What are the best gentle sports? Discover them!


Soft sport is a way of practicing a physical activity without shock. The idea here is to move without traumatizing the joints. Soft sport is suitable for all types of audiences and all needs.

In this article, I give you some explanations about this practice. You will also find examples of pretty soft sport to help you find the one that suits you best.

What do you call a gentle sport?

A soft sport is, by definition, a sport with which one takes it easy. Here, no shock or impact on the knees and ankles. We forget the jumps, the race and the sudden gestures!

But be careful, it’s still sport! Even if you practice soft gymyou can sweat very well and activate the cardiovascular system.

The principle is to perform thoughtful movements and apply themselves to performing them correctly in order to obtain maximum efficiency. I am thinking of yoga for example. This calm sport allows build muscle gently. It’s also gentle on your back, as long as you don’t make any sudden moves and don’t have a serious history.

others soft sports such as swimming can increase the cardio and spend efficiently. The water carries the body and no impact is realized when swimming. If you are able to chain the lengths, you can perform a real session of physical activity without risking injury.

The list of interesting soft sports

example sport soft body

The so-called soft sport can be practiced in different forms, as long as there is no impact on the ground. For fans of soft sport at homePilates and yoga are perfect.

But if you prefer to spend time outdoors and are looking for a sport without too much impact to lose weight, go for Nordic walking, swimming, cycling… These sports will definitely give you your dose. daily well-being.

So what are the best soft sports?

  1. Pilates
  2. yoga
  3. swimming
  4. the cycle
  5. nordic walking
  6. water aerobics

1) Pilates

Pilates can very well be practiced alone at home because it does not require, at the beginning, no specific material.

Free videos for beginners are available on my youtube channel.

By making the videos with placement, breathing and contraction advice, it helps you not to hurt yourself and to perform the sequences effectively.

Pilates targets the core muscles of the body.

The movements aim to regain a good position of the spine and pelvis. During each exercise, you should stay focused on your center of gravity, your breathing, and the muscles (or muscle groups) being stimulated.

2) Yoga

Yoga, unlike Pilates, focuses more on the overall posture of the body. This sport without shock is based on stretching as well as holding postures. These are more or less easy, depending on your level of practice.

Don’t worry, you won’t end up with one foot behind your head from the first session!

Nevertheless, the goal of this practice is to acquire a certain flexibility, as well of the members as of the spinal column. It is for this reason that this sporting activity is often indicated for people suffering from back pain.

3) Swimming

Swimming is a sport regularly recommended by doctors. Indeed, in the water, the weight of the body is lightened.

This relieves the back and lower limbs. Pregnant women and overweight people can therefore move more easily and above all, without the risk of injury. This sport is also suitable for resuming physical activity after injury or surgery (knee, shoulder, etc.).

4) Cycling

The practice of cycling is interesting if you like to see the landscape. Sitting on your bicycle saddle, you pedal, travel and do not see the time passed! This sport can be calm as well as enduring, but it is accessible to everyone (if you have a bike).

Whether you live in the city, in the countryside or in the mountains, you can practice cycling anywhere. And if you prefer to stay at home, why not invest in an exercise bike?

Two tips:

  1. Watch a series while pedaling. You’ll spend more than just sitting there watching her on your couch!
  2. To exercise, put on fairly rhythmic musicpedal fast during choruses and dynamic moments and slow down during other passages.

5) Nordic walking

This sport arrived in France a few years ago. The principle is different from that of conventional walking since two sticks are used. Held in the hand, they accentuate the natural swinging movement of the arms. The propulsion effect is immediate and without too much impact on the body.

This sport combines the pleasure of classic hiking with a slightly more sustained pace. Many clubs and associations are present throughout the territory. This is an opportunity to register and meet new people to motivate yourself and get back into a sport.

6) Aquagym

Aquagym is like fitness, but in the water. Often performed to music, the session takes place in a group, in a pool where the participants have their feet.

The presence of water brings several benefits:

  • It supports the body and allows a lightness in the movements;
  • It provides resistance interesting during certain exercises;
  • It massages the muscles and limits aches at the end of the session;
  • It limits the impact of shocks due to the presence of water.

Aquagym is a gentle sport accessible to all since it is not necessary to know how to swim to practice it.

Soft sport and sport without impact

With our ultra-rhythmic lifestyles, family, work… We sometimes neglect the moments when we take time for yourself. However, playing sports is important and plays a key role in our physical and mental health. And even if you have stopped practicing physical activity for a few years, it does not matter! You can still return to sport at 40.

Obviously, it is better to favor the soft and non-impact sports if you have any history or pain. It’s the best way to gently build muscle, regain lost energy and help you achieve your weight goals.

Then, you can increase the rhythm, the difficulty, the shocks little by little in order to open up to other practices. Besides, they are not always bad! But it depends on your health condition and age.

Start with a few stretching sessions to loosen up your joints. Then, you can choose the sport that appeals to you the most among these so-called “soft” activities.

And always keep in mind that doing sports, even gentle ones, will always be better than doing nothing at all!


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