The adjustable dumbbell, the ultimate home gym accessory


Since the health crisis, there has been an explosion in the practice of sport at home. However, the home gym requires a minimum of equipment to train properly. Acquiring weight training equipment seems complicated when you don’t have enough space. In this sense, the adjustable dumbbell appears as the perfect solution for those who want to train with weights.

Intensify your workouts at home with the adjustable dumbbell

There are many benefits to training at home. However, the home gym has limits for those who want to train more or less heavy.
Indeed, whether it is weights, dumbbells or machines all this represents a cost. However, the main obstacle remains space. Indeed, all this is bulky and takes up space.
In a room, you can put a bench and a few dumbbells or even a Bulgarian bag (or other accessory that takes up little space) and that’s it. Beyond that, you have to totally dedicate a room to your home gym.

And it can frustrate people who are used to training with weights. In this sense, theadjustable dumbbell appears as a practical solution which saves space.

The adjustable dumbbell, presentation

The adjustable dumbbell is a compact accessory that allows you to set and adjust your dumbbell to the desired weight. Avalon Gear offers two sets of adjustable dumbbells: 2.5 to 24 kg and 4 to 40 kg. Each set contains two dumbbells.
Thus, the set of 4 to 40 kg replaces about thirty dumbbells!

Each adjustable dumbbell comes with its base, you adjust to the desired weight and can start training in 3 seconds flat! The load is increased in steps of 2.5 kg.
You don’t waste time taking off and putting on weight. In short, it saves time and space.

In the end, this accessory will allow you to train more efficiently without cluttering up your home.


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