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New years, new resolutions! And in the top 3, as always, we find there : get into sport of course ! This is your case, but you don’t know how or where to start? Here is an article that will help you take the plunge and FINALLY put you into action 😉

Before you start …

Do a medical check-up

Before start any sporting practice, I still advise you to make an appointment with your doctor for a complete check-up.

Specifically :

  • If you haven’t played sports for a long time
  • If you smoke
  • If you are recovering from an injury
  • If you have had a recent pregnancy

It is imperative to make sure that you can return to sport safely and that your condition allows it.

Stop making excuses

“I do not have no time ”,“ I’m too tired ”,“ Sport is not for me ”…

Arrf, what not to hear sometimes. If you are looking for excuses to skip your training, obviously you are going to find them. But please get it all out of your head! You know just as much as I do that these are clearly not valid reasons 😉 So yeah, sometimes it’s hard to get started. But every now and then. time, you just have to kick yourself in the buttocks!

You are tired ? It is precisely when we have the impression that our batteries are flat that we need to spend the most and restart the metabolism. Sport is there to energize you. You spend energy, it’s true, but it’s to recover 100 times more then!

Exercise regularly reduces fatigue and increases tone.

No time to get back to sport?

I fully understand that it can be complicated between work, family life, friends, daily tasks … But really try to take time! If you don’t do it now, you never will !! No need for a 2 hour slot, 10 min of sport during the day is already great! It will always be more useful than spending 20 minutes scrolling through your Insta feed, right? 😉 For even more positive effects, you can spend 30 minutes of sport per day, it’s up to you to adapt your pace once started!

10 minutes of sport per day

Find meaning in your practice

This is an essential step! If you start without really knowing why, there is little chance that it will last …

Is it for:

  • Losing weight ?
  • Increase muscle mass?
  • Improve your breathing capacities?
  • Develop your confidence?
  • Decrease stress?
  • Be in better mental shape?

Whether it is for health, well-being or even the physique, there are a lot of reasons to start the sport. But if I can give you a rule to absolutely respect: do it for you and ONLY for you!

Do you find intrinsic motivations, that are based on you, your desires, your own and personal goals. For example: the satisfaction of having surpassed oneself, of getting to know oneself better, of feeling good sensations…. This is the only way you’ll be able to have fun AND hold on for the long haul!

On the contrary, if you feel pressured or you do it only to satisfy a need that did not come from you, it can become downright obsessive, with greater risks of disappointment and discouragement.

Which activity to choose?

Once you have found your goal and integrated your sessions into your schedule, another question arises: what to do?

Above all, practicing physical activity should be fun, so I would answer you: do what you love! If you are not really sure, you can proceed by elimination:

  • Do I prefer to practice my sport outdoors or indoors?
  • At home or in a room?
  • Collective or individual?
  • Alone or with a coach?

By answering all of its questions, you should already have an idea of ​​what suits you!

And whatever you choose, ideally I recommend that you have in your practice:

  • 50% cardio (cycling, walking, running, dancing, swimming …)
  • 50% muscle building
  • Without forgetting the stretching!

It is important to vary the sessions and the muscles worked! I have also prepared a typical example of a beginner’s routine for you, to guide you and help you optimize your training plan.

Set achievable goals

Don’t try to set yourself an overly ambitious goal! Accept to start on your own level, without measuring yourself and comparing yourself to others.

It is essential for the motivation to learn from oneself, by oneself and to feel that one’s personal effectiveness evolved.

If you really have a hard time integrating sport into your daily life, maybe start with one workout per week and stick to it !! When you feel that everything is fine, that you are comfortable, increase the frequency by going to two, then three… It will always be more beneficial and more encouraging than planning 4 sessions and in the end doing just one. Anyway, you will understand, always be in a logic of progressiveness!

Find little daily tips

  • Prepare your business the day before
  • Listen to music
  • Train with a friend
  • Talking about your goals to your loved ones …
get into sport motivate themselves together

Be kind to yourself

It’s very easy to fall into guilt, but just because sometimes you don’t want to be the end of the world. Learn to show acceptance and kindness to yourself. Do not fall into resignation. To sustain your efforts for the long haul, you also need to do some real work of self-compassion.

You should know that motivation fluctuates and that it is a natural phenomenon shared by all. Everyone goes through this, keep that in mind.

Mistakes to avoid

Doing too much

You are surely ultra-motivated, full of energy, of good will and that is very good! Corn try to capitalize on this motivation. Do not try to do more than necessary by multiplying the sessions. This is exactly how you are going to burn yourself out, get discouraged, hurt yourself and ultimately give up as quickly as you started …

So we don’t skip the steps! Give your body time to adapt to this new rhythm that you impose on it and respect the days of rest. They are essential and allow your muscles to rebuild well.

Want results right away

How long to see the effects of sport? Physical results don’t come overnight! I know it’s frustrating and you want your efforts to pay off and quickly, but be patient. It takes time to learn new habits and for the body to adapt.

The key is RE-GU-LA-RI-TE.

However, from the first days you will already be able to feel benefits on energy, sleep, mood … Focus on that!

Neglecting diet and sleep

When you choose to act on your body to feel better, you also have to think about diet and sleep! You are going to submit to a change of pace, to a new dynamic, he will necessarily need to recover. Ideally, try to get nights of at least 7/8 hours and go to bed at set times.

As for food, we go all out on fibers, minerals, vegetables, legumes…. And do not try to launch yourself into yet another drastic diet !! The body especially needs to eat to regain strength so do not deprive it!

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