Iso Whey Zero, the protein for gluten and lactose intolerant


Anyone practicing bodybuilding knows it: protein intake is of paramount importance, whatever the goal to achieve. If you do weight training on a regular basis, you’ve got to be interested in protein powders. Today, the offer is large enough to find a product that can suit you. We will focus on Iso Whey Zero, a protein specially designed for people with gluten and lactose intolerance.

Finding a protein powder that suits us is not always easy

I had already mentioned this concern in a previous article: finding a protein that suits us can be an obstacle course.

Indeed, today protein powder is more and more complex and complete. Consequently, they are sometimes indigestible or we can find their taste too sweet … In short, there are a lot of parameters to take into account when choosing our protein.

And people who are gluten or lactose intolerant must find a product that suits them. This is the case withIso Whey Zero. A product that I invite you to to discover on the Optigura website.

The benefits of ISO Whey Zero

iso whey zero

This product is signed BioTech USA. The brand has succeeded in establishing itself as a leader in the European food supplement market thanks to this compound protein without sugar, gluten and lactose. It is a whey protein isolate from cow’s milk protein. It is completely devoid of fat (less than 0.5g per dose), which makes it more digestible.

A perfect protein for the increase and maintenance of muscle mass

It is indeed an ideal ally for building muscle and maintaining muscle mass.

It benefits from a very high protein content (84%), 10g of EAA including 4.5g of BCAA (branched amino acids), 11g of other amino acids. Finally, each dose represents a caloric intake of 100 kcal.

As you will understand, this protein is very interesting from a nutritional standpoint, it is low in calories and is quickly assimilated by the body.


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