climbed.

Finally, this activity also helps to fight against vertigo. At least, it teaches you how to better manage your fear of heights.

In conclusion

This sport will suit those who are looking for an activity that allows them to work on their physical condition, burn calories while having benefits on the mind.

In addition, climbing has a fun aspect that will not cause fatigue and which is very different from sports such as climbing. bodybuilding, where we repeat the same movements over and over again.

Therefore, do not hesitate to go and try the experience of a climbing gym in order to form your own opinion.

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