How to lose thighs? Exercises, Tips & Nutrition


Who says sunny days also says: lighter outfits. Hello shorts and mini-skirts! And a lot of times it turns into “validation in the mirror”, and then you freak out.

We scrutinize the smallest visible parts of his body, we review all his so-called “flaws”… And among them, the thighs are very often the target of your self-criticism!

So we calm down : it’s normal to have cellulite on the thighs, it’s normal to have more front than the back of the thighs, it’s normal to have a small ball on the inside of the knee.

You feel likegradually improve the appearance of your thighs, to tone and refine them? Perfect, this article is there for that. But keep in mind that it takes time and that it is the regularity that counts, the long term!

In this article I invite you to see:

  • How to lose thighs?
  • How to tone and shape them?

If no scientific study validates one method over another, there are major principles to follow to find your body and an ideal weight. Everyone wants to have beautiful legs, it’s human. lose thighs fast becomes the number one goal before summer, but let’s be serious, one week will surely not be enough…

slimming thighs involves localized fat loss in the legs. This decrease is the result of a combination of several factors such as diet and physical activity, as well as work on drainage: the lifting of fluids from the feet to the heart.

To avoid having thighs touching each other, a healthy and balanced diet will be essential. The practice of regular and targeted physical activity can at the same time reduce cellulite on the thighs! Little tricks can also help you find muscular and shapely legs, they will be explained in the article.

Food (again and always)

Food appears to be one of the two pillars for the loss of fat in the thighs with physical activity.

There is only one principle to remember: NO DIET.

Prioritize a healthy and balanced diet. The pleasure of eating must remain at the center of the problem. It’s been years that many specialists create miracle methods that do not work or worse, after a few weeks the opposite effect occurs!

Your daily diet depends on your lifestyle, your professional activity, your tastes.

Some feeding tips:

In the evening, avoid consuming meals that are too rich and heavy (dish in sauces, junk food, fried foods, large portion of red meat, alcohol). Why ? Simply because your body will store a large part of this energy. So no, Above all, don’t starve yourself in the evening. !! You have to eat, but foods that are digested more easily.

In addition, this surplus of poorly digestible calories will lead to a rise in body temperature and therefore lead to poor quality of sleep. And who says sleep badly: says hungry all day the next day! The vicious circle sets in.

All foods are important and our body needs them. You just have to put them together in balanced recipes.

Vary the type of starch during your day, but above all you must not stop consuming it, not even in the evening if you feel like it!

You don’t need a lot of protein either. Choose quality over quantity by diversifying sources (vegetable proteins exist 😉 ).

Here is an example of a one-day diet:

  • Breakfast : an egg, slices of butter with wholemeal bread and fresh seasonal fruit
  • Lunch : Tagliatelle with cream and salmon, fresh salad with pumpkin seeds, 1 fresh seasonal fruit
  • Snack : Fresh bananas + 10 walnuts / almonds and a little dark chocolate and water
  • Having dinner : Pan-fried vegetables of your choice, brown rice and lentils + maturer cheese

Do not hesitate to vary your lipids with nuts and various oils for the flavor and the good sources of fats that your body needs. Also think of the spices!

Sport to work your thighs

Exercise to reduce thigh fat

For slim thighs, nothing can replace physical activity.

How to lose thigh fat without moving? It’s complicated because if you just rebalance your diet, you’ll store less fat, but the lack of tone leads to loose skin and flabby legs.

the leg muscle strengthening becomes essential to revitalize all this. Target priority areas and build your training circuit with adapted exercises. If you don’t know what to do, professionally designed programs exist. Do a minimum of two sessions per week to reshape the thighs.

Example: circuit of 4 workshops to be repeated over 30”. Take a 15” break between each exercise and do the circuit 4 times.

To reduce knee fat, nothing like running. In addition to a significant energy expenditure, each support on the ground will stimulate the muscles of your thighs without forgetting the calves.

So yes, many of you don’t like to run or are afraid to just start. But by following these different steps over 4 weeks, you may change your mind:

  • Week 1: Alternate 3′ running / 2′ walking and repeat this 8 times.
  • Week 2: Alternate 4′ running / 1′ walking and repeat this 8 times.
  • Week 3: Alternate 6′ running / 2′ walking and repeat this 5 times.
  • Week 4: Alternate 8′ running / 2′ walking and repeat this 4 times.

This allows you to surpass yourself each week, to put your foot in the stirrup, but my fine legs program will allow you to achieve your results more quickly and with much more varied exercises!

slim legs program

Swimming and especially kicking – with or without flippers – is very effective for losing thighs because in addition to using the legs, you benefit from an effective draining massage.

Targeted exercises to lose thighs

There are a few essential areas to work on. The adductors for the inside of the thighs, the glutes for the saddlebags, the quadriceps and ischio for the thighs, without forgetting the exercises to lose weight in the calves. And yes slim thighs It’s possible, but it’s worth it!!

Exercise 1: The bridge with rubber band.

leg exercise thigh bridge with elastic
  1. Position yourself lying on your back;
  2. Legs bent;
  3. The elastic at the level of the middle of the tibia;
  4. Legs slightly apart to put a little tension
  5. Start by mounting the pelvis;
  6. Once at the top, spread the knees outwards then bring them back to the initial position;
  7. Lower the pelvis and repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times.

Muscles worked: the glutes and hamstrings on the first phase and the adductors on the second.

Exercise 2: The tiptoe squat

  1. Start by positioning your feet in a squat position (pelvic spread);
  2. Then switch on the front of the foot by taking off the heels slightly;
  3. You are going to start with a roll-up of the pelvis;
  4. Followed by bending the knees while remaining on tiptoes;
  5. Contract your abs to manage and compensate for the imbalance;
  6. Blow out to rise to the starting position while remaining on the front of the foot;
  7. Perform this movement 10 to 15 times.

Muscles worked: Quadriceps, Hamstrings and glutes, calves.

Exercise 3: The chair with rubber band

chair thigh exercise with elastic band

This great classic of muscle strengthening exercises is approached here with a small variation.

  1. Start by placing a rubber band mid-shin;
  2. Position yourself against a wall;
  3. Bend your legs to form a 90° angle between them and your thighs;
  4. Press your lower back and shoulders against the wall;
  5. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds then 1 minute of rest to repeat 3 times.

Muscles worked: Quadriceps and glutes.

Two thigh exercise videos

Strengthen & refine your legs in 15 min

Strengthen your thighs in 10 minutes

The little extras for faster results on her thighs

To get faster results, you can use two passive methods to help you slimming thighs:

  • palpate rolling or drainage / modeling. It is especially effective when it is a specially trained masseur who provides you with these treatments. 3 to 4 times a month. Then, in maintenance 1 to 2 times a month.
  • electrostimulation. Stimulating deeper muscle fibers can help you take a step forward in localized fat loss. But this does not replace “real sport” which indirectly stimulates the heart, lungs, brain and all organs.

Why passive? Simply because you are not the engine of these methods, they do not involve additional energy expenditure and come to supplement your efforts.

Feel it roll

This Swedish massage method appears to be a very effective additional tool to fight against cellulite and lose thighs.

By kneading the hypodermis, which is the deep layer of skin containing fat cells, you activate lipolysis.

On the practical side, take a fold of the skin without pinching it then lift it and roll it under your fingers while holding it.

By movements going from bottom to top this massage activates the venous and lymphatic circulation. By working the fat cells stored in depth, their elimination becomes easier.


Electrostimulation or muscle contraction is defined by the contraction of muscles that respond to an electrical signal.

Composed of several electrodes, this device helps with toning and allows you to lose thighs quickly. At first, this technique was reserved for professional athletes in order to speed up their recovery. But in recent years, new programs have been added to the devices. We find there in particular the Fitness mode, allowing to tone and shape the thighs, but also different types of massages acting in depth.

This technique cannot itself replace physical activity but it acts as a complement. This is all the more interesting if you want to localize muscle toning.

Example: the electrodes are placed on the inner thighs (adductors) to target this part of the thigh.

These last two methods show a certain complementarity:

  • The palpate roll stimulates the fat stored in depth
  • electrostimulation affects the tone of the skin by acting on the superficial part of the muscles.

Effective targeted thigh fat loss requires a combination of regular physical activity and a balanced diet. A report of starting measurements combined with photos seems interesting to measure the impact of your efforts (losing thighs and discovering your before/after).

Do not be discouraged if after 1 or 2 weeks the results are not as expected. The efforts always pay off, so we keep the rigor of the workouts and we eat healthy (also for our health)!


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