Which protein powder to choose


Bodybuilders know that certain ingredients like protein are essential for muscle growth and regeneration. In addition, depending on your goals, at certain times you will need to consume more protein. With this in mind and in the best case, you have to prepare your meals in advance and this unfortunately takes a lot of time, which is why some people are turning to protein powder! Despite what we can hear above, protein powder is not dangerous for health, it is in the exaggeration and the overconsumption that it can become it! In all cases and in the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to speak to a doctor! Protein powder is a bit of a solution for those who don’t have the time and also for those who train a lot! It can also be the post-workout snack because that’s when the muscle needs it most! Anyway depending on your goal you are not going to take any protein powder (you might regret it!), For more info, I’ll let you take a look on this site.

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Which protein powder to choose?

In the collective unconscious, we take protein to build muscle! Build up okay but on condition of training rigorously otherwise there is no point in taking it! What exactly is building muscle? It is gain muscle mass ? Losing weight ? Tone up? In short, it is a lot of questions that we must ask ourselves before any take! If you are looking to significantly increase your muscle volume, this means gaining weight and therefore adapting its nutrition for mass gain ! So if you have to choose a protein that is suitable for your goal you should go for a gainer (see here). On the other hand, if your goal is to lose weight, it is strongly recommended not to take this type of protein powder, it will have effects contrary to what you expect! For weight loss, you should go for protein with a high protein index, like pro 90 …

Protein powder is an endless debate, it is not mandatory but can be recommended in some cases! Anyway and at the risk of repeating myself, you have to train rigorously and define your goals!


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