Prepare for your return to sport after an injury


Sports practice carries a risk of injury, which can be high depending on the sport. Even a seasoned athlete is not immune to injury: muscle damage or sprain which can put the athlete to a halt. If a period of “rest” is necessary to heal, you must prepare for the recovery. In particular, consider wearing an orthosis that will allow you to resume in the best conditions.

Prepare for your return to sport

Depending on the severity of the injury, you will need to seek the advice of your doctor or physiotherapist. Only a professional will be able to tell you if you can resume or not.
Anyway, it is necessary to prepare well for its recovery. The goal is to resume slowly, but surely. The mistake would be to not take any precautions, which could wake up your injury and put you to arrest again.

If you’ve had a muscle injury, you’ll likely need a compression sleeve. If you have had a sprained knee, you may need a knee brace that will provide support and stability to your knee. You find the knee pads and knee braces which correspond to you for a fearless resumption of activity, on sites like

The advantages of compression sleeves

Compression sleeves have many advantages. In particular, they reduce muscle oscillations and they absorb shocks.
These orthotics also promote better recovery and improve blood circulation. This would reduce the risk of contractures, elongations, muscle tears, cramps …

Compression sleeves come in several forms: bra, thigh, sock, etc.

The advantages of knee and ankle braces

There are several kinds of knee and ankle braces: braces and knee / ankle braces.
The splints provide high support. They are recommended for severe injuries. they are prescribed after an operation or during rehabilitation.

Knee and ankle braces are flexible orthoses. They are prescribed for slight lesions and for the prevention of slight pathologies.
They provide “flexible” support for your joint. In addition, as they exert a slight compression.
In short, they are ideal for those considering a sports recovery. Indeed, a support kneepad allows to maintain without hindering the movement.

In conclusion

You will understand, the use of these orthotics can be very useful when considering resuming a sporting activity. They also allow you to feel safe and not focus on the risk of injury.

However, you can very well use them in prevention, especially if you have a high practice. Finally, you can also use them in the recovery phase. the RICE / GREC protocol, provides for a compression phase which involves wearing an orthosis.


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