20 min of sport per day: evolution, weight and results


Can we really tone up when we do “only” 20 minutes of sport per day ? Can we lose weight with such sessions? Is 20 minutes enough? Will my body change?

Always so many questions to improve your sporting “performance”. To save you from getting knots in your brain, I tell you everything in this article!

Why do 20 minutes of sport a day?

20 min session example

It is often said that you should not exercise every day. It’s true, when you do a lot of sport, you need to rest! However, it is very important to stay active on a daily basis, if only for your health. So by doing 20 minutes and with well thought out sessions, you can train every day without worries!

Moving is therefore strongly recommended, but not just anyhow. If you force too much, if you push your body to the limit every day, the risk of injury increases. 10 to 30 minutes of moderate sport per day is therefore ideal for keeping in shape without getting exhausted.

20 minute sessions to lose weight

For many, losing weight is THE number 1 motivation to start exercising. A session 20 min cardio a day is a great way to start. The best alternative is high intensity training (HIIT) which mixes both cardio and reinforcement.

This will allow you to burn a maximum of calories while toning up. A complete job for a short but effective session.

To get in shape and tone up

Start with 20 min sessions per day is a great way to get back into sport. It allows you to train your heart, your muscles and get back in shape little by little. It is also a good practice before resuming a sport, especially if it is intense for the body and you are looking for performance.

To feel better

The sports practice brings much more than a loss of fat mass, it’s a real moment of well-being. By taking care of yourself, you will feel better both physically and mentally. By challenging yourself, you will gain self-confidence and feel better about yourself.

For that, no need to lose 10 kilos, just to stay active every day.

For the pleasure of spending

Quite simply. Take care of yourself, evacuate all the tensions accumulated during the day, have fun, share a nice moment. Sport is all of these. Don’t worry about slimming or other goals. Just enjoy the moment. The results can only follow.

20 min of sport per day: what results after a few months?

The results. We often tie knots in the brain to get as much as possible in a very short time. We develop complex strategies, we study the subject thoroughly and we forget the essentials: to move.

Even with 10 min of sport per day, you will get results. So don’t worry anymore. Whatever the activity, you will have results with regularitywhether on your physical, your mental or your health.

The only thing that will significantly influence your winnings is your initial level:

  • you are overweight : practice 20 min of sport a day to lose weight is already a good habit. You will quickly see a decrease in body fat and the benefits of this routine on your health.
  • You are a beginner : your results will also be visible quite quickly. You will be less out of breath every day and more toned.
  • you are used to : the results will be less spectacular, but just as present. It can be useful in addition to another activity, especially to achieve a sports goal, or to work your muscles differently, for example.

Of course, it goes without saying that moving, pushing yourself is great, but it has to go hand in hand with nutrition. If you want results (and even more if you want them as quickly as possible), you will have to learn or relearn how to eat.

We are not talking about deprivation or diet, but about a food rebalancing that will provide all the fuel, vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

How to organize your 20-minute sessions during the day

20 min sport stopwatch

The advantage of 20 min workouts, is that they are very fast. They can stall at any time in his schedule. Everything is possible here, the choice is yours:

  • Morning : everyone is sleeping, calm and silence are perfect for focusing on yourself and waking up your body. To facilitate the elimination of toxins, you can also do your session on an empty stomach. Just be careful not to be too intensive, especially when you’re just starting out. Listen to your feelings and above all, stop everything if you don’t feel very well.
  • At lunch break : teleworking is becoming more and more democratic. As a result, we go out less and above all, we move less. If your lunch break seems long to you, why not take advantage of this time to spend a little?
  • Evening : it is often the busiest moment of the day. We finish the job and then we have to take care of everything else. That’s why the short 20 min sessions are effective. By giving yourself this time for yourself, you take care of yourself and are more available to others. On the other hand, try not to schedule it too late, especially if it is an intense session. You might have trouble falling asleep

In short, everyone can, but above all must, allow themselves 20 minutes a day. It’s not huge and yet the results will be there.

Don’t worry anymore, take the plunge and above all have fun.

After the 20 minutes of sport a day, what do we do?

Do 20 min of sport per day is a great way to get into sport, but then what do we do?

This question, only you can answer it. If you liked this style of training, you can continue with your routine. Increase the intensity, try with weights, in short vary some parameters, but keep this format.

If you feel ready to go further, you can also lengthen the sessions.

  • 30 ;
  • 40;
  • 50 minutes a day if you wish.

Be careful to go gradually. Let your body adapt a little to the effort you put it through, especially if you exercise every day. Finally, last possibility: try new practices. Running, swimming, stretching, bodybuilding…

There is a wide range of physical activities to brighten up your training a little more. The most important thing is not to give up. For that, no secret, you must take maximum pleasure in what you do!

In summary, establishing a routine of 20 mins of exercise per day is a great initiative to move more. Everything will depend on your expectations, but whatever happens, it will always be beneficial for you and your health. Add to that a better diet and you have the perfect cocktail to achieve your goals.


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