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Golf is a sport enjoyed by many people. He continues to attract new followers, eager to indulge in swing. This sport is popular because it is both challenging and relaxing. To be able to take advantage of all the benefits of this practice, you have to equip yourself and know how to choose the right golf shoes. These should provide comfort and stability. Two essential elements to be able to develop a game worthy of the greatest.

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The different types of golf shoes

Golf shoes are available in different ways. The neophyte could have difficulty finding the most suitable type of shoe for him. Here are some examples of the different types of golf shoes available on the market:

  • Golf shoes without spikes (spikeless): This type does not have metal spikes, but small rubber or plastic spikes. Spikeless golf shoes offer good comfort, support and stability. They are ideal for playing on wet or muddy courses. With their design inspired by city shoes, they can be worn off the golf course. In contrast, plastic cleats tend to wear out quickly and cannot be replaced.
  • Shoes with spikes or studs : They provide better grip, stability and support than studless models. And the traction will be much better. Also, worn studs can be replaced. However, they are heavier and are only worn on the green.

Have golf shoes of quality and adapted to their needs, is the condition for being able to play serenely and in complete safety.

Other criteria to take into account

Golf shoes are mainly made of leather or synthetic material. Choosing one or the other depends on your personal taste. However, there are criteria that will improve comfort, to be taken into account before purchase:

Impermeability : the shoes must be perfectly waterproof. Check for materials like Gore-Tex. Because it is essential to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. They will be a great help for playing in rainy weather or on courses with water obstacles.

The material of the insoles : This criterion deserves to be studied more closely. Quality insoles will reduce joint pain and the feeling of heavy legs.
Do not hesitate to consult this comparison to to know everything on the other criteria to be taken into account.

How to choose the right size ?

If your shoes are too big, you risk having poor balance. If they are too small, you will be uncomfortable and your feet will feel cramped. So how do you choose the right size golf shoe? By trying on a model with both shoes. The shoe must provide total support, especially at the heel.

The most appropriate trick would be to measure both feet, and use the larger of the two measurements. This will let you know which size would suit you best.

What you must remember

In conclusion, knowing how to choose your golf shoes will affect the way you play. The choice of a pair is of course made on criteria of comfort. However, there are other elements to take into consideration such as the type of route, the weather, etc.

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